“We have created a government machine with a vested interest in child abuse.”


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[Recorded 4/26/02]


The Truth About Child Abuse

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, according to the Department of
Health and Human Services.  We are urged to promote public education about
child abuse and fund (what are termed) parent-support programs.

Yet it is not likely we are going to reduce child abuse by educating
anyone.  Most people are already aware that we are in an epidemic of child
abuse.  What we lack is the resolve to face the politically incorrect truth
about it.

Child abuse is a direct result of the divorce revolution and the increase in
fatherless homes.  Most child abuse takes place in the homes of single

A new study by the Heritage Foundation confirms that children are up to 33
times more likely to be abused in a single-parent home than in an intact
family.  Contrary to public perception, says Heritage, the most likely
abuser of a young child will be that childs mother, not a male in the

The safest place for a child is two-parent home  a home with a father in
it.  Removing the father is what exposes the children to danger.

Yet removing fathers is precisely what family court judges routinely do
ironically, often with trumped-up charges of child abuse, though biological
fathers in fact seldom abuse their children.  Judges claim they remove
fathers to err on the side of caution.  In fact they are erring on the
side of danger, and it is hard to believe they do not realize it.

Dickens said,  The one great principle of the . . . law is to make business
for itself.  Family courts make business by eliminating fathers, thus
opening the door to child abuse.  Appalling as it sounds, the fact is we
have created a government machine with a vested interest in child abuse.

If we do not have the courage to tell the truth about child abuse and the
role of government in permitting and even encouraging it, then all our
professed concern for children is mere posturing.  We do no service to
children by funding programs that spread misinformation.

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