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I was nearly beaten by 'the stick'

The 'rule of thumb', describing a husband's right to beat his wife, has a lengthy but much disputed history. Jenni Murray set out to discover its origins.

Thus began the article on p25 of the Telegraph, 7feb02. I quote;

".... it was beginning to appear that we had landed in the territory of urban myth. We were playing into the hands of the provisional wing of the British men's movement, who gleefully e-mailed their delight that 'at last, we had finally come clean about the lies about domestic violence.

"So why is it important to expose the myth, if that's what it was, and appease the deniers? Because, if you care about issues such as domestic violence, and if women's testimonies are to be taken seriously, it is important to get the facts right. ...."

The article confirmed the assertion by our speaker Malcolm George at our 2000 conference, see , that the story that wife-thrashing was legal is a myth. Interestingly, George finds that if a man were thrashed by his wife, he was then punished by the community for allowing it to happen. In the margin of one of the ancient books of which you can turn the pages in the British Library, we see a woman thrashing a man. Our other 2000 speaker, Lynette Burrows, added the interesting information that a century ago in the upper class home both male and female servants were beaten by the mistress of the house, not its master.


The Quisling Front Man

I was amused by the Clare Dyer article in the Guardian, 9feb02, p6. It begins with our demonstrating outside judges' homes, and ends with Parton getting credit. If only Dyer knew that Parton opposes the demos. We get our politicies through, and Parton gets his gong, and represents the demonstrators on govt committees. It was always thus with Quislings. That is what they are for.

".... report to the lord chancellor .... Mothers who flout contact orders face new penalties .... Pressure groups representing fathers are growing increasingly militant and regularly picket the homes of family judges at the weekends to press their point .... The sub-committee calls for legislation .... Jim Parton, of the pressure group Families Need Fathers, said: "Broadly, we welcome the tone of the report ...."


.... the creation of a 'warrior class'

 - back cover of the 1995 edition of Patricia Morgan, Farewell to the Family?, pub. IEA

In the Sunday Times News Review, sect5 p2, Tony Marchant writes;

"McVeigh, of course, was not fiction and was executed for his crime. Dostoevsky's lament for a lost generation also contained a warning - that those young men who 'go to war for an idea' are not necessarily aberrations who have emerged from nowhere, but exiles from our society who have retreated to its cracks and corners to brood and wait." - It is urgent that the persistent attacks on young men in all the media be reduced. The Press Complaints Commission and TV equivalent say it is nothing to do with them. – Ed


Women sue army for their equal opportunity wounds

 - James Clark, Sunday Times, 10mar02, p3

The army is facing a spate of legal actions from women who claim they have been injured by its "non-sexist" training regime. ....

One 22-year-old woman who is taking action said that men had a natural advantage on certain tests. The woman, who asked not to be named, says she injured her spine when she fell from monkey bars. .... "My times had been coming down quite well but I was suffering from the monkey bars. I slipped off and landed on my backside, and I have been in pain on and off ever since. The blokes just had the upper-body strength to do the bars fast and we didn't."

Military chiefs say the cases have left them in an impossible position. If they reverse their policy of imposing equal standards on male and female recruits, they will leave themselves open to accusations of discrimination against men by making it easier for women.

A senior infantry officer who was involved in the previous changes said: "We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Whatever happens, we have to fight not to drop entry standards. This is not a jog around the office block in the lunch hour - it's the army. People need to accept the challenges.

"It's like something from Kafka or Orwell - clearly the only way we can avoid getting sued is to make the training so easy that anyone can get in without getting bruised or tired."

The previous policy of "gender-fair" training was ended in April 1998 after the Equal Opportunities
Commission said it discriminated against male recruits who had to perform better to get the same jobs. Women's groups also complained that it was sexist towards them to assume they could not do as well.

An EOC spokeswoman said last week: "We wanted the army to employ what it considered were the best people for the job, regardless of gender."

However, when the army changed the rules so that all candidates would have to meet the same targets during training - "gender-free testing" - injuries among women soared.

The military says up to six women were injured in the army training for every man hurt after the changes. ....

In a parliamentary answer last week, Adam Ingram, the armed forces minister, admitted the MoD was not sure exactly how many cases were being brought, or what it would cost. ....


All in the name of "art" ?

ManKind Show Solidarity – Demo May 9th. ManKind joined with other organisations to protest outside British Board of Film Classification against a film that denigrates men. The French film "BAISE-MOI" (‘Rape Me’) has been given a certificate by the British Board of Film Classification. In a Daily Mail article journalist Chris Tookey wonders why the BBFC have opened the flood gates to pornography. He says the film is described as portraying sex, rape, violence and sexual depravity, which he claims are "now all part of the British liberal feminists agenda". The film depicts two female nihilists’ search for sexual pleasure. They pick up an innocent man and anally rape him using a handgun. He is then executed by one of the girls with the gun still in his rectum. His executioners derive some kind of orgasmic thrill as they watch him die.

Not only were Media watch outraged, but so too were church leaders. At the Demonstration in Soho Square was the leader of "Mediawatch" and the spokesman on medical and ethical issues for "Islamic Concern", Dr A Majid Katme. For further details of participants and addresses see .

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The death of respect

- Paul Johnson, Daily Mail, 16mar02, p12

.... these are disastrous times for the fundamental institutions of the country. Parallel to this collapse of confidence in the police is the growing lack of respect for the courts.

.... A lot of what courts do seems designed to create yet more work for the legal profession. The public is angrily aware that the number of barristers and solicitors now earning over a million pounds a year - much of it taxpayers' money - is now moving from scores to hundreds.

It also doubts whether munificently rewarded lawyers are primarily concerned with justice....


The Coming of Fascism  My 1999 article with the above title predicted that the ruthless attack on young men currently under way in our society will drive them into joining a new Fascist party. I had wondered how close the parallel was between Weimar and our society. Now I find that the parallel is very close ideed. See Scoitt Lively & Kevin Abrams, The Pink Swastika; Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, pub. 95/02, from  - Ed


Baskerville and Child Abuse

“We have created a government machine with a vested interest in child abuse.”


Abortion and Breast Cancer

The strong link between abortion and breast cancer is censored out. This is because the “pro-choice” party control the media.


Abortion information and advice at


Criminology in the New Millennium Conference

XII Race, Gender and Violence In The Home

In Westminster, 8mar02

Chair: Esther Stanford (Society of Black Lawyers)

The Organiser: Ruth Chigwada-Bailey. 0209 8204 9587


All these women are implacable. Like the Marxists (they are latter-day Marxists, having replaced the word "Capitalism" with "Patriarchy", but left the dogma as it was before) they have heavily infiltrated all our institutions, and will wreak massive damage during the next 15 years. No statistics, political or social developments will deflect them from their course. They are too far gone on their path to be able to change direction in any way. To change course would do too much damage to their burgeoning careers.

Before the day began, I correctly predicted that Erin Pizzey, who set up the first refuge for battered women (and who is cited in law text books as her book "Scream quietly of the neightbours will hear" caused reform in the law) would not be mentioned.  I also predicted correctly that false allegations would not be  mentioned.

Barbara Follett MP spoke first, and Harriet Harman spoke last.

Full report at


Nowadays the vow is not to tie the knot

- Gerard McManus,

Sunday Tasmanian, 26may02, p11

Australian men are avoiding marriage because of the financial ruin marital break-ups bring.

New figures show that a quarter of all women will never be proposed to as men opt for no-strings-attached casual relationships.

Today 29 per cent of men are likely never to marry and the trend is rising.

And recent Family Court rulings which force men to pay for child support for children that are not their own have only reinforced widespread perceptions of anti-male bias by the court.

There are now more than two million Australian men and women in the lonely hearts club - those 45 years and under who have never married. On current trends the club is likely to double over the next 15 years.

Men are opting for relationships where there is no commitment, no offspring and most of all no danger of long-term financial loss from divorce.

And statistics also show that if a woman wants to marry the worst thing she can do is get a university degree, which pushes out the marriage age and lengthens the odds of never marrying.

University degrees produce the most old maids (almost twice as many women with university degrees are not married at 45 compared with women with no qualifications at all).

Women with diplomas fare almost as badly, ahead of women with basic certificates and those with no qualifications at all.

Women with trade certificates appear to have the best prospects of getting married. Just 5 per cent of tradeswomen aged 45 are not married.

"I think it is wonderful that men are starting to wake up," family law reform campaigner Sylvia Smith said last week. "Why would a young man with a lucrative career risk losing 70 to 80 per cent of his assets by getting married?

"Property settlements are meant to be 50/50 but in the vast majority of cases the result is more like 80/20 towards women."

The Full Bench of the Family Court recently ruled that it had no power to force the Child Support Agency to refund $4290 in overpayments to a Victorian man who discovered by DNA tests that he was not the father of his wife's child.

In another case currently before the Family Court, also in Victoria, a man is seeking repayment of about $40,000 in child support payments after he also discovered that two of the three children he had been supporting for 8 1/2 years turned out through DNA testing not to be his.

The Child Support Agency insists it has no power to refund the money, and Children and Youth Affairs Minister Larry Anthony says he is seeking advice on the matter.

The Family Law Act of 1975 ushered in not only the era of no-fault divorce and high dissolution rates (currently running 46 per cent), but a corresponding trend of an increasing reluctance to marry.

Since 1975 there has been a five-fold growth in the number of men who have never married.

In 1975, 4 per cent or about one in 25 women had never married by the time they reached 45 years of age.

According to the 1996 Census (the 2001 Census figures are due to be released soon), more than one in four women had never married by the age of 45, and this figure is continuing to rise.

Between 1986 and 1996 there was a rise in the number of women living in de facto relationships from 7 per cent to 12 per cent in the 25- to 29-year age group.

However, the proportion of married women fell by 15 per cent so that the proportion of women in 1996 who were coupled in any type of live-in union fell from 67 per cent to 57 per cent.

The number of people getting married is also falling, despite the increasing population. In 2000 there was a decrease of 900 marriages compared with the previous year.

Men and women are also delaying getting married, with the average age of men getting married now 30, and women almost 28.

In 1971 an extraordinary 62 per cent of women aged between 20 and 24 weremarried. By 1997 this figure had fallen to 13 per cent.



faso is a voluntary organisation dedicated to providing support to anyone affected by a false allegation of abuse. It is run by one of the speakers at the ManKind 2001 Conference on censorship.

PO Box 2000, Rugby CV22 6ZD

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Hi Richard,

I am really glad that you too heard and benefited from the Retreat strategy

Ivor developed his ideas while acting as my advisor and friend. During the period when the courts were a feature of my life we had daily consultations. This turned out to be very helpful in understanding the typology of England's Secret Court rituals.

Yes, we reasoned that the key to understanding why courts do to fathers (and their children) what courts do to fathers, is that fathers co-operate.

In 1996 I had published my research which had shown that it costs the state some  £164,500 to support a two year old child until the age of 16 (housing and mother's social security benefits) Clearly the state can afford court driven parentectomy only because fathers are willing to pay for the consequences of Court's (not the father's) decision to remove huge numbers of fathers out of children's lives.

 (Did you hear the story of the Greek Jews who prior to being moved to Concentration camp during WW2 were asked to pay the cost of the train ticket ?)

Clearly, resistance comes in many forms, and Retreat is in the tradition of the conscientious objectors, Quakers and the Pilgrims who departed for what eventually became the USA.

As an older guy I am deeply worried that those guys who have to face Secret Courts in future may not share my non-violent approach and beliefs. I am deeply troubled by some conversations with young men I met whose anger may on day turn into violence against judges and court reporters who fail children.

Ivor says that he hopes that fathers' demos, flooding the post boxes of your parliamentary representatives, graffiti, hunger strikes and refusal to play along with demands of courts can be effective, because if guys like us fail then those who remove fathers children are bound to need 24 hour police protection in future against those who do not share our non-violent beliefs.

Those who remove children from your friends, those who partake in stripping huge numbers of people of their civil rights in rooms where the doors are locked to the press, where the public is banned, where Masonic or drunk or corrupt lawyers or judges behave like medieval absolute rulers, (if we  fail,) will live under the rule of  fear (just as we did until we stumbled on the First Declaration of Retreat.

I know that the father's movement can continue to honour those people who did fight as well as those who died and won the rights that constitute democracy. Without scrutiny there can be no democracy.

But without rights there are no obligations. Clearly, since courts have decided that scrutiny is not what they allow, they have created a situation where only fools can treat their Secret Courts with respect, and they have given us the moral high ground. May we succeed before things get nasty for the perpetrators of parendectomy.

Guys like us have seen through the farce that masquerades are justice, and I know many of us do think about how to advise younger men who get a letter to attend a secret court hearing.

Should we advise that they must pay the tickets that send society's children on rides into lower educational attainment, higher probability of being involved in crimes, early pregnancy or dependency on legal and illegal drugs?

Should we advise them that courts have chosen to treat fathers as if democracy only applies to those born with tits? I am really glad you too have benefited from Ivor's original ideas. I told the court that whatever order a secret court made in relation to my children (except the one written by me) could only have one outcome: namely that I would not see them, speak to them, help or support them. My three children - as a result of making clear that I am committed to acting as father rather than replaceable uncle - did not lose me. I have been in their life [in the old family home - Ed], half of each week, half of every holiday. I said: Any less and I am out of parenting, because I love being a father and I choose to not play along with an idea ("non-residential father") because such role is just not within me.

- Y. A. Name 16mar02

[My friends Ernest and Kurt, both Jews who lived in Berlin in 1935, tell me that Berlin Jews had more or less forgotten that they were Jewish. They thought of themselves as Germans. Similarly, a father in England today does not realise that he is a social outcast, bereft of the most fundamental human rights - the right to own property; the right to have a say in the upbringing of his children, and so on. This makes today's fathers, even though much greater in number than were Berlin Jews, easy prey for a vicious, predatorial, divisive radfem  Establishment such as ours. - Ed.]


Richard and Trial

Ivor's retreat strategy is not new. it is essentially what I have been doing for the last 5 years. For which thanks to him on my part are due. But I added an additional "refinement" to Ivor's strategy, looking for a way to attack and bring down the system. I found that in Aarons system.  For every retreat there must be an attack, that is a fundamental fact of warfare. So essentially what I did yesterday was destroy the system here in California. However I have yet to administer the coup de grace, a habeas corpus that will force them to return my son to me. It will take a while for the beast to die, like a dinosaur it's to big to drop dead on the spot but the wound was fatal.

Many Regards, Richard

Maxim of Law: Legibus sumptis disinentibus, lege naturae utendum est. When laws imposed by the state fail, we must act by the law of nature 2 Roll.    R.298 (i.e. common law)


Gay Adoption

- Colin Hart, Director, The Christian Institute, 8may02

The Health Secretary Alan Milburn has made clear that there will be a free vote on gay adoption and adoption by cohabitees. He made clear that he personally would be voting for both.

The Government's own adoption law review concluded that there was no basis to change the law. Today the Health Secretary has therefore announced a complete reversal of policy.

We have been meeting MPs and peers over the past few weeks.

We have issued a press release today on . [Can be reached via]

A vote is expected before the end of May. It is important that people make their views known to their MP. If the Commons votes to change the law, the legislation still has to get through the House of Lords where we expect a very tough battle.

Do pray

* that the Government will face very strong public opposition to this move

* that the opposition will oppose changing the law

* that MPs will strongly firmly speak out during the debate

* that the press will oppose gay adoption and adoption by cohabitees

* that the facts and evidence will be well publicised.

* that the House of Lords will overturn any Commons vote to change the law


There have been rumours that the Government may attempt to repeal Section 28 as part of their Education Bill.

Please pray

* that the Government will not table and amendment to repeal Section 28 and that the Iain Duncan Smith and the Conservative Party will support Section 28

* that the Christian Institute may be able to expose what is going on.


We are involved in many other high profile issues at the moment. Do pray that the Lord will give us strength, wisdom and protection in all the work in which we are engaged.    - Colin Hart

[According to Amneus in The Garbage Generation, the weak link within the family is the father. Gay adoption, unmarried adoption, single parent adoption, all weaken the link which needs to be supported. Similarly unmarried parenting. However, men must not marry either, until the basic civil rights of fathers are restored and entrenched. - Ed]

[The vote went heavily in favour of gay adoption, and will now be resisted strongly in the Lords - Ed]

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'The thing is, I still love her'

For six months, Daniel Hoste was repeatedly beaten up by his girlfriend, often for such minor transgressions as keeping his shoes on inside. It was only after  he left her that he realised his experience was far from unusual - Guardian G2, 11mar03, p8

.... severely bruised ribs, about 50 bumps and bruises, a black eye, bloody lips, and scratches and bites so severe they bled. ....

I was going to kill myself, or kill her. When she threatened me with a baseball bat ....

I'm taking care of myself and I'm writing a novel about it, which is great therapy. Also, I've become involved with ManKind, a new organisation set up to help men with relationship problems. I wouldn't want anyone - male or female - to suffer a second of what I went through. More men are becoming victims ....  - You can contact ManKind on 01643-863352 Daniel Hoste is a pseudonym.

ManKind now has a nationwide DV helpline. – Ed


Is There a Batterer in the US Senate?

- Glenn Sacks, 13may02

There is a batterer in the United States Senate.

This abuser's spouse has suffered repeated violent attacks, yet there has been no condemnation of this Senator's violence.  Ironically, this Senator, who is one of the most controversial people in American public life today, has somehow escaped reproach for the one thing that both detractors and admirers should agree is genuinely inexcusable--domestic violence.

Who is this perpetrator of domestic violence? New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

The evidence against Ms. Clinton is strong. According to Hillary's admiring biographer Gail Sheehy, author of Hillary's Choice, one of the domestic assaults upon Bill Clinton occurred in 1993, when Hillary slashed Bill Clinton's face with her long fingernails, leaving a "mean claw mark along his jawline."

The incident was first explained as a "shaving accident" and a subsequent attempt was made to pin the blame on Socks the cat. Because of the gouge's size, neither explanation was accepted by observers. Dee Dee Myers, the White House spokeswoman at the time, later explained to Sheehy that it had been singer Barbara Streisand's visit to the White House that had sparked Hillary's jealous, violent rage.

According to Christopher Andersen, author of Bill and Hillary, Hillary also assaulted Bill on August 13, 1999, after the Monica Lewinsky revelations. Andersen writes:

"...the President...weeping, begged her forgiveness. Much of what transpired next between Bill and Hillary Clinton was plainly audible to Secret Service agents and household staff members down the hall. In the past, Hillary had thrown books and an ashtray at the President -- both hitting their mark...Hillary rose to her feet and slapped him across the face -- hard enough to leave a red mark that would be clearly visible to Secret Service agents when he left the room.

" 'You stupid, stupid, stupid bastard,' Hillary shouted. Her words, delivered at the shrill, earsplitting level that had become familiar to White House personnel over the years, ricocheted down the corridor." [Use of the curious word "stupid" is in line with the stories of Hilary's affair lasting many years, some in the White House, with the man who then killed himself, which the writer may not know about. - Ed.]

Sheehy's account of the incident is similar, adding that Hillary's friend Linda Bloodworth-Thomasen, who was staying with her husband in the private quarters nearby, "thought it was great that Hillary 'smacked him upside the head.' "

The US Department of Justice's Office for Victims of Crime classifies these types of attacks--scratching, slapping, hitting, throwing objects, and inflicting bruises or lacerations--as "physical abuse" and domestic violence.

Bill Clinton handled the incidents in a manner eerily reminiscent of the way many female victims of domestic violence did in the pre-feminist era.  Ashamed, he tried to cover the incidents up, even ordering his representatives to publicly alibi his wife's violence. He probably blamed himself for "provoking" her, as if marital infidelity warrants physical assault. And he almost certainly never considered calling the police or formally charging his abuser.

The public’s reaction has been of the “what did he do to set her off?” variety – a “blame the victim” mentality that would immediately be recognized and condemned were the genders of the perpetrator and victim reversed. Media coverage of the incidents has almost entirely consisted of jokes on late night TV and talk radio. In narrating these assaults, neither Sheehy nor Anderson mention ‘domestic violence’ or even write disapprovingly of Hillary’s attacks. Needless to say, the reaction would be quite different were it the president’s wife who appeared in public with lacerations on her face.

Nor were the incidents mentioned during Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign. In fact, it was former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who was publicly pilloried as a bad spouse for his failing marriage, while the fact that his electoral opponent was a known abuser merited little or no attention.

The Clinton incidents demonstrate that, despite the overwhelming body of research which shows that men and women initiate and engage in domestic violence equally, the public still largely holds the outdated and discredited view that domestic violence is synonymous with wife-beating.

Ironically, Senator Clinton herself has spoken out on domestic  violence on many occasions, and has supported the Family Violence Prevention Fund's $100 million anti-Domestic Violence campaign. The campaign's slogan is "There's No Excuse for Domestic Violence."

What's Senator Clinton's excuse?


Radfem organisation took bribe money to keep quiet about Clinton's Sexgate   This supports Erin Pizzey's claim that radfems are primarily motivated by money, not by their dogma.



With 300% more male unemployment than female on my mind I recently went into my local Job Centre to see what they were doing about it. I looked for schemes and initiatives for unemployed men. I found plenty of 'New Deal' offers for  women and mothers with guarantee of 200 per week for either doing nothing in particular or working less than 16 hours a week. There were even some for both women and men - but not one scheme exclusively  just for men.

One of the alleged for 'both man and women' initiatives and "get more schemes for filling more forms in correctly" was booklet NDL42, otherwise known an as "New Deal for Partners" .This 8 - 10 page booklet featured text with high quality photographic pictures of women and their children doing glamorous things on every page bar one.  The one page where a man appeared was in a group family photograph.

As I had already passed a shelf with complaint and comment forms  I went back and wrote a complaint about leaflet and  its overt sexist portrayal of benefits claimants. I then spoke to the staff there (80% women) and pointed out to them its sexist nature. They had to admit that it did give the wrong impression, but more interestingly perhaps. none of them had noticed the sexism.

A few days later, to my surprise, I receive a reply from the Job Centre manager notifying me that my complaint had been passed to their regional office. This week I've learnt it has gone to national level.

To ensure this initiative doesn't get swept under the carpet, why don't you visit you local Job Centre and do as I have done ? - R Whiston


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