Sex war


Letter to The Times, 27nov02, p23

Danger in women outstripping men

From Ms Nancy Ody


Sir, I am dismayed by the suggestion that girls need to outperform boys academically in order to be able to compete equitably in the workplace with men (report, November 25).

I am 30, female, and have a degree. I have never at work encountered sexism that has hindered my progress in any way. I am also surrounded by women, of similar age, all successful and single. If I and my female friends and colleagues are representative, then there are thousands of professionally successful women who feel completely duped by sexual “equality”.

The message of the feminist movement, I understand, was equality, not superiority. Men are constantly given the message to stand back, let the woman pass Go and collect £200. But the £200 square is now teeming with women and it is not fun.

The men I know, of my age, as disillusioned as to what their role is in society, in life and relationships. They are perplexed by their label of villain and so they have left the game and have gone back to the clubhouse with their mates, leaving those lucky, successful career-minded women playing in an all-women team.

I don’t feel threatened or undermined working alongside men. I do feel that in the empowerment of women a traditional role has been taken away from men – at huge detriment to both sexes. What has come about following the feminist movement is a sort of gender chaos.

My peers and I are now living in that chaos, and it is lonely. None of us really wants to be Prime Minister of an all-female Cabinet. We need to stop downgrading men – it is all about equality, after all.

Yours sincerely,


5 Palace Mansions, Palace Road,

Kingston upon Thames,

Surrey KT1 2JZ

November 25


Minette Marrin