Noble Cause Porn





Paedophile ring hunted inside armed forces.


- David Leppard, Sunday Times, 11aug02, p9


Military police are investigating a network of suspected paedophiles in the armed forces who are downloading child pornography from the internet.


The proliferation of child pornography in the armed services has led military detectives to acquire advanced computer software from America that allows them to recover material from computers, even though it appears to the user to have been deleted.


Military detectives fear the use of pornography is likely to lead to more direct forms of child abuse.





Letter to the Editor.



It is important that, in order to limit Noble Cause Corruption, the Thetford police be dissuaded from fitting up the man they charge with attacking the two girls, with pornography in his personal computer.


Technology-free police, lawyers and politicians are out of their
depth when it comes to computers.

My technocrat friends and I advise that unless the Home Secretary  moves towards the following legislation within the next three months, we will develop the software leading to our placing enough child pornography to lead to conviction into the personal computers of twenty selected targets. The computer owner will have no means of discovering this pornography, which will be varied to avoid pattern recognition. My leading computer experts estimate that the point at which we will have a 50% chance of success and project completion will be when our budget reaches 10,000 pounds. This piece of software is not much of a challenge for us, and follows in the tradition of computer virology.

Our selected targets should include the personal computers of Home Secretary, the Chief of Police of police departments (for instance Reading) currently investigating citizens found to have pornography on their computers inside their homes.They should also include judges presiding over the resulting criminal cases, and also selected jurors in trials which come to unanimous cinvictions.

The legislation that we require in order to convince us that our project is unnecessary will be to make it a criminal offence for anyone to use the fact of a citizen having pornography in his personal computerin his home, as evidence in order to improve chances of a criminal conviction.


Either the problem of pornography is rife, or it is not. Either 80% of the data on the www is pornography, or it is not.
If it is not, then there is no need to bring the Plods into the problem, or to jail Glitter. If it is, then most second hand computers will contain porn, much of it child porn. Those who buy the cheapest refurbished computers will buy the computers where, to cut costs, the refurbisher did not fully wipe the disc. Here we see a classic class war. Any poor person will have (child) porn on his computer, and can be jailed, even without Noble Cause Corruption. Tony Blair, with an income of more than 100,000, will have a new, clean computer.

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