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On various anti-gay web sites I have seen an article titled "The Overhauling of Straight America" published in The Guide magazine, November, 1987. Did you publish such an article?
Will McWhinney

We've gotten a number of inquiries like yours over the years. No such article ever appeared in The Guide. Nor has the supposed author [Marshall K. Kirk & Erastes Pill] ever written anything for us.




Castrating the Church ….

- Bill Andriette

“Behind the talk of rooting out “pedophiles” and punishing “abuse”, the priest-sex scandal is about extinguishing the male. …. It is about obstructing the underground homosocial processes by which boys become men ….

“Doubtless there are problems with some of the sex that went on between men and boys in the Church. Those who used its shadows as a cover for actual rape-- and even merely those who did not master its language of subtlety and contradiction-- could hurt and get hurt. But eliminating the possibility of these connections is the greater harm. ….

“But a world in which boys are deprived of secrets, where they are continually surveilled so that they are not abused and do not abuse, is a world in which they fail to become human. …. “

Author Profile:  Bill Andriette

Bill Andriette is features editor of The Guide




Further extracts;

“The scandal is essentially about homosexuality-- male homosexual relations, that is, and pederastic ones in particular. Moreover, Catholicism itself is strongly marked, theologically and institutionally, by a homosociality that over the millennia has accommodated, channeled, and expressed same-sex eroticism. To be sure, anti-homosexuality is not part of the hysteria's official rhetoric, in which it is simply the difference in age (and lesserly, status) that is claimed to make the sexual activity monstrous.”

“The present scandal presents itself as being about "pedophilia" and the protection of children, not about homosexuality. Pedophilia is defined as sexual attraction to prepubescent children. But of the 100 or so priests who have been accused in Boston, only a handful are charged with sex with girls or prepubescent boys. The scandal's main thrust, both in Boston and around the world, is about pederasty-- sex between men and adolescents-- which is anthropologically-speaking, homosexuality's dominant form. The Catholic pedophile priest scandal is a homosexual scandal.”


Comment by Ivor Catt. 15aug02  

“This is a campaign against "immorality" driven by liberals,” - Andriette

It appears that the homosexual view is that perfectly acceptable sodomy between adults and adolescents, which Andriette says is the homosexual norm, and which is part of the maturation process into male adulthood, is being confused by a bigoted liberal Establishment with sodomy by an adult of a child. Under this cloak, the liberals attack sodomy.