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Ill Eagle 18

Ill Eagle 18 .. Feb 2002 .... ISSN 1466-9005


Ill18 p1


Solicitors' body comes to heel

- Times, 1nov01, p15

The solicitors' complaints body, which is accused today of failing to give the public crucial information about its members' track records, is to lose its independent identity.

The Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS), which receives 16,085 complaints a year, one for every five solicitors, is to be brought under the direct control of the Law Society of England and Wales.

The move comes as a Which? report says that the organisation's helpline is far from helpful and fails to tell people if their solicitor has been disciplined or struck off. "The OSS seemed reluctant or unable to give out the correct information," it said.


Solicitors under fire

Letter from Mr John Wilson, Times, 1nov01, p21

Sir, David Blunkett has angered solicitors by casting aspersions on their professional standards (report, oct29). For ten years I have been specialising in representing clients who have a complaint about a solicitor, so I know something about furious lawyers.

The lawyers are quite right in pointing out just the latest example of the executive branch not always being entirely full-square with civil liberties. But they are hardly a shining beacon themselves.

Time and time again I have been consulted by a client who has been let down by a lawyer making the sort of elementary mistakes that any sane person would just own up to and refer to the insurance company, only to be met by the professional shutters slamming down.

In contrast to the frequent stories of doctors being exposed and punished for incompetence, lawyers seem to be immune from this sort of coverage. Mr Blunkett's outburst makes a pleasant change, but at what cost to our liberties?

Yours, John Wilson (Solicitor),

6a Rodney Lane, Leeds LS13 1HU


Bar for the course

Cambridge lecturer Gillian Evans has gone back to being a student on the Bar vocational course. She is unimpressed.

 - Guardian Education, 8jan02, p12

.... Students who are made to feel it would be unwise to use their critical faculties until after they are safely "called". A culture of toadying is actively fostered, for one must network to get the best pupillages. .... .... the depth of the institutionalised discrimination they practise. .... .... While winds of change at the Bar Council and the Law Society are stopped by draught-excluders of complacency and students' fear of professional disadvantage if they say what they think, all this will presumably go on. .... it needs to be run in a way that will produce barristers who will take a lead in the reform of the legal profession. ....


Solicitor jailed

- Times, 11dec01, p4

A solicitor with assets of more than £1 million stole £73,000 from a 91-year-old aunt to buy a luxury boat. David Benham, 59, of Southwark, London, who denied stealing from an account set aside to pay for nursing home fees, was jailed for six months by Winchester Crown Court.


Solicitors bring in Layman to see fair play

- Francis Gibb, Times, 25jan02, p6

The solicitors' complaints system, which handles 12,000 grievances a year, is to be overhauled and placed under the scrutiny of a non-;lawyer for the first time. .... in an effort to boost public confidence ....

The society has succeeded so far in seeing off ministerial threats that it be stripped if its self-regulatory powers. ....

Two years ago, .... complainants .... were told that they would have to wait a year before their grievances were dealt with., the Lord Chancellor threatened to remove the Law Society's power to regulate itself. ....


Lawrence sergeant cleared of rapes

- Sam Lister, Times, 11dec01, p4

Accusations of multiple rape against a police sergeant who was highly praised in the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry were thrown out at the Old Bailey yesterday.

The trial of Peter Solley, accused of raping a woman on nine occasions, was stopped after Judge David Paget described the alleged victim's evidence as "manifestly unreliable". The woman said that Sergeant Solley, 47, had committed the rapes during a secret five-year relationship, but after three days of cross-examination the prosecution dropped all charges.

The .... woman, a black community worker, .... the defence, suggested that the woman made the accusations because Sergeant Solley had rejected her. ....

Sergeant Solley, from Beckenham, Kent, said: "I find it astonishing that the complainant can be shielded by anonymity, despite the finding that she is a proven liar."


Women should go it alone

- Jeremy Campbell, Evening Standard, 4dec01, p20

A startling survey had found that women learn about one third less than men in college. Nearly 20,000 students at 56 colleges were interviewed, comparing scores on a standardised test. Gender was a "huge" factor, according to Professor Ernest Pascarella of the University of Iowa. Women fell behind most in maths and science. ....



- Steve Doughty, Daily Mail, 20july01

The Crown Prosecution Service has banned its 6,000 employees from using the word 'spouse'. In future, those working at the organisation responsible for bringing all criminal prosecutions will have to refer to 'partners' or 'friends' whenever they invite a colleague to a social event. Using the term 'spouse' assumes someone is married and leaves homosexuals feeling excluded, claimed a rulebook designed to eliminate discrimination.


Two days before

- Melanie Phillips, Sunday Times, 9sep01, p17

.... Liberal values will be protected only if Christianity holds the line as our dominant culture. A society which professes neutrality between cultures would create a void which Islam, with its militant political creed, would attempt to fill. .... society is beginning to understand the need for truth-telling, family stability and distinctions between right and wrong, against all of which the Establishment has set its face. ....



- Rechel Sylvester, Telegraph, 17dec01, p12

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, .... forced out of his job .... he was shocked to find staff in a mental ward had been falsifying suicide watch records. .... the Home Office is "a terrible place". .... the Home Office bureaucracy has "spiralled out of control". .... "Civil servants .... not used to putting things into practice .... Very few of our ministers have ever run anything, either - they're all professional politicians. ...."

Ill18 p2

The Intervening Variable

Kaye Wellings et. al, Sexual Behaviour in Britain, pub. Penguin 1994, is the Gold Standard of statistics on the subject. Of particular interest is their figure for homosexual practice. pp183/5, find homosexuals number only around 1% of the population. (Ill Eagle 10, p2) Buggery is a tiny minority sport, as is even the desire to bugger.

The winter 01/02 issue no. 106 of the FYC Bulletin, p1, discusses the follow-up articles to the Wellings book, published in the Lancet of 1dec01 (vol. 358). Here we see interesting manipulation of facts for political ends. "The whole thrust of the article is immensely encouraging to the govt, .... the most important predictor of early motherhood is given as the educational level of the teenage girl. .... [also,] 'the factors most strongly associated with risk behaviour and adverse outcomes have considerable potential for preventive intervention'.

"Lurking in all these columns of figures is the uncomfortable fact of family structure. .... [the article] ignores the extent to which educational level and family structure are linked. [i.e. bad family structure causes both teenage pregnancy and also bad educational outcome.] Anyone who thinks that standards in education can be raised irrespective of the home backgrounds of pupils obviously hasn't been in a school lately. Unless the govt's teenage pregnancy strategy is prepared to take family structure on board, the 'potential for preventive intervention' may be less than the authors of this study seem to think."

The last paragraph chillingly contrasts Wellings's statistic on people admitting to ten or more partners with the large number who had had no partner at all; ".... for many people, the breakdown of the family brought about by the sexual revolution has resulted in lives characterised by loneliness and sterility." FYC (Family & Youth Concern) is at


Prostate cancer and diet

.... if you have any specific questions relating to prostate cancer and diet, .... email or ring 020 8222 7622


Do children come first?

- Cristina Odone, Observer, 20jan02, p23

.... a baby had been ditched at the roadside by his mama. .... the 24-year-old had already dumped an older child, whom she had left with her mother to raise. Charles, the three-month-old baby she left near the airport of Faro had a cleft lip and palate. .... Dismissing a life as if it were an uninvited guest; opting for instant gratification .... placing self above others - all deserve to be roundly condemned ....

Yet it is not. Or at least not by the liberal commentators .... 'It is not always easy being a parent,' proclaimed one headline, above a piece which went on to lay the blame for bad mothers like Penny squarely on - you guessed it - men. .... It allows women to regard motherhood as a project which entails no more commitment than a Berlitz course in French, which they can .... always drop out of.

.... an arena for competing rights .... she wins, hands down, every time .... lots of supporters .... will raise a wail of apologies on her behalf.

[I am mystified by the remark "the liberal commentators" being allowed in the Observer. For years, the Observer/Guardian stable has fronted a more vicious attack on the family and on men than anyone else. However, it seemed to wobble more than a year ago, when it allowed in Rabinovich even though she was under the influence of Oliver Cyriax. Perhaps Melanie Phillips could go back now! - Ed]


The Real Goal of Feminism: Transforming Society

- Antonia Feltz, 2/3/00

Speech delivered at the Inverell Forum.


This is perhaps the definitive analysis and indictment of what I call the Radfem Ideology, but Feltz would tend to make me call it Feminazi. Reading it had a powerful effect on me. Show it to your well-meaning women friends. – Ed



"I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig." - Andrea Dworkin, leading feminist speaker, speaking through a character in her book Ice and Fire. Gloria Steinmen says of Andrea Dworkin; "In every century, there are a handful of writers who help the human race to evolve. Andrea is one of them". Quoted by Warren Farrell in his book; Women Can't Hear ...., pub. Tarcher/Putnam 1999, p179.

Recently, Dworkin co-authored a book with the other extremist Catharine MacKinnon, who played a part in drafting recent Canadian legislation.

".... rape, which by conservative definition happened to almost half of all women at least once in their lives." - C A MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State, pub. Harvard Univ. Press 1989, p142.


The right to life

Sadly, Afghan women have been deprived of their right to education, employment, and freedom of movement. At the same time, many thousands of Afghan men have been selectively targeted in a series of involuntary inscriptions, forced detentions, torture, and executions. As a result, many thousands of innocent men have lost the most precious right of all: the right to life.

[Full article at ]


Josephine Smith

Shot her husband as he slept. Convicted in 1993. Women's groups criticised the verdict. Has now been referred to the Court of Appeal.



More girls than boys shoplift

- John Steele, Telegraph, 5dec02

[21,000 men and 24,000 women] .... the growing predominance of schoolgirls .... was most worrying. .... some offenders came from troubled backgrounds but about 50% were from affluent families.


How fathers fit into the family

A fact sheet for secondary schools from CIVITAS which is in general agreement with ManKind. For example;

"Statistics about children who do not live with their fathers can be grim. On almost every outcome that has been tested, including educational achievement, self-esteem, responsible social behaviour, and adjustment as adults, children do better when they live with both parents."


CIVITAS, tel 020 7401 5471


The cost of Radfem policies

Generally, Britain plans to follow NZ's expensive radfem policies, which our chairman said would bankrupt them..

Date: 08 January 2002 06:02

Dear Julian,

RE New Zealand,  navy cuts  and RW's prediction.

Do you recall the email exchange we had [two years ago] about New Zealand and its expenditure on social services and legal aid  ?

I said it would soon have to give up its defence capability and rely on Australia if it continued on its present path.

Well, it looks like that prediction is coming true.

The BBC reports, within the last 48 hours, that NZ is to give up most of its surface fleet.

I got it slightly wrong when I said that all they would be left with would be a few frigates. It seems that they're going to give those up and keep the supply ships instead.

And the airforce, of about 18 planes, is up for sale too.

Robert Whiston


Cohabitees to adopt children!

With or without children, only 4% of cohabitees stay together for more than 10 years. Source, Lynette Burrows, our 2000 conference speaker.

Ill18 p3



Catch 22

Fiebert,  and numerous other sources show us that domestic violence (DV) is initiated more often by women than by men. This creates a major problem when we discuss the issue with our female allies. They know that women are not violent. [Also see and ]

Some years ago, I emphasised to Melanie Phillips and to Erin Pizzey that whenever they make the assertion, that women attack men more often than men attack women, they must add the caveat that there is very little violence started by anybody. Home Office Report No. 191, which gives violence from women as well as men at 4.2%, is a useful reference.


The assertion that women too are violent, made on its own, does not defend the traditional family. Quite the reverse. In contrast, if joined by the assertion that there is very little violence overall, it has a positive effect. The anti-family axis which includes MacKinnon, Harman, Hewitt, Dworkin, Stinko, Jay, Bindell, will be helped, rather than hindered, by assertions that women are violent as well. It is unwise to give them even more power, by helping their cause, which is to destroy the traditional family on the grounds that it is a dangerous place to be, as Stinko asserts.


We may diverge from some of our perceived allies on this matter. For instance, those who want to get funding for refuges for male victims may exaggerate the problem. What would be legitimate would be for them to assert that the problem of male victims equals that for female victims. Let us hope that they desist from any tendency to go beyond that. Mary Cleary of AMEN, who set up the first refuge for battered men, and who now receives funding from the Irish govt, does not overstep this mark.


The Domestic Violence Industry, which includes those who try to set up refuges for men, continually broadens the definition of Domestic Violence in order to increase their funding and their job security. Their definition, which is accepted by government, now includes "Financial Violence" - the withdrawal of money from one's spouse. It also includes shouting and also threat of violence. (Extraordinarily, when Stinko says that one quarter of women experience DV in the home, she is also saying that three quarters of women have never been shouted at!) Given this, it is of major importance that those who correctly say that men assault women no more less than women assault men, include discussion of their definitions in the same piece.


The issue is clouded by the fact of attacks by men on men. However, that is a completely different issue. The key to this is difference chivalry. Today it is completely overlooked, for good reason, that from the cradle boys are taught to never attack a woman, and they never do. The reason why this incessant training is ignored is that it clashes with radfem dogma, that men are trained to oppress women, for instance fathers sexually abusing their daughters in order to prepare them for oppression later on within marriage. The continuance of a heavy theme of chivalry in our society had to be overlooked if radfem dogma were to gain a hold, as it has. The continuing reign of chivalry means that women may attack women, men may attack men, women may attack men. Any attack by men on women is outlawed.


The reality, that men do not attack women, explains the increasing shrillness of such charges; for instance, the fantastic charge that men regularly kick pregnant women in the stomach. Since the whole thing is a lie, it may as well be further embroidered.


ManKind and Ill Eagle can be reached at:-

1). Suite 367, 2 Lansdowne Row, 

     London W1X 8HL.  


3)  Email  


The Editor, Ivor Catt, 121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR, England.

( 01727 - 864257




- Dina Rabinovich, Guardian, 26nov01, p6

.... Last year was not good for Pizzey: she was diagnosed with cancer, and her grandson, Kelta, a schizophrenic, committed suicide in a prison cell. .... she managed to have the case reheard - last month a jury .... found unanimously that his death was contributed to by the neglect of prison staff. .... a "legal landmark" ....

.... the statistic that every third day a woman in this country is beaten or killed by a current or ex-partner. When I repeat this to PIzzey, it causes her to grimace. She doesn't accept the thesis - that only men need to change their behaviour - or the figures.

"If you come from a dysfunctional, violent and sexually abusive family, how do you learn? Therefore, domestic violence can't be a gender issue, it can't be just men ...."



"One in four women experience domestic violence at some stage in their lives" - Poisonous, socially destructive Stinko lies put out by the Church of England, see

Dear Mr. Catt,    I request that you stop all communication with me. I find the letters you forward to me abusive and distressing. I am certain that your mother and sister would be appalled if they knew that you were so unkind to people you have never met. Sincerely, Professor EA Stanko 20mar2000


ESRC defends Radfem 'research'


Dear Mr. Catt, .... the complaint which you sent to us .... in which you claimed that Professor Betsy Stanko had falsified a (research) result, namely that 1 in 4 women experience Domestic Violence in the home. .... the source of the complaint was a publication entitled "Counting the Costs" .... published in 1998 by Crime Concern. .... I cannot find any grounds for supporting the view that the findings in the report are falsified. In fact the report is very careful in its methodology and the basis for its conclusion, and does so in transparent detail. There seems therefore to be absolutely no case for this to be seen as falsification and I cannot therefore accept your complaint. Yours sincerely, Chris Caswill, Director of Research, ESRC  chris.caswill@esrc

Full text at

[See Melanie Phillips on Stanko’s falsification in Melanie’s book “The Sex-Change Society ….” Pub. SMF 1999, pp139,142, 192 - 195]



Take care of the sounds, and the sense will take care of itself - Lewis Carroll


In Redbourn in the '60s, I went across the road to a further education lecture series by a gardener. Since he was a real gardener, his middle class audience listened in rapt silence. They admired The Common Man. However, I realised that the gardener, having heard lectures, and knowing what they sounded like, was actually making noises which sounded like a lecture, but which had no content. Fearing that my suppressed guffaws would offend my anxious neighbours, I never attended again.

Radfems, using the argument that rationality is part of patriarchal oppression, have taken over large swathes of academia and filled it with such gobbledeygook. A good eaxmple is of course Catharine MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State, pub. Harvard UP 1989. I willote a justification for such gobbledeygook by twqo academics in England, Victoria Robinson and Diane Richardson: Introducing Women’s Studies, pub. Macmillan 1993/7. On p2, Robinson writes;

“If a fundamental feature of Women’s Studies is the simple yet radical belief in an approach to knowledge which places women at the centre of analysis (challenging an androcentric/phallocentric notion of knowledge which can be defined as men's experiences and priorities being seen as central and representative of all), then this realisation of a theoretical dishonesty has profound implications for how we organise, structure, teach and research within the disciplines and the academy in general. This 'simple' shift in theorising and teaching recognises the politics of theory in terms of the so-called objectivity of knowledge, which has failed to recognise and validate the diversity of experience of over half of mankind.

Ill18 p4

"Post-modern claims that to pursue a total theory is mistaken and essentialist, given that to do so inevitably means to generalise and universalise, have informed this feminist theorising."

Wow! The very idea that radfems do not generalise!

The undermining of academic precepts, by men like Feyerabend, pre-dates the radfems. Taking advantage of scientific treachery by F and others, we now see a full-scale, largely successful, radfem subversion of the probity of academia.

The radfem fixation on the penis recurs (/phallocentric). Radfems, including lesbian radfems, think and talk about the penis far, far more often than men do. - Ed


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