A predatory society exploited the instinctive urge of a father to protect his children. Exploiting this urge, society has confiscated all the assets, income and children of fathers who cease to satisfy their wives, which is half of fathers. Their wives prefer the husband's absence, so long as they retain all his assets, his children, and all his present and future earnings. Then they can play the field, which is called "A woman gaining control of her sexuality".

In response, our important next move was to enable a father to walk away from his children with honour. This would empower him.

This was the "Retreat" strategy. When the father threatens to walk away, the judge panics, and gives him what he says he requires.

The Y A Name case was extraordinary in that even though the judge refused the stated requirements of the father, he got them anyway. The scraps of paper generated by the judge had no effect, and he retained the family home and his children.


It is of the utmost importance that the "Retreat" strategy be applied as soon as possible, preferably to pre-empt the first court hearing. There is no need for any court hearing, because the father states his requirements on paper. Every hour he spends in court weakens his position, and helps to validate the confiscation of his home, children, present and future earnings.

A father's worst enemy is his own lawyer, paid by him. His own lawyers will do all they can to protect the fee income they receive from court hearings and associated paperwork, which are only damaging to the father.


I asked my German webmaster to correct the spelling of "Bait", below;


It is the refusal of fathers to show strength which keeps the present destructive system in operation. Their children need them to show strength, which is the traditional role, and role model, for a father.


Ivor Catt    27nov02




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> > Dear Sally,
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> > Thank you for your post of 22 November 2002 timed at 21:00.
> >
> > I'm sorry to hear that you will not be able to look at the matters raised
> > for a few weeks but I am relieved you didn't say months, as I can't help
> > thinking that in many ways the LCD simply does not have the luxury of
> delay.
> >
> > If fathers, and some mothers, are to stay within the law and work within
> the
> > court system then I am afraid giving priority to the Green Paper on
> Children
> > at Risk or the Courts Reform Bill will inevitably be overtaken by events
> and
> > their relevance jeopardised.
> >
> > Unless we get movement on the topic of a father's right to parent, the
> > following situation may very well become endemic in our courts (see email
> > below).
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> > Kindest regards,
> > Robert Whiston
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> > >Dear All,
> > >
> > >Can I endorse Roberts comments about the retreat
> > >strategy.
> > >
> > >I used this approach exactly one year ago in the RCJ.
> > >
> > >I felt like most of us, that my 'begging' for pathetic
> > >amounts of contact was humiliating and degrading and
> > >empowered the court as well as my wife.
> > >
> > >By 'accepting' and using the system I was giving it
> > >credibility. If I had continued to play within the
> > >rules then I don't doubt that I would still be there.
> > >
> > >I made it explicitly clear in the strongest terms to
> > >the Cafcass officer and the Judge that I was going to
> > >walk away after the hearing if I did not get
> > >substantial meaningful contact including overnight
> > >staying contact.
> > >
> > >The result was a stand up row with a woman judge who
> > >produced such classic lines like 'you must be patient'
> > >(after a year and a half), 'you must learn to get on
> > >better with your wife' (which of course why I was
> > >standing there as LIP in the RCJ - silly me) to which
> > >my response was that she was clearly orbiting a
> > >different planet in a different universe to the one I
> > >thought I was living in. The words 'ground control to
> > >Major Tom' sprung, not for the first time, to mind.
> > >
> > >Needless to say she wasn't very pleased however she
> > >also didn't want dad to walk away. I had presented the
> > >court and my wife with a fait a complis. My wife had
> > >the shock of her life as I was going to move abroad
> > >and BINGO! A much needed reality check kicked in and
> > >she realised her wallet was about to exit stage left.
> > >
> > >A year later my wife now COMPLAINS that I don't see
> > >the  kids enough! We have buried any differences and
> > >she even owns an Equal Parenting Umbrella and a
> > >Fathers 4 Justice T Shirt!
> > >
> > >I can only endorse the retreat strategy. Yes, its high
> > >risk, but lets face it, how many people do we see
> > >trawling through the courts for years getting nowhere?
> > >
> > >Its about time some us adopted what I call the 'big
> > >brass balls' strategy. STOP using the system - you
> > >give it credibility every time you do so.
> > >
> > >Life is about risks. Its about time more of us started
> > >taking them.
> > >
> > >F4J will be leading the charge in this respect next
> > >year.
> > >
> > >Cheers
> > >
> > >Matt O'Connor


A father who builds up assets aims a knife at the heart of his family


It is important that we create an offshore institution which owns homes occupied by families which desire permanence. This will keep the main family asset out of the hands of predators, including judges.

Ivor Catt   27nov02




Added on 24 July 2003.

Today Matt told me that on the morning of the recent Oliver Cyriax conference, when he first heard that time and place details for that evening had been posted on the Fathers4Justice Forum, and that Fathers4Justice members planned to attend, he did what he could to minimise the damage, including trying to liaise with Oliver.

Ivor Catt