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March 04 New summary index

Ill Eagle 2000

Ill Eagle 2001

EMC Open Forum

Diane Abbott M.P on number of male teachers

Brands of feminism

ESRC exonerates Stinko

Oliver Letwin supports marriage

Brutalization of men in Afghanistan

Battered Josephine Smith murders her husband Brian

Civitas report on cohabitation

Baskerville on the Divorce Industry

The price of casual sex

Escalating male suicide

Divorce isn't so bad

Equal Parenting Demo in Bristol

TEM Wave. A lost concept

Yardie gangsters fighting for crack cocaine market

Partner Abuse against Men

Marital Rape and Eminem

Women's Groups Blast 'Politically Correct' Pentagon Policies

Health risk to ban homosexuals from youth organizations

Deadbeat dads

EMC – A Fatally Flawed Discipline

History of EMC

John Waters discusses the child protection industry in Ireland

Destruction of Society by Sexual Fallacy

Irish DV fantasy

Male Victims of DV; Gelles

Pizzey makes a stand for battered men

Erin Pizzey

Cardinal Winning on the gay age of consent vote

Radfem DV Conference with 2029

All women DV Co-ordinators Meeting

Radfem DV Conference with 2027

The coming of Fasciusm

Baskerville on child abuse

Madam Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dub goes

Campus censorship - Christina Hoff Sommers

Ann Widdecombe on women in parliament

Definition of Rape broadens

Canada’s Sloss retires

Canada’s Sloss retires

A Case for Fathers and Co-Parenting

Pay child support while in prison or else

New Zealand’s mess

Arizona Justice in Family Court




Abortion Statistics and Advice

Government censorship

Mothers matter more

A case for fathers and co-parenting

Appeal court judges exceeded jurisdiction with care orders

Appeal court judges exceeded jurisdiction with care orders

The Truth about Child Abuse

Wife sets fire to husband

Men face abuse

Hate my father?

Brainwashing children

ManKind Chairman advises LCD

ManKind Joins Demo

Spousal abuse falls as definition broadens

Spousal abuse falls as definition broadens

Spousal abuse falls as definition broadens


Radfem National Organisation for Women bribed into silence over Clinton

Driscoll on Cyriax

United Nations against men

The Dawn of the Feminist Police State

The attack on men

Anti-widower discrimination

Deliberate policy to drive parents apart

Divorce-Related Malicious Mother Syndrome

Fascism gets nearer

Noble Cause Porn

The Kernel Machine

False Allegations

The Rape Sentencing Panel offers advice

Electromagnetism Index

Feminism, by Jane Freedman.

Domestic Violence. Falsification of Statistics.

Private DNA

Estranged father murders his children

False allegations of sexual abuse

Canadian feminazi judge

Nationalisation of the family


Ill Eagle 20 Editorial

Past Cases of Abuse in Children’s Homes

Dysfunction close to Blair

Radfems on DV

Dysfunction close to Blair

Laski and Leeds

When your wife kidnaps your child

Dysfunction close to Blair

Principles of Equal Parenting

The Witch Craze

Radfems International

Sloss and witches

Blackshirts set up secret cells in NSW

The growing fascist threat

Babe Cherie in the woods

Cherie in the woods

Child protection policy

Child Protection Industry

Child Protection Industry

Adoption into the seat of oppression

The Crisis Deepens

The Politics of Family Destruction STEPHEN BASKERVILLE

Minette Marrin; Misandry


Danger in women outstripping men

Radfem National Institute of Health

Missing; DV against men

Earl Howe on False Allegations of Abuse

Gun law comes to Britain

The Crisis for the Family - Ivor Catt, 25jan03

Outcome; Accountability; Divorce

Domestic Violence

Dropping the Pilot

Storming which Bastille?

Storming which Bastille?

The Quaker Way of Censorship

Faith without an historical Jesus;

The Quaker “Concern” misused to block progress

Catt in Wireless World on Modern Physics

Crosstalk (Noise) in Digital Systems

The electron

Self resonant frequency of a capacitor

Self resonant frequency of a capacitor

The Heaviside Signal

Nonsense about self resonant frequency

Theory of Flight

Forgotten theory

Genesis of Theory C; Genesis of The Catt Anomaly

The Railon

The new railway theory

Displacement Current Drivel

Electromagnetism fundamentals; The Balloon


Fundamentals of Electromagnetism; Measuring a TEM Wave

Single Velocity Universe

The IEE Rumbles Catt

E-M 9sep02

Mike Gibson; Two turn inductor

Two turn inductor; instructions

Two turn inductor; instructions

Martin Eccles; The End Game

Displacement Current dec78

Missing; Self resonant frequency of a capacitor

Missing; Misunderstanding Capacitors


Academic apes

TX theory for inductor and xformer; politics

Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir

Fact sheet for secondary schools on fatherhood by CIVITAS

Unmarried couples win right to adopt

The hidden message in Maxwell's equations in German

Hidden Message in Maxwell’s Equations

Ultimate Creative Ignorance - Theocharis

When in a hole, stop digging

PAS; Richard A. Gardner, MD

The deeper hidden message in Maxwell’s Equations

A Mathematical Rake’s Progress

The History of Maxwell’s Equations

The German Lecture

Pepper FRS on The Catt Anomaly

McEwan on The Catt Anomaly

The Apelet

The Rise and Fall of Bodies of Knowledge

Hits on Google for "TEM Wave"

Where science has gone wrong’ T. Theocharis et al.

On the importance of being creative

Electric Motor

Catt Anomaly / IEE

Catt Anomaly / IEE

Catt Anomaly / IEE

Missing; Catt Anomaly; Dr Arnold Lynch caveat

The Catt Anomaly; 2001 edition of book

Catt Anomaly; AIDS

Catt Anomaly; The background

Catt Anomaly; Philosophical extracts

Catt Anomaly; Relativity

The Catt Anomaly; Who are the experts?

Tweaker on Catt Anomaly ??

Scandals in Electromagnetic Theory

Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir Ltd. Past concerts


T.S. Kuhn, The Essential Tension   (see 2921)

Attacked yesterday by 4 white unidentified policemen

The Quaker End Game

Carver Mead

Abortion and Breast Cancer

Gay adoption

Abortion information

Retreat Index

The Myth of Deadbeat Dads

Move to outlaw secret DNA testing by fathers

Missing; Mortality increases with divorce

Missing; Doppler and magnetic force; Mike Gibson

Gay rights

Missing; What a Life! ; More of the autobiography by Syd Catt  see 2951

Replaced (missing)

T.S. Kuhn, The Essential Tension  (see 2901)

Science, Sociology and Philosophy

Kuhn broke the mould

The Betrayal of science by 'modern physics'

Sokal Hoax; Science Wars

Theocharis on Science Wars

What a Life! ; autobiography by Syd Catt See 2914

The seven-per-cent rule seven per cent

The AIDS Scam Fellow-Travellers in the AIDS Scam

Lynch theory See

AIDS; Bishops rush in where angels fear to tread ; see

Missing; AIDS; Neville Hodgkinson speaks in St. Albans

AIDS Scam; Censorship

Missing; Catt Anomaly; IEE Electromagnetics Forum

re new website

Freedom of Information; Censorship

Idealised “Retreat” process

The Retreat Strategy; Hole in one

Court secrecy, Outcome, and Accountability

Who is to blame?


CAFCASS; Open Door?

Martin Bright, Stanko, Sloss

3012, 3014 thru 3020; 3022, 3023, 3050, 3099

Documents for Electronics World


32, 34

Missing; Judges need 24 hour police protection


Missing; The TEM Wave in Space

Decoupling High Speed Logic

The scientific reception system

Longer replies to letters in Electronics World on EMC

3612 thru 3614

Ivall retreats from The Catt Anomaly

“Mr. Catt returns”

Sharpe on Habeas Corpus

Cambridge Hypocrisy; Cambridge Alumni Magazine.

Whig History of Science

3803 thru 3806; 3812 thru 3814

Quaker Steeplechase

Air Traffic Control; Nigel Cook

The Catt Question

The Kernel Machine; Background articles

Air Traffic Control

The Kernel Logic Machine

The Kernel Logic Machine

The Nub of Computation

Boolean Castles in the Air 403

The New Scholasticism 41

Charge spreading out across the plates of a capacitor 411

The decadent Royal Society 412

Throwing glasses at stone houses 42

Quantum E-M Propaganda 421

Throwing glasses at stone houses 42b

1977 Digital Design Seminar 43

1977 Seminar 431

1977 seminar letter 432

1987 Digital Design Seminar 433

F4J and bin Laden 435

Leeds women 436

Tribute to Dr. Michael Pelling 437

Further tribute to Pelling 438

Al Qa-'eda and America 43metzer

NSPCC becoming truthful? 43nspcc

The Ormrod legacy 43ormrod

Microprocessor collides with the Real World 43watcol

Catt Ł2,000 Question 44

Electromagnetic theory from first principles 441

The Catt Question - EW Challenge 442

EW Challenge contd. 443

The Catt Question - Political analysis 444

Electromagnetic Theory in 2004 44em

Feminism and Maths 45

Legal bias in Domestic Violence 451

Letter to Theocharis when he published in Nature 459

Catt's first seminar 46

Oliver Cyriax Project sabotaged by Government 461

Illogical logic 47

The Design of Colossus - Flowers 47c

The Making of Colossus - Coombs 47d

Britain's fight to escape from manufacturing and hi technology 48

Mandela the Terrorist 4883phase

Smacking and more 48hsmack

Hock v Sec. of State 49

Robert Whiston 499

Hoc. v Sec. of State 2 49b

Why dads throw flour 49c

Missing; Ill Eagle 18, February 2002

Ill Eagle 18, February 2002

Ill Eagle 1, may99

All back years of Ill Eagle

Ill Eagle 1999

Comments on Chapter 2_1 of Ivor Catt, Electromagnetism 1

Comments on Introduction

Discussion of Chapter 1_1 Battery and resistor. Steady state

Discussion of Chapter 1_4 Partial reflection in a transmission line

Discussion of Chapter 4_5 Dynamic capacitor

Discussion of Chapter 4_6 Simplifying the transformer

Discussion of Chapter 1_1

Discussion of Chapter 1_1

Discussion of Chapter 1_1

Discussion of Chapter 1_1

Comments on Introduction



Hitchcock on CAFCASS


Theory N and Theory C


Early Maxwell on Electric Displacement


Dinner at High Table






Ken Johnson






Kurt Metzer; The Crucifixion


Jews in Bohemia and Moravia


The Betrayal of science by 'modern physics'


First Seminar


 Can high technology gain a real foothold in the UK?


Ch4 on Global Warming Scam


Melanie Phillips on Global Warming

Hospital from Hell


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