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bribed into silence over Clinton


. Radfem NOW took bribe money


NOW Took Clinton Cash Before Falling Silent on Sexgate

The National Organization for Women received a series of unprecedented
federal grants from the Clinton administration totaling over $700,000 before
the women's group fell silent on charges of sexual harassment, sexual
assault and even rape in the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky cases four
years ago.

In an exclusive interview with NewsMax.com, Tammy Bruce, former head of the
Los Angeles chapter of NOW and more recently the author of "The New Thought
Police," said the federal windfall to the nation's premier feminist group
came in 1997, just after the Supreme Court decided that Ms. Jones could sue
President Clinton before he left office.

"NOW had never taken federal funds before," Bruce told NewsMax. "But as soon
as Paula Jones won the ability in the Supreme Court to sue Bill Clinton" the
federal dollars began flowing to NOW in a big way, she said.

"The California chapter was pretty close to bankruptcy. And suddenly there's
this grant that was given to NOW through the Department of Health and Human
Services, headed up at the time by Donna Shalala - from the Centers of
Disease Control element of HHS through their Tobacco Control Office."

Bruce said that the initial payment to California NOW was over $500,000,
even though neither it nor national NOW had ever done anything in the realm
of smoking prevention to justify the funding.

"When the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, that grant was then transferred to
National NOW," Bruce said. Shortly after the Clinton administration began
funneling money to the national organization, NOW's then-president Patricia
Ireland participated in a press conference supporting Bill Clinton, the
former Los Angeles NOW chief said.

"At that point, another $200,000 went into NOW's coffers," Bruce alleged.
"All totaled, it was $766,000.

"In the nonprofit world, $700,000 is an astronomical amount of money," the
lesbian feminist leader explained. "I can safely say that half a million
dollars at the California NOW level is monumental. It probably saved them
from going under."

Bruce said that California NOW's fundraising apparatus was so important that
had the state chapter gone down, it would have taken the national
organization with it.

After taking the Clinton administration cash, NOW "directly rebuked Paula
Jones, and when it came to Monica Lewinsky, [the group] issued comments as
to how this wasn't sexual harassment," Bruce said, despite the workplace
power Clinton wielded over his then-22-year-old subordinate.

In fact, instead of coming to Jones' aid, then-NOW President Patricia
Ireland was privately contemptuous of her legal fight, according to a
behind-the-scenes account offered by Bruce.

"I remember being in NOW's national office in Washington, D.C., sometime in
1995 when I overheard a conversation between Patricia and others," she
recalled. "I remember that Paula Jones' lawyers were trying to connect with
NOW at the time and that their call was not taken."

Bruce said she heard Ireland "laughing about how she was managing to avoid
those telephone calls."