Electromagnetic Theory


The Catt Anomaly

All relevant authorities have taken the Fifth Amendment. Therefore, unless two or more such authorities drop their cover and begin to communicate, we are forced to rely on surmise based on whatever pontification we can find, preferably by those we are entitled to regard as the highest available Authorities, the best apologists for the orthodox theory of electromagnetism.

At this point, problems arise at more than one level.

1)       Who are the Establishment Authorities?

2)       What are the details of the orthodox theory which they can be expected to expound and defend?

3)       How would they defend details, for instance “The Catt Question”, unfortunately miscalled “The Catt Anomaly”?

An example of a defender of orthodoxy is Professor Bell, but he promptly took to the hills when approached. Other examples are Howie, Pepper, McEwan, Secker, who pontificated once only when forced to, but then went incommunicado.

It is scandalous that the fundamentals of electromagnetism purport to be expounded in numerous text books which retail for as much as £60, but all fail to come clean on key detail, for instance the nature of the TEM Wave.

In this situation, it is obviously the duty of relevant Professors, Nobel Prizewinners or text book writers to communicate when asked. They all refuse, and have remained doggedly silent for decades. However, they continue to draw salary and text book royalty.

The names of those guilty of professional misconduct in this manner include Professor A Howie F
RS, Professor M Pepper FRS, Professor M Secker, Professor P E Secker, Dr Ian McEwan, Dr J W Mink.

Any one of them could exclude themselves from the matter by claiming technical incompetence, as did Secker. However, in his case, there is no evidence that when asserting his technical incompetence, he went to ask the then Chief Executive of the IEE, who had chosen him because of his supposed competence, to name his replacement.

Secker is now Chief Executive, and so in a position to name his expert replacement.

Written in 2002/3 by Ivor Catt