IEE Open forum on undergrad teaching of electromagnetics, IEE Savoy Place, thu12dec02, 2.30pm.


The material by me triggered by the 12dec02 forum will be broken down into sections.



IEE Open Forum on (among other things) “the teaching of electromagnetics in undergraduate courses.” IEE Savoy Place London.

After attending this forum and the lecture which followed, I went to “Swan Lake” at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. This is why it is nearly midnight before I can write my first comment on what I heard and said in the IEE today.

I shall add further comment during the next two days, and beyond.


I told those 30 who attended that the Editor of Electronics World rather liked the idea of my doing a hatchet job on the EMC community following the excellent articles on my ideas in the Aug02 and jan03 issues, see ;  The second article is on sale in the bookshops right now.


I have multiple credentials in EMC, which I will outline later on.


I have been very concerned about the EMC community since 1964, when I first ran into it in Los Angeles when I designed a power supply for a torpedo-proof line printer for the US Navy in Data Products Corp.


I became extremely concerned when in Europe it became a criminal offence to fail to take a piece of equipment through their ridiculous EMC tests.


Of all the subcultures in electronic engineering, EMC is the worst.


My experience in England started with NWS3, a British copy of US test specs. It is fatally flawed at the fundamental theoretical level. These flaws remained during further decades because of the lack of grasp of the fundamentals of electromagnetism by the whole EMC community.


After the new editor of Electronics World came through with the second article on my ideas, I proposed an article on EMC, and he reacted favourably. The final stage towards that article was for me to go to the IEE Savoy Place and inspect the EMC fraternity as it is today. I am now set to write the article.


I told the EMC wallahs that they would see the arguments for the Electronics World article develop on this website. They were welcome to counter any of the points made. I also mentioned “Riposte”, which is on my old Home Page;


I make the commitment that anyone wishing to counter any assertion made on this site will be guaranteed a hyperlink to a website of their choosing at the point where the disputed assertion is made.


 The idea is that these guys could contribute towards the article in Electronics World, as it develops. In particular, Christopoulos  ,  the man who led the discussion from the stage entitled “The teaching of electromagnetics in undergraduate courses” should comment.


After much travail, I put a question (about the Catt Anomaly) onto the IEE Discussion Forum on Electromagnetics. I have now phoned the girl in charge of it to tell her that it will be a nightmare for me to get through the protocol to that forum again to see if there have been any replies. For this reason, I do not think an IEE www discussion forum is suitable for the present exercise, leading to the article in Electronics World. I promise that any riposte to what I say will be made available on or via this web page, for instance comment by Christopoulos


This afternoon I told the EMC magicians assembled that one fatal flaw was that they thought interference came down no wires or down one wire. I said the flaw in this idea was buried in Kirchhoff’s Laws.


It looks as though during the last five years of so, since I last inspected them, they have merely added bells and whistles to their previously fatally flawed activity. Their behaviour means that, to no advantage to anyone, a product designed and manufactured in Europe will cost 20% more than if it is designed and manufactured outside their clutches. They also drive out small companies, because of the high cost of paying them to “test” equipment. It is possible that the whole EMC community has merely evolved into a mechanism to keep out new growing companies who want to design and manufacture electronic equipment. It should be borne in mind that the tests they devise and enforce will be large-company-friendly. This is particularly true since the tests are nonsensical. Large companies can club together to hold seminars and build test houses and talk gobbledygook, which shuts out small groups who only know proper electronic engineering. The tragedy is that this afternoon, the bright young things at the conference obviously don’t know that they are getting drawn into a phoney juggernaut.


My credentials in include an 8-page paper “The fundamentals of electromagnetic energy transfer” which I gave to the IEE and IERE sponsored International Conference on EMC at Surrey University, 18021sep 1984. It was also published in Wireless World sep/oct84.


I was employed as the EMC magician on the GEC Stingray Project at Stanmore, which enabled me to find out a lot more about the nonsense in the EMC fraternity, since I was one of them.


My book “Electromgnetism 1” is in the IEE Savoy Place library. It is also at


My 1998 IEE paper is at


A few years ago an engineer in Ford Motors became concerned about the EMC wallers getting into cars they designed and built, in particular the radio. He took me to the main Ford R&D place in England, and I discussed with their top EMC man. It was clears that the EMC community were totally indifferent to the time when a nearby car starts its starter motor. I wanted Ford and also a small company where my friend Foggitt designed one-off custom items, to both retain me as consultant (even on zero salary), when I would go after there specifications and pin down one or more technocrats who were willing to put their names to them as authors. Then I could turn the heat on them. It is the anonymity of these silly documents that has to be broken down. (Foggitt’s company stopped making custom unites because they could not cope with the EMC testing costs.)


Ivor Catt 23.50  thu12dec02 and 01.15 fri13dec02


Ivor Catt  tel. 01727 864257


Ivor Catt’s book on electromagnetism is at


IEE paper




The material below (in ) shows that, if the young lecturer (or even old lecturer), given the task of lecturing on electromagnetic theory, finds no help from the text books, he will certainly get no help from the www if he does a Google search for “Transverse Electromagnetic Wave”.  Nonsense about so-called “self-resonant frequency” of a capacitor  Displacement Current - and how to get rid of it


To the Chairman of the 2.30 open forum, tomorrow thu12dec02, IEE Savoy Place,

via Sarah Nash


Three discussions taking 3 hours; this means one hour per discussion.


Teaching of Electromagnetics;

I planned to be a fly on the wall during this third discussion tomorrow. However, I now think I can have it both ways. Ideally, you would let the discussion on the teaching of ugrad electromagnetics proceed without me for (say) 30 minutes, so that I could gather what the general feeling is on the subject (i.e. with me as a fly on the wall). Then bring me in.


I would like to give those present a web page address,  in which case you will be welcome to cut me off whenever you felt like. Those attending could then read the rest of what I would have said on the www next morning.



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