The Witch Craze


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It is interesting to conclude that at the height of the Salem Witch Craze, even while the courts were murdering more people, some inhabitants of Salem would not have realised that they were living through a witch-craze. This will occur if, as today in England, the media are frightened to open up the subject for fear of personal reprisals against individual editors. Erin Pizzey received death threats, had to have police protection, and left the country for fifteen years for safety.


Although our witch-craze was targeted at fathers in particular and men in general, it got out of hand, as did the Salem craze, where even judges were regarded as witches (if they found a defendant not guilty). In our case, the police investigating witches are themselves facing a ten year jail sentence. Also, in the recent Newcastle disaster, one of the nurses charged was a woman.


Radfems are much like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Cheri Blair, the Prime Minister’s wife, is in the midst of them, see

Radfems like Bea Campbell are loose cannon in general, not just in promoting the current witch-craze. Heavily entrenched in the Home Office, the Family Courts and so many other centres of power, they are going to do massive damage.

Ivor Catt   15sep02


Unofficial Secrets -  Beatrix Campbell, pub. Virago 1988

p23 "[Dr Buchanan said;] '…. Abusers will abuse anything - holes in the floor, their own children, anybody else's, anyone or anything.'

p153 "…. Male sexuality was the problem, but in the great sex scandal of the 1980s that had become almost unsayable."


It is curious that, using the title coined during our previous witch-craze in East Anglia, of all the players in today’s tragic-comedy, today’s Witch-hunter-in-chief, Bea Campbell, is the player who looks most like a witch! ;People; Professor Beatrix Campbell Visiting Professor of Women's Studies. Department of Social Policy
University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE1 7RU.
Email: ; Second Annual ICCL Lecture

24th May 2002

Trinity College Dublin   The Irish Council for Civil Liberties hosted it's [sic] Second Annual Lecture in Trinity College Dublin on Friday 24th May 2002. The lecture entitled "Human Rights - Linking National and International Frameworks", was delivered by Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and a response was offered by Beatrix Campbell, Freelance Journalist and Writer.

The Newcastle tragedy, fanned by Campbell’s partner Judith Jones, is at



Soham police in court over child porn


- Dipesh Gadher  and Maurice Chittenden, Sunday Times, 15sep02, p7


THE _ police officer who comforted' the parents of the murdered schoolgirl Jessica Chapman appeared in court Yesterday charged with possessing child pornography.


Detective Constable Brian Stevens, a family liaison officer, remained silent as the allegations against him were read out before magistrates at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.


Stevens, 41, who arrived at court with his head covered by a blanket, faces three charges relating to the downloading of indecent images of children from the internet. He is alleged to have carried out the offences between March 1999 and June 2002.


Beside him in the dock stood PC Antony Goodridge, who also worked on the investigation into the deaths of Jessica and Holly Wells, both aged 10.


Goodridge, 34, who faces four charges relating to child pornography from March 1999 to this month, `is one of five exhibits officers responsible for collecting evidence for any prosecution in the Soham case.


Both officers, who face up to 10 years in jail if found ,guilty, were remanded in custody after lawyers for the crown objected to a magistrates' order granting .them conditional bail. The ap peal is expected to he heard .by a judge tomorrow.


Cambridgeshire police confirmed this weekend that Stevens, of March, and Goodridge, of Ely, had been suspended from duty on full pay but said the charges were not connected to the' double murder inquiry.


Stevens had built up a close relationship with Sharon and Leslie Chapman and their daughters Rebecca, 16, and Alison, 14, after the disappearance of Jessica and Holly from their home village of Soham, Cambridgeshire, on August 4.


He broke the news to the family when the bodies of the two girls were discovered a fortnight later in a ditch near RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.


Last month Stevens was chosen by the family to read a poem entitled Lord of Comfort dedicated to Jessica at a commemorative service at Ely Cathedral. He was also present at the funerals of both girls.


Stevens and Goodridge were arrested on Thursday by detectives from the West Midlands, the force called in by Cambridgeshire. Computers were removed from their homes and they were questioned for 36 hours before being charged:


"Everyone is just so shocked by this," said Tim Alban Jones, the vicar of Soham.


"From my dealings with Brian Stevens, I thought he was an extremely good family liaison officer and I don't think the family had any reason or cause to complain about him."


The arrests were- part of a national inquiry, codenamed Operation Ore, targeting the users of American pay-per-view websites.


Much of the evidence has come from the FBI, and at least three other police officers from London, Sussex and Scotland have been arrested over suspected child pornography offences. It is understood that number could eventually reach up to 30 officers.


Ian Huntley, 28, the caretaker of Soharn Village College, the local secondary school, has been charged with the murders of Jessica and Holly. Last week he appeared at Peterborough magistrates' court where lie faced an additional charge of conspiracy to pervert the course


of justice. Doctors at Rampton high security hospital, where he has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, were granted a further 28 days to find if he is fit to stand trial.


Hunt-ley's girlfriend, Maxine Carr, 25, a former teaching assistant in the murdered schoolgirls' school, has been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.


Officials from Cambridgeshire county council last week met Kevin Huntley, the father of Ian, to discuss his future as caretaker of a primary school in Littleport. They told him it would be "inappropriate" for him to return to his job and home, which had been searched by detectives for possible evidence. Ian Huntley's mother Lynda has already resigned from her job as a cleaner at Soham Village College.


Parents hoping to help as volunteers or to become governors at their child's school are facing delays because of a backlog at the Criminal Records Bureau, which carries out detailed background checks.


Paedophile ring hunted inside armed forces.


- David Leppard, Sunday Times, 11aug02, p9


Military police are investigating a network of suspected paedophiles in the armed forces who are downloading child pornography from the internet.


The proliferation of child pornography in the armed services has led military detectives to acquire advanced computer software from America that allows them to recover material from computers, even though it appears to the user to have been deleted.


Military detectives fear the use of pornography is likely to lead to more direct forms of child abuse.





It is important that, in order to limit Noble Cause Corruption, the Thetford [actually Soham]  police be dissuaded from fitting up the man they charge with attacking the two girls, with pornography in his personal computer. - Ivor Catt

[ Written in August, before the computer child porn problem became attached to the Soham tragedy. Thus, I predicted correctly. However, instead of fitting up the alleged murderer, they fitted up themselves! ICatt 15sep02]


A dinkum editorial in EW. It starts; "As the technical content of our lives increases, Ivor Catt thinks that the exclusion of technical competence from government decision making will finally implode. He suggests that excluded techncrats should make technology-free government unworkable. The first step in this direction, he suggests, is to block the pursuit of child pornography. He finds is offensive that technology-free agents of government in the UK should use american expertise in an attempt to retain control, which they would lose if UK technocrats were involved. This is because, as Galbraith said in "The New Industrial State", Power is where the most complex decision making is. Technical input is sterilised by being taken in from abroad, thus keeping political control in the hands of lawyers and other non-technocrats.  [Then move to 222]"  Ivor


> Ivor,
> Fine as it stands BUT you've made no mention of computer data having no
> physical characteristics (that can't be easily altered) that can lead to
> its origin or to how it got onto a particular computer. This simple fact
> makes the planting of 'evidence' onto suspects' computers extremely
> easy.
> Nor have you mentioned second-hand computers and/or hard drives.
> The plain text as received gives no reason for our being unhappy with
> computer evidence; it could be interpreted as coming from a band of
> dedicated computer-aware paedophiles. We have to look at how anyone
> receiving this would view it.  - JF
> In message <
002001c2412f$f4edf8e0$0598e4d4@eugen>, Ivor Catt <ivorcatt@e
>> writes
> > 

Technology-free police, lawyers and politicians are out of their
depth when it comes to computers.

My technocrat friends and I advise that unless the Home Secretary
   moves towards the following legislation within the next three
   months, we will develop the software leading to our placing enough
   child pornography to lead to conviction into the personal computers
   of twenty selected targets. The computer owner will have no means
   of discovering this pornography, which will be varied to avoid
   pattern recognition. My leading computer experts estimate that the
   point at which we will have a 50% chance of success and project
   completion will be when our budget reaches 10,000. This piece of
   software is not much of a challenge for us.
   Our selected targets should include the Home Secretary, the Chief
   of Police of police departments (for instance Reading) currently
   investigating citizens found to have pornography on their computers
   inside their homes. They should also include judges presiding over
   the resulting criminal cases, and also selected jurors who are part of a unanimous “guilty” verdict.
   The legislation that we require in order to convince us that our
   project is unnecessary will be to make it a criminal offence for
   anyone to use the fact of a citizen having pornography in his
   personal computer in his home, as evidence in order to improve
   chances of a criminal conviction. [Then move to 333]

   Ivor Catt 11aug02




[333] Comment.
Either the problem of pornography is rife, or it is not. Either 80% of the data on the www is pornography, or it is not.
If it is not, then there is no need to bring the Plods into the problem, or to jail Glitter.
If it is, then most second hand computers will contain porn, much of it child porn. Those who buy the cheapest refurbished computers will buy the computers where, to cut costs, the refurbisher did not fully wipe the disc.
Here we see a classic class war. Any poor person will have (child) porn on his computer, and can be jailed, even without Noble Cause Corruption. Tony Blair, with an income of more than £100,000, will have a new, clean computer.
Ivor Catt





To Phil Reed, Editor, Electronics World.

re the idea of the technocracy making government unworkable unless and until
the British Government accesses the British Technocracy for expert advice on
the technical dimension of government policies, programmes and legislation.

There are five opportunities;

You latched onto the madness of jailing someone for owning a second hand
computer which, unknown to them, contains child pornography.
The other opportunities for jamming up our technology-free government are;
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility). It is now a criminal offence to sell a
product which fails to meet fatally flawed EMC regulations;
ATC (Air Traffic Control, which you latched onto with enthusiasm);
Tagging villains;
EDS (the corrupt US computer company which has bought the UK government and
now installs most govt computer systems, which habitually do not work. EDS
has at least one Labour and one Tory MP on its payroll.)

Ivor  Catt          21aug02 [Written before there was evidence that the witch-craze was going to exploit the Soham murders. In the cases of Cleveland and Orkney, one isolated abuse was used to build a witch-craze.]


Privacy fear over plan to store email

EU wants data retained to help fight against crime

Richard Norton-Taylor and Stuart Millar
Tuesday August 20, 2002
The Guardian

Records of personal communications, including all emails and telephone
calls, will be stored for at least a year under a proposal to be decided by
EU governments next month.
Under the plan, all telecommunications firms, including mobile phone
operators and internet service providers, will have to keep the numbers and
addresses of calls and emails sent and received by EU citizens. The
information, known as traffic data, would be held in central computer
systems and made available to all EU governments.

The move could lead to a further extension in the powers of European
security and intelligence agencies, allowing them to see the contents of
emails and intercepted calls and faxes, civil liberty groups fear.

The plan, drafted in Brussels, has been leaked to Statewatch, an
independent group monitoring threats to privacy and civil liberties in the

"The traffic data of the whole population of the EU - and the countries
joining - is to be held on record. It is a move from targeted to potentially
universal surveillance," Tony Bunyan, Statewatch editor, warned yesterday.
"EU governments claimed that changes to the 1997 privacy directive would not
be binding on member states - each national parliament would have to decide.
Now we know that all along they were intending to make it compulsory across

Although the move was initially explained by the need to fight terrorism,
EU officials now argue it is necessary to fight all serious crime, including
paedophilia and racism.

A "draft framework decision" for the European council states that it is
essential for all member states to apply the same rules. It said that the
purpose was to harmonise the retention of traffic data to allow criminal

The decision is a victory for the UK which, encouraged by Washington, has
been pushing for a compulsory EU-wide data retention regime.

But civil liberties campaigners claim that compelling communications
companies to retain the records of all their customers for long periods
amounts to blanket surveillance on the entire EU population and will lead to
law enforcement agencies conducting "fishing expeditions" against innocent

The EU admits the plan involves an invasion of privacy but says the
periods for which it must be retained - a minimum of 12 months and a maximum
of 24 months - is "not disproportionate".

The data would include information identifying the source, destination,
and time of a communication, as well as the personal details of the
subscriber to any "communication device".

For law enforcement agencies to access the data, the draft EU decision
gives a minimum list of offences, including "participation in a criminal
organisation, terrorism, trafficking in human beings, sexual exploitation of
children", drug trafficking, money-laundering, fraud, racism, hijacking and
"motor vehicle crime".

It states that the "confidentiality and integrity" of retained traffic
data must be "ensured" but does not say how. Individuals have no right to
check whether the information held about their personal communications is
accurate or legally challenge decisions about its use by EU authorities.

A member state will not be able to refuse a request for information from
another member state on human rights or privacy grounds. There is also no
common EU list of crimes caught by the plan or of public agencies which
could demand the information.

But there is one element in the EU plan that the Britain will not welcome.
It says that personal data could be handed to security services and law
enforcement authorities only with judicial approval.

In Britain, the regulation of investigatory powers act allows law
enforcement and intelligence agencies to access personal communications data
covering a wide range of purposes, including public health and tax
collection, without any court or executive warrant.

In June, the Guardian revealed plans to extend the powers to access data
to all local councils, seven ministries and 11 quangos. David Blunkett, the
home secretary, bowing to intense public and political pressure, admitted
the government had "blundered" into the issue and that further consultation
was needed.

But the legality of the entire data retention framework in this country
has been cast into doubt. The information commissioner, Elizabeth France,
has warned the Home Office that the new powers could be illegal because
another law - the Anti-Terrorism Act rushed through parliament after the
September 11 attacks - allows such data to be retained and accessed only on
national security grounds. According to legal advice from an eminent QC,
this would be illegal under human rights law.




Dear All,

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Regards John C      15sep02