The AIDS Scam


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Fellow-Travellers in the AIDS Scam



“Cathedral Evensong

Preacher Paula Clifford, Christian Aid

In association with the Bishop of St Albans Harvest for the Hungry Appeal”


Bishops rush in where angels fear to tread





Zidovudine (azidothymidine; AZT) is an ANTIVIRAL drug that is used in the treatment of AIDS. Formerly, it was used for the treatment of advanced AIDS, but is now considered useful, by some, for the early forms of HIV infections before the full AIDS syndrome develops, including HIV-positive individuals who do not show symptoms of AIDS. It works by inhibiting the HIV virus and therefore delays progression of the disease, but does not cure it. ….

+ side-effects: there are many and may include disturbances in various blood cells, often to a degree requiring blood transfusions; nausea and vomiting, gastrointestinal disturbances, loss of appetite, headache, rashes, fever and sleep disturbances. ….

From Medicines; A comprehensive guide, pub. Parragon 1995, p599.


The alternative drugs given to HIV+ victims are similar in action and similarly lethal. Their side-effects can be read in any book on medicines.


AIDS is an iatrogenic disease.


Iatrogenic – Of a disease or disorder, induced by a physician or surgeon through his diagnosis or treatment. – Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 1984, p2636

Dr. Richard Beltz, creator of AZT (azidothymidine): "AZT was shelved for two reasons: My studies showed that it caused cancer at any dose and it was too toxic even for short term use." [5]

[AZT brings in about one billion dollars per year to Glaxo-Wellcome, HQ on Euston Rd., London. Ivor Catt]




For the record. To the Revd Richard Watson;

I saw the brochure about the 24nov02 AIDS sermon on the wall in the cathedral.

 Following my request, I received a copy from you in the mail today, but did not know that it had material on the reverse side.

I sent you emails, and put material in a letter for you.

I now find much material on the reverse side of the brochure. It is standard Glaxo-Wellcome party line. Glaxco-Wellcome manufacture AZT. The income from AZT is something like one billion dollars per year. To that we have to add the income from the HIV tests. This is big business, and I fear that St. Albans Diocese does not get much payback for promoting AZT. Why not study the subject instead?                                   Ivor Catt        5nov02

From the order of service, Cathedral Evensong, 24nov02, 6.30pm




From fear and ignorance;

Good Lord, deliver us.

From indifference and detachment;

Good Lord, deliver us.

From prejudice and pity;

Good Lord, deliver us.

From selfish and speedy judgements;

Good Lord, deliver us.

From shallow and simple answers;

Good Lord, deliver us.


Nobody in the cathedral juggenaut expressed any interest in meeting my house guest Natalie, whose husband died of AZT poisoning, and who, herself also HIV+, has remained healthy for ten years because she refuses all the prescribed drugs.


It appeared that nobody in the cathedral juggernaut, including Dr Paula Clifford, knew anything much about HIV and AIDS, or wanted to learn anything.

Ivor Catt    24nov02

From Paula Clifford’s sermon, Evensong, 24nov02, 6.30pm


“[We are involved in] Education telling people how HIV spreads; how to avoid it.



It is a development issue.

It is a human issue.


[Paula Clifford said with approval that] Five years ago, the World Council of Churches said that the Trinity was an appropriate reaction to HIV.”