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Gun law comes to Britain

By Melanie Phillips. First published in the January 6 2003.

....The rise of gang culture follows directly from other developments willed by our intelligentsia, such as the collapse of family and committed fatherhood. Lacking self-esteem because of their shattered emotional backgrounds, young men turn to the gangs to provide it. ....

Slaughter of the Innocents

How many people must die before we address the causes of inner-city disaffection?

By Mary Riddell, Observer, 5 January 2003.

Mary Riddell is careful to avoid one possible cause of inner-cuty disaffection; the collapse of the family and committed fatherhood. Of course she does, because she wants to continue to publish in the Observer/Guardian, which is the leading anti-family, anti-father newspaper. When Melanie Phillips left the Observer/Guardian for the Sunday Times, she wrote an article in The Spectator complaining bitterly about the way she was censored when writing for the Observer/Guardian.

Unable to mention fatherlessness, Riddell was left with the following possible causes of gun crime;

"That leaves the causes of gun crime, but what are those? Shoot-em-up computer games .... Black-on-Black crime .... [No mention of the massive percentage of fatherless Jamaican boys; 65% (Note 1.). Further, Riddell commits a PC racist insult when she calls them black rather than Jamaican. Why smear African blacks?] .... Racism is to blame .... peer pressure .... school exclusions ….". Note that she does not mention single mother families in order to dismiss that as a cause. For her, the concept that fatherlessness might have bad outcomes does not exist. After all, she needs to keep her job writing for the Observer/Guardian. It was not always thus. The Guardian's guard dropped once, and they published an article by Eugen Hockenjos; "A good man is hard to find", Guardian, Society, 20mar96, p2. ".... He hasn't seen his father ....How will Tommy learn to care if he has no access to male role models? ...." The Guardian guard slipped momentarily, as it sometimes does. They never again accepted copy from Eugen. However, Riddell will go far if she continues to demonstrate an inability to suspect that fatherless might lead to crime.

Ivor Catt   6jan03

(Note 1.). .Ashton Gibson and Jocelyn Barrow, “The Unequal Struggle”, pub. Centre for Caribbean Studies, 1986; p83; “Make-up of household. 65% did not have their biological father living with them as part of the household…. Knowledge of biological father. 21% did not know their biological father. Knowledge of father’s whereabouts. 47% did not know where their father lived.     P94; …. “There is almost a kind of war between British society and Westindian youth…. On the other hand, society …. Is engaged in the equally dangerous game of doing nothing and assuming that the current will carry these youngsters along ….”. (The main author is Westindian.)  . It is naughty (colour-racist) to confuse these problems with other groups who happen to have much the same colour, black.


For years, this same game has been played by our libertine Establishment to validate their own lifestyle. The disaster resuting from fatherlessness is statistically concealed by mixing together a family-oriented Asian community with a fractured Jamaican culture. Proper analysis uses three groups, not two. This will predict that as whites move towards the Jamaican father-free culture and further away from the Asian (family based) culture, society will disintegrate. This has to be suppressed, because with their contempt for long term marriage, our ruling elite most resembles Jamaican culture.         Ivor Catt  7jan03