Catt in Wireless World on Modern Physics



December 1978. Displacement Current.

March 1979. History of Displacement Current.

July 1979. The Heaviside Signal.

March 1980. Maxwell’s Equations Revisited.

December 1980. Death of Electric Current.

March 1983. Waves in Space.

January 1984. Advance into the Past. I include this article because it ends with “The Nub of Computation”  , an exposition of the philosophy underlying my approach to Air Traffic Control as discussed by Nigel Cook Electronics World in January 2003.

November 1985. The Hidden Message in Maxwell’s Equations.

December 1985. The Deeper Hidden Message in Maxwell’s Equations.

January 1986. A Mathematical Rake’s Progress.

December 1987. The Conquest of Thought.

January 1988. The Conquest of Truth.

The History of Maxwell’s Equations