The Coming of Fascism


.The Coming of Fascism. By Ivor Catt. Written in nov99



The following analysis comes out of the pathology of Weimar Germany. Although coming from a totally different stable from the above – homosexuals in the German Nazi party as compared with today’s attack on young men in Britain and the USA, the resulting predictions are virtually the same.

Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams, The Pink Swastika; Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, pub. 95/02, from


P360; “’Boys who become homosexuals are often those who were left alone with their mothers and formed an intense attachment to them that was unmediated by the father’s presence and protection.’

The regressive promotion of an androgynous culture [by Adrienne Burgess in the UK] advances an equality in which gender distinctions, roles and identity are blurred and inverted. This leads to a loss of healthy self-identity. …. Radical feminism actually destroys femininity while emasculating males, …. By robbing our children of their ability to conduct themselves morally, today’s left-wing regressives are grooming a new generation of potential Nazis.

…. The current generation of fatherless youth may be prime candidates for homosexual recruitment. And the same amoral thinking which allows them to consider homosexuality as a ‘normal’ option may also make them dangerously susceptible to the next Hitler. It is no accident that Hitler and his cronies came to power on the backs of emasculated German male youth.”

Hostile comment on the book;