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This is strong talk but never underestimate the people in power. In Ireland

here after the second very successful World Conference on Domestic Violence

hosted by Amen ( the Department of Justice initiated a similar

research project to enquire into the true nature and extent of domestic

violence in the Western societies.

That report was presented to the Minister last June. It is now 12 months

since he received it and no word has emerged of its contents other than to

say (not unlike what has happened in Canada do these people keep in

touch?) that there would be a period of 'internal' consultation.

One suspects that the results offer such a condemnation of the policies that

the government have followed that it is taking a long time to come up with a

good excuse for having ruined so many lives in the past and (one suspects)

wanting to continue without any significant change into the future.

Roger Eldridge, Co. Roscommon, Ireland,


The Battle for Men's Rights in Scotland

By Douglas Rome <>

Dumfries, Scotland

Embattled men in Scotland have won crucial new rights in the teeth of

bitter opposition from the Scottish matriarchy. The Scottish Executive -

the new devolved government in Scotland - has started an inquiry into

women's violence against men.

For decades, feminists have insisted that domestic violence is inflicted

exclusively by men on women. Now, after unrelenting pressure by the men's

movement, the Executive has been forced to concede otherwise. Announcing

the inquiry to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, the social justice

minister (and feminist ) Jackie Baillie said (through gritted teeth) that

the results should be known by early next year.

It is not known yet who will lead the probe or how far-ranging its research

will be; but campaigners for men's rights have made it clear that if the

inquiry team works to a brief dictated by the feminist agenda, they will

not accept its (predictable) conclusions. Activists in the men's movement

say that as it was their campaign that forced the government into action,

they should have a key role in the inquiry.

And in another significant advance for Scottish men, the Executive is to

give unmarried fathers full legal rights over their children in reforms

planned for Scotland's family laws. Forty per-cent of Scottish children -

about 18,000 - are born to unmarried couples, but the fathers have no

automatic legal rights over their health, welfare and education. All that

will change as the Executive strives to create more stability for children

for whom often-feckless mothers have sole responsibility.

Alastair McLaughlan is typical of the fathers who have been deprived of

their rights. When he and his partner split up, he discovered that because

they were not married, he had no legal right to a say in his son's future.

Like thousands of other Scottish fathers, he thought that because his name

was on his son's birth certificate, his legal rights and responsibilities

were guaranteed.

Alastair says: "With no rights or responsibilities, you are right at the

bottom of the ladder. The state is telling you that if you want to be a

father to your children, you have to prove you are suitable. You are guilty

until proven innocent." Under the present discriminatory family laws, if a

father wants legal parental rights, he has to marry the child's mother,

register an agreement with her, or get a court order.

Alison Clelland, convenor of the Child Law Centre in the Scottish capital

city Edinburgh, said the proposed changes would benefit children. She said:

"I know of many clients who think that because their name is on the child's

birth certificate, they have some rights. They don't. If they have been

involved with their children's lives, that seems to them very wrong and

unfair - and the centre agrees with them."

The changes to the family laws will affect only fathers whose names are on

their children's birth certificates. The draft bill goes out for

consultation next year: for Scotland's deprived and derided unmarried dads,

it can't become law quickly enough.

Meanwhile, men's rights campaigners in Scotland are focusing on two more

issues that are central to the struggle between the genders: the national

tragedy of young male suicides and the alarming rise in the number of false

rape allegations by vindictive or deranged women. Men account for three out

of every four suicides in Scotland. The Scottish suicide rate is one of the

highest in Europe. Suicide kills more young men here under the age of

thirty-five than die in road traffic accidents. Since 1989, suicides and

undetermined deaths have risen by more than one-fifth. The latest figures

for Dumfries and Galloway, the region of Scotland where I live, show that

male suicides outstrip female suicides by a ratio of five to one.

Of course, the regional health authority here is worried about men's

plight... so very worried that its major promotion this year is the

creation of a website devoted to "domestic abuse" - one that uses the

distortions of the women's movement (and public funds ) to repeat feminist

cant about male violence. Go to to

see what I mean. Then ask spokeswoman Helen Norman how the health authority

plans to help the male victims of women's violence mentioned on her site.

You can email her at -- although you may have to

wait for a reply.

The Scottish Executive is funding an inquiry into suicide and homicide by

people suffering from mental illness. I trust that it will ignore the

"explanations" offered by psychiatrists and all the other

functionally-useless "behavioural experts." According to most of them,

young men kill themselves because of some obscure (and never convincingly

defined) chemical process in the brain. Significantly, the mind-doctors

never talk about the one indisputable fact of the suicide rate among young

Scottish males: that its rise runs parallel with, and is inextricably

linked to, the triumph of man-hating feminism in Scotland. Feminism - more

properly, womanism - arrived here just in time to rescue Scotland's

mildewed matriarchy from the oblivion so long yearned-for by decent people

of both genders. The feminazi chorus began with the aberrant murmurs of

Women's Liberationists in the late-1960s, swelling through three dark

decades to the full-throated shriek of visceral misandrists who blame all

men for everything that is wretched in their sterile lives.

In one of history's most successful propaganda campaigns, feminists

persuaded the UK government to open its coffers without limit to Women's

Aid, Victim Support, War Against Rape, Rights of Women, Zero Tolerance,

Justice for Women, and all the other parasitic supplicants spawned by

feminism. At the same time, it levered its zealots into powerful positions

in the Government bureaucracy and - its most significant achievement -

recruited them to the universities and other higher educational

institutions. Campus feminism, under the seemingly innocuous syllabus label

"gender studies", used Hitlerian indoctrination techniques to foster

misandry in the minds of our brightest youngsters from the 1970s onwards.

What the misandrists didn't know (until now) is that among the students

whose minds they tried to corrupt in all the major Scottish universities

were male and female members of the antifeminist movement who recorded

every hate-filled utterance of their feminazi teachers. When a true,

gender-blind rule of law prevails in this country, and the

mind-manipulators are brought to a rigorous final reckoning, they will have

condemned themselves out of their own mouths.

A similar fate awaits those women who cry rape falsely. In 1991, Catherine

Commins, then assistant dean of student life at the prestigious Vassar

College in New York, extolled (without criticism or dissent) the value for

feminism of making false accusations of rape. Her criminal endorsement of

one of the gravest crimes was reported in Time Magazine's edition of June

3, 1991. Since then, the international cysterhood has taken up her call

with evil glee; each year increasing numbers of men are jailed, and some

executed, for crimes of which they are innocent.

It's difficult to imagine a crime more destructive than false rape; for,

whatever the outcome of the trial, the victims' lives are wrecked. Even

after they have been cleared by the courts, the unjustly accused men are

branded forever: they carry a stain that everyone can see. They can change

their names, their addresses and their jobs -- but, like men hunted as

paedophiles by the vigilante mob, they cannot change the evil destiny

forced on them by a lying woman.

Scottish men's rights campaigners, demanding laws to protect men from false

rape allegations, say that men accused of rape should be given equal

anonymity with their accusers. The campaigners want a register of false

rape accusers - similar to the British register of sex offenders - and a

study of how the legal system deals with false accusations. Malicious

claims should bring sentences equivalent to those handed down for rape,

they say.

The activists point to research in the United States which shows that a

quarter of the number of men convicted of rape are innocent. "Impossible,

unjust, an insult to women," screamed the matriarchy , which found a

spokeswoman (of a kind) in Professor Sheila McLean of Glasgow University,

an "expert" on medical and legal ethics. She dismissed the campaigners'

proposals as "unworkable."

Mclean said that the notion of a "false accusers" register would serve no

purpose as it was often difficult to establish whether allegations had been

made maliciously. It would therefore be difficult to prosecute malicious

accusers. McLean's idiocies show, perfectly, why moral philosophers change

nothing (save, occasionally, each other's minds). Her position is best

summed up thus: "We think this woman, or these women, is/are lying about

being raped. That's a crime. But because we think we can't prove it, we're

going to let the criminals carry on with the crime." If present

interrogation techniques cannot bring the rape liars to justice, it's time

we tried other methods, including the use of a "truth" serum such as sodium

pentathol on both the accused and the accuser. Innocent men and women would

have nothing to fear.

I acknowledge that this is an extreme step: it goes against every instinct

for freedom that I own; it's incompatible with our noblest democratic

traditions. But when we fight gender-fascism we fight the most powerful

totalitarian force since Hitlerism. The existential plague that calls

itself "feminism" is pure death instinct, visceral hatred on a global

scale. It threatens all that's best in Western civilization. When we go to

the arsenals of democracy for the weapons to fight it with, we find that

all the guns are rusted. If I may adapt Churchill slightly, we must be

prepared to mete out to the feminazis the measure, and more than the

measure, of what the feminazis have meted out to us. And we must use the

the most effective weapons we have.

All my life I have opposed capital punishment - or murder by the state as

we should more properly call it. But after a decade of chronicling the

atrocities of feminism, I am beginning to change my mind. Rape liars smash

lives. Perhaps they should pay with their own, or at the least be

imprisoned for life without the possibility of parole. I think the same

about the ultimate fate of the evil women in nursery group, primary school

classroom and university lecture-hall who, at the behest of gender

supremacy, have turned the best education system in the world into a death

camp of the mind patrolled by the Gestapo thugs of political correctness.

In 1970, Germaine Greer published The Female Eunuch - feminism's Mein Kamp

- in which she inquired: "Is it too much to ask that women be spared the

daily struggle for superhuman beauty in order to offer it to the caresses

of a subhumanly ugly male?" That was the signal for her followers

everywhere to launch the demonisation of men in terms which exactly

mimicked the Nazis' vilification of non-Aryans before the Third Reich began

its genocide of the Jews. Since then the feminazi assaults on all decency

and humanity have grown in stridency and viciousness, unchallenged by

supine judges in their complicit courts, to the point where natural justice

demands as savage a response. Let me assure gender totalitarians

everywhere: it is coming. The protean surge of the international men's

human rights movement is the most thrilling development of my time. It is a

great convulsion of rage, anguish, despair and love - a veritable tsunami

in the socio-cultural ocean. The great wave carries with it the hopes and

dreads of a generation of men all-but-destroyed by feminism's insane

supremacist imperative. It is about to engulf the enemy shoreline. Then

"let the healing fountain start / in the desert of the heart."

By endless cunning, duplicity and secret conspiracy in the desert of its

heart, feminism thought to neuter successive generations of men, to make

them its slaves. Instead, at the end of one of the darkest nights of the

Western soul, all that it has done is rouse a sleeping giant and fill him

with a terrible resolve.


Douglas Rome is a Scottish poet and journalist.



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