Brainwashing children



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22 March 2002

Kids spill the beans: Halton Women's Shelter exposing children to
violence and abuse

Young children forced to watch graphic video showing man beating up a woman
as part of children's indoctrination process!

Burlington, Ontario - A young girl who recently managed to gain her freedom
from the Halton Women's Shelter in Burlington, Ontario, has disclosed some
bone-chilling information about just what goes on behind the closed doors
of that facility, something which those operating the shelter would not
like the community to know about.

One of the troubling things that this child revealed was that she and the
other children in the shelter were made to watch a video in which a man was
graphically shown beating up on a woman.

This video was part of a children's program at the shelter and all children
who came to the women's shelter were forced to attend shortly after their

The young girl said she and her siblings did not like watching the violent
video and that watching it made them feel very upset and uncomfortable.

The young girl also said that it seemed to her that the women who worked at
the shelter did not like men and that everyone at the shelter was supposed
to think the same way as the shelter staff.

It would appear that this program is being used to condition the children
into believing that it is a normal for men to go around beating up women.

The children were also being told that what was on the video was what they
could expect to happen to them when they get older.

It would seem that the Halton Woman's Shelter has developed its own in
house children's propaganda program, possibly in collaboration with other
shelters, to indoctrinate children at an early age into believing that men
in general are wife batterers and abusers and that women are always the

It's highly unlikely that the teaching of this program to young and
impressionable children has received the endorsement of early childhood
educators nor is it likely that this program for kids in the shelter is
being taught by anyone with professional teaching qualifications who may
better understand what long term emotional harm this sort of video may
be causing children after they leave the shelter.

In all likelihood, this program is being given to the children by women,
who themselves are former victims of abuse and likely harbour intense
feelings of resentment against men in general.

If a child's feelings and perceptions are any indicators of the environment
there, according to this girl, she felt frightened and afraid staying at
the shelter, especially at night.  She said she cried and wanted to go back
to see her dad at her own home.

Many parents in the community would argue that only professional educators,
such as teachers with local school boards, should have the job in the
community of educating children about domestic violence.

At least in a more public forum, those that teach such materials would be
under greater public accountability.

Many agree that exposing children to such a video is not appropriate. Even
if children were being removed from a home where violence had occurred, to
expose them immediately again to violence by forcing them to watch a video
of a man beating on a women certainly is not the most appropriate thing to
do under any circumstances.

Children don't want to have violence crammed down their throats, especially
by women whose agenda is to spread hatred towards men.

Being forced to watch these violent videos is nothing less than a further
abuse of the children.

Some of the things disclose by this child included:

- That she and her siblings had been taken into the shelter against their
wishes and that although her mother and father sometimes fought, she had
had never witnessed their father ever physically hurt her mother when they
were at home.

- That she and her siblings hated the shelter and preferred being with
their father.

- That they cried almost every day while in the shelter and only wanted to
get out of that awful place.

- That women in the shelter said bad things about fathers and that the
children were left with the impression that most of the women did not like
men and that everyone else was expected to feel this way.

- That one day the children witnessed the Halton Regional Police come to
the shelter to physically remove one of the mothers who was being
physically and verbally abusive to staff and patrons in the shelter.

- That they felt afraid when they were in the shelter and only wanted to
get out of there and get back to be with their loving father.

- That the kids had wanted to call their father but that they were not
allowed to do so. When they did try to use the public phone on their own,
they were told not to touch the phone and to ask their mother for
permission to make phone calls.

- That it "smelled like pigs" inside the shelter and that this was

Information from this girl would seem to collaborate previous information
given by a mother, named Helen, who also reported in Feb of 2000 about her
stay at the same Halton Women's Shelter.

Helen, was quoted as saying, "During my six week stay at the shelter, I met
only one other resident who I felt was what most people would consider a
decent mother.  The rest of the women definitely had serious emotional
problems.  It didn't take any doctor to see that they were dysfunctional
parents.  They were terrible mothers who likely were a significant cause
of the problems that landed them there in the first place.  I believe that
many of the women were not physically abused and out of anger wanted a
break just like I did.  I was not physically abused"

"Once in the shelter, I felt stuck until I got my own place", said Helen.
Helen also indicated that the system offered no help to mend problems.
Charging the father and then going after him seemed to be the main goal of
the system.

Helen stated that many children at the shelter were being exposed to an
abusive environment and that the shelter was no place for children to be
living in.  Some of the things she witnessed were:

- One night, a little girl cried for a long time looking for her mother.
When Helen tried to locate the mother, she found that the mother had left
the shelter to go drinking at a local bar.

- Mothers were staying up late at night without putting their children to
bed at an appropriate time.  At night, women could be heard yelling at
their kids.

- Fights by women over donations.  The more aggressive women were first to
push their way to the donation room and got what they wanted while others
waited in pecking line.

- Children being hurt while playing because inattentive mothers and staff
were busy doing other things

- One woman at the facility had a drug problem. The mother did not take
care of the baby properly. Half the time the mother left her child with
others expecting them to baby-sit.  Eventually, CAS was called in and the
baby taken away from the mother.

- Most of the women and shelter staff used foul language in the presence of
the children.

- Staff and residents spent a lot of time father-bashing and degrading men
in the presence of the children. Helen said that she thought that it is
terrible for children to be exposed to this type of hate.

- Many of the women could not be bothered to get up, and instead, they
slept while their kids ran around screaming unattended.

Helen described how she felt that shelter staff were very biased against
men.  She said that it seemed that all the staff were abused themselves and
told residents of their personal abuse stories.  On one hand it may have
been good for other abused people to help you but that the bias was so deep
that it was fostering hate against the children's fathers.

In closing, Helen stated, "It was a terrible place.  Not the environment
where children should be ... not even the women."

It's no wonder these shelters have to operate behind a "veil of secrecy"
and hide what goes on there..