Catt Anomaly


Further copy sent slomail on 6aug03


To Professor Mike Sterling, President of the IEE oct2002/oct2003

IEE, Savoy Place,

London  WC2R 0BL


Every decade or so I approach IEE luminaries and ask them to resolve the problem called “The Catt Anomaly”, more properly called “The Catt Question”. This is a rudimentary question in classical electrodynamics which the IEE said came within its responsibility, see Secker in the first part of p11 of the book The Catt Anomaly, shelf number 537.8CAT in the IEE library. It can also be found on the www at


It is by now clear that the IEE lacks technical competence in this field, and also that it lacks access to technical competence in the field of classical electrodynamics. However, a duty remains, to convene a conference, as proposed on p55 et seqq. of the same book. There was no reply from the IEE to the 1995 Hock letter.


I look forward to your reply.


8nov02       Ivor Catt

121 Westfields,

St. Albans AL3 4JR,