Catt Anomaly




Relativity came at an auspicious moment. Professional scientists had already made minor errors before 1905, but it was the major error of Relativity which set Modern Physics on its way to ever more nonsense. The beauty of Relativity was that it was self-referencing in that, claiming no absolute space, it seemed to claim no absolute truth. Modern Physics, the new religion, then set upon a lucrative half-century of profitable obfuscation before the chickens came home to roost in 1971 when Shirley Williams, then a Member of Parliament and later (1976-9) Secretary of State for Education and Science, spelled out an unmistakable warning in The Times, 27feb71;

For the scientists, the party is over .... Until fairly recently no one has asked any awkward questions .... Yet there is a growing suspicion about scientists and their discoveries .... It is within this drastically altered climate that the dramatic decline in expenditure on scientific research in Britain is taking place.

Much like the incessant, superficially profound, content-free, intoned propaganda for the Holy Ghost, the unremitting propaganda for Modern Physics blinds us to a rational appraisal of its content, including its philosophical content. After much reading of Einstein, Heisenberg, Born and the rest, I have been forced to conclude that the intellectual level of Modern Physics, and of the bizarre Philosophy of Science that it has spawned, is shallow. (See my letter, The Betrayal of Science by Modern Physics, re-published as appendix 5.) Philosophers, who should have known better, but who preferred to pick up the crumbs of funding falling from the wealthy Modern Physics table, now buttress a nonsensical Modern Physics with a nonsensical Philosophy of Science.

The Catt Anomaly goes to the core of all this nonsense, since Einstein and the rest put electromagnetism at the centre of Modern Physics.

The special theory of relativity owes its origin to Maxwell's equations of the electromagnetic field    - written by Einstein in P. A. Schilpp's book "Albert Einstein, Philosopher-Scientist", pub. Library of Living Philosophers 1949, p62.

If none of the Modern Physics Wallahs can answer the most simple question about where the electric charge comes from, then we can dismiss their Quarks, Strangeness, Neutrinos and the rest as hog-wash.

I have to emphasise this extraordinary principle. If a band of Wallahs were to put out unremitting propaganda that they were all brilliant and revered mathematicians, but persistently failed to agree on the sum of 2 plus 2, then you would dismiss everything they said; even more so if, half of them having given the answer three and the other half five, they followed up by saying that they were in agreement! So much for the whole 'scientific' razzmatazz called Modern Physics. The apparent pretence that Pepper and McEwan agree means that the Modern Physics pundits are stocking their armoury with dishonesty as well as ignorance.