. Bilateral abuse occurs in around 35-50% of current docket cases by best esitmate.

His advocates should file a child abuse petition if children witnessed this wife assualting her husband  as a tactic of abusive control.Court house budgets cannot and will not generate a statistic.


In Massachusetts where intimate partner violence against men by women widespread, the rates of judicial "bilateral' restraint orders is still lagging.

It is estimated that in Massachusetts there are close to 3000 cases like this per year.


Getting police to come make the arrest has caused Traumatic Stress for this man. Irreparable damage has likely been caused by police irresponsibility  for speciousarrest the inciting combatant also.


We look forward to publication on the internet of the falsified affidavit drafted by "domestic violence advocates' who are elevated to paralegal status and given "client privilege" carte blanche to subborn perjury which will be presented forthwith at this poor man's arriagnment.


Paul Appleton

Fatherhood Coalition, Massachusetts



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Can someone please provide me with the name of the DA. It would be good to have the names of all officials who are not taking into consideration that Terence has not been given fair opportunity to be considered innocent.


In New Zealand all officials in a department have a standard code for their e-mails (ie helen.clark@paliament.govt.nz ), does anyone know if this is the same in Calafornia?


thanks for this in advance



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Please fwd this email to as many people as possible!
>From Richard in NoCal>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Dear all:
            Yesterday a friend and I finally got to see Terence of
Live Beat Dads California, in Santa Rita jail. We talked to him in
what appeared to be a gymnasium. Although he was sitting, at the
most, 4 feet away from us, behind a low partition, the room was so
noisy that we literally had to shout in order to hear each other.
He told us that the first night there he was forced to sleep on
bare concrete because he was crammed into a small room with 27
other people. We were not allowed to
give him paper, pen, or anything although we needed information
from him about what happened. The only way we were able to give
him information was by holding up legal papers so that he could
read them. He was neither allowed to hold them or take them.

His wife, according to Terence, attacked him first while they were
sitting on a sofa. She was insisting on sending the children to
public school. up to now they have been home schooled by Terence.
Rather than talk about it, she immediately escalated the
"conversation" into a fight and hit Terence, he says he
automatically hit back but she continued to hit him. He pulled her
on to the floor held her down by the wrists, told her to count to
10 and then let go. She got up and left the house. Approx. 3 hours
later the police arrived to arrest Terence.

When we left the jail we stopped at information and asked when and
at what time he would be in court. We were told Monday at 2:30
p.m. We arrived at the court at 2:00 p.m. with a Verified Demand
for Bill of Particulars and a Motion of Release on Own
Recognizance. To be told that he had been seen by the Court at
9:00 am, had refused to plead and been
sent back to jail until the 20th. of this month. I feel that
switching times was deliberate because while we were in the jail
we were watched by two guards while we were holding legal papers
up for Terence. The guards were on their "walkie talkies" clearly
reporting our activity to someone.

Since Terence had been sent to jail I did what I could. Went to
the District Attorneys office and filed the papers. While there
the D.A.came out and threatened me with prosecution because I was
"practicing law without a license" apparently, in his mind a legal
filing of papers is now a criminal act in California. Whilst
threatening me he tried to make me take the papers back. As far as
the D.A. is concerned Terence is guilty even though he has yet to
go to trial. He told us that Terence wold have been let out of
jail that day if he had pled guilty. In short if you refuse to
plead or enter a not-guilty plea, you are kept in jail. This is
clearly coercion.

After arguing with the D.A. I then went to the "criminal law"
window to file the papers. After being forced to stand there for
abut half an hour, they refused to file the papers. They said they
had asked the senior judge in the court house whether they were
legal papers and the judge had ordered them to refuse them. This
was patently false since the Motion for Release is on a standard
legal form approved by the judiciary of California. After some
arguing I left the papers there and left the

We then went back to Santa Rita jail. To try to turn in Terence's
legal papers to them. Again they refused to take them. We asked if
we could make a special appointment to see him. he answer to that
was no. He  could only be seen by an attorney. That is a member of
the bar that works for the court!!!

It is quite clear at his point, to me, that their is a near total
breakdown of law in California when it comes to "family disputes".
A man is denied the lawful filing of papers and denied the right
to seek help from anyone but the enemy. The contempt for law,
justice and fairness on the part of the system is near total.
Terence is denied the right to gather evidence that exists at his
house that incriminates his wife as the instigator of the
violence. A series of threatening emails to Terence sent by her
from work to him.

As you know Terence is the Treasurer for our Constitutional
Challenge. I would not be surprised if the "powers that be" are
aware of that and and are trying to get him for his legal
activities, just as they are trying to get me and JR. His bail has
been set at $30,000 in direct violation of California law. We are
now doing a Writ of Habeus Corpus to try and get Terence out of

We ask that as many people as possible draft e-mails in protest of
this action. The more peoples' e-mails we have the more they are
going to realize that they can not get away with suspending law in
order to destroy men and snatch their children from them.

Send your emails to Richard but addressed to "The District
Attorney of Alameda County." He will print them out and hand them
to the D.A. in person. Terence is in court on the 20th (next
Monday), so it needs to be done ASAP.

Send your e-mails to Richard at jigcho@webtv.net

It would be helpful to cc to the following media and gov't

ANG Newspapers
Josh Richman - Politics & Criminal Justice
(510) 208-6428

Berkley Daily Planet
Email: news@berkeleydailyplanet.net
East Bay Express
North gate News

Alameda Daily News

KPFA 94.1 fm postmaster@kpfa.orgoffice

Governor Gray Davis
State Capitol BuildingSacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

Office of the Attorney General Bill Lockyer
Public Inquiry Unit at (916) 322-3360 or,
within California, by calling (800) 952-5225.
California Department of JusticePublic Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550