TEM Wave. A lost concept


Back in the IEE Library in London this month, I went through the books on electromagnetism again. The situation is scandalous.

Ivor Catt nov02


In the IEE Library, Savoy Place, London

Shelf no. 537.8 ELL


Robert S Elliott, Electromagnetics, History, Theory, and Applications pub. IEEE Press1993    630pp


R S Elliott, Hughes Chair Professor of Electromagnetics, University of California, Los Angeles


.... Chapter 2

The Special Theory of Relativity



Author Index

Contains Einstein, Heisenberg and Minkowski

No Heaviside


Subject Index

No TEM Wave

No Transverse Electromagnetic Wave




David A de Wolf, Essentials of Electromagnetics for Engineering, pub. CUP 2001


In the Index, TEM mode only appears under “Transmission lines”, pp410-415

Totally unintelligible, except to one who knows it all already, who can see what the author is playing at.


Heaviside does not appear in the book.





Robert E Collin, Field Theory of Guided Waves, Second Edition, pub. IEEE Press, 1991        851pp


Heaviside does not appear in the book.


No mention of displacement current


TEM Wave definition, p173

Hopeless tangle of mathematics. No clear statement of what a TEM wave is. No diagram.






Jin Au Kong, Electromagnetic Wave Theory, pub. Wiley 1986


Jin Au Kong, Professor of Electrical Engineering, MIT


No displacement current

No Heaviside

No TEM Wave






P Hammond, Electromagnetism for Engineers, pub OUP 1964/1997


Hammond, Dept. Of Electrical Engineering, Univ. Of Southampton


No displacement current

No TEM Wave




John D Kraus, Electromagnetics, pub. McGraw-Hill 1953/92


p477 TEM wave not clearly stated. Not clear that E and H are in phase.




No way can a student, or even a lecturer, get his bearings from these books.

Ivor Catt nov02


Carver Mead