The growing fascist threat



To Douglas Rome, re your email below, from Ivor Catt   29sep02


There are two classes of men who represent a growing fascist threat.

1 Young men discussed by Patricia Morgan below.

2 Fathers attacked directly by Sloss in the family courts.

Both groups will fuel the new fascist parties in the countries under attack by the radfems..


Although I generally think of young disenfranchised men forming a fascist "warrior class", see Patricia Morgan, "Farewell to the Family?", back cover of 1995 edition; "large numbers of unattached and predatory males who have never taken on the responsibilities of family life, or who have been ejected from families, now meet the classic conditions for the creation of a 'warrior class'", I have also predicted (nov99) the other fascist backlash provoked by Sloss and described in the attachment to your email below [attachment also available at ], now happening with a vengeance in Australia. This is the more direct backlash by fathers evicted from their families by Sloss; "....that feminism is anti-democratic. Then their move against democracy (by subverting the legal process) leads to an extreme reaction, which is also anti-democratic, by men when they finally turn and fight back.". The important point is that since Sloss managed to subvert our democratic process and deliver such a devastating blow to so many fathers, democracy has failed - failed to prevent Sloss from doing such enormous damage. Thus, one cannot argue that the retreat into fascism is irrational, democracy having failed. Thus, by subverting it and using it to further the agenda of the Sisterhood, Sloss discredited and destroyed democracy. [Similarly, Bin Laden destroyed the territorial integrity (= sanctity of its borders) of Afghanistan. If one exploits something, one can destroy it.] It is not really surprising that when one major branch of our legal system attacks half the population, the long term effects will be dire. 


It is in these web documents that we see that Sloss is a radfem, along with Cheri Blair.]


@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   .... Radical feminism fails because they failed to structure their policies and objectives rationally. Thus, as radical feminism collapses under its own inconsistencies, it will create a void which sucks in extremism, democracy having been discredited for failing to control radical feminism.

The terrorism and the bombings (e.g. Oklahoma) and the shootings in U.S. schools are a foretaste of what is to come, as the number of desperate and alienated boys and young men increases. They are all carried out by young men from broken families, generally unemployed. [Generally the shooting schoolboys have been drugged by their doctors with a prescribed drug. This is a foretaste of the kind of holding actions, like tagging, which may be undertaken in the future as young men become more alienated and desperate. - IC 8feb00.]

Ivor Catt, 23nov99

[Ivor Catt 9aug01. The above is incomplete. As young disenfranchised young men seek a rite of passage into adulthood, which is now totally denied to them, they will mostly go to the extreme right. However, a rite of passage can also be achieved at the extreme left. In [Weimar] Germany the right won, as it will in Britain. ]



Years ago, I wrote to the Chief of Police in Exeter saying that Sloss was in real danger, and needed 24 hour police protection, as do other judges at the top of the Family Courts. I am not keeping a record of the expropriated fathers who are so bitter against Sloss, but there are many of them, and they can only become more dangerous as the crisis deepens. Certainly, we moderates will not be able to restrain them much longer. If Sloss began to communicate with the half of the population which is suffering so dreadfully in her courts (which includes us), we may be able to retain control, and not be brushed aside by extremists. However, she remains incommunicado. In contrast to her behaviour, I note the quote from the Lord Chief Justice Taylor; "The law responds to public opinion". She is a very silly, foolhardy woman, refusing to communicate with those she attacks. The radfems whose agenda she is promoting will not reward her or protect her. Ivor Catt          29sep02


cc Sloss, Royal Courts of InJustice,

Higher Marsh Farm, Marsh Green,

Exeter   EX5 2EX



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Dear Mr Catt:

In addition to your other roles in the men's movement, you should now also accept the description of "prophet."

In the current issue of Ill Eagle [20, p27], you say: "A fascist-led backlash [against the depredations of "radical feminism"] will be much more ugly than one led by childless women. We have to hope that childless women will get their act together before the fascists."

It may be already too late in Australia, as the attachment shows.  Clearly, you are a man of rare insight.


Douglas Rome
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