Babe Cherie in the woods


Title of , written on 25aug02, before the Bristol scandal; before Cheri even met her latest conman. 

"Cherie Booth keeps disreputable company

Cherie Blair keeps disreputable company"

From that web page;

"Foreword by Cherie Booth QC

Increasingly, statistics demonstrate just how widespread that problem is. We now know that one woman in four will be abused by her partner at some point in her life and that domestic violence represents 25 per cent of all recorded violent crime in Britain. Yet our society often chooses to remain silent on this issue."

Now, other people are saying she is gullible. By rewarming Stinko's anti-father radfem (government funded) propaganda, she is in a position to cause massive damage. Babe Cheri is in the hands of both conwomen and conmen. It is surprising she married such an upright, honest man. We all make mistakes.

Ivor Catt   10dec02