Project: New Site

Date†† : 2002-12-13



The following is a list of questions designed to define the overall goals of your site,

including specific questions regarding content, look and feel and function.


Please answer each of the questions in a brief and clear manner.

Feedback within a short time frame is encouraged


FEEL TYPE YOUR ANSWERS DIRECTLY INTO THIS Word Document and return it to me asap.



1. What is the primary message you wish to convey to your audience with this site? Advances in electromagnetic theory†††


2. What are your secondary objectives and overall goals you hope to achieve? Advances in science, primarily Modern Physics†††


3. What goals do you intend to reach with a new Website? Open up communication on electromagnetism and more broadly in science.†††


4. Who is your target audience? Describe in detail. Graduate scientists, particularly electronic engineers.†††


5. How does your site differentiate itself from competitors? The IEE forum on electromagnetics is too tortuous to use, and the IEE is under a cloud. I do not know the IEEE (New York) forum.†††


6. What are the key reasons why visitors choose to visit your site?They will learn about advances in electromagnetism, and discuss them.



1. Use three adjectives to describe how the site should be perceived by the user.†† Controversial, authoritative, interesting

(examples: conservative, progressive, friendly, formal, casual, serious, experts,

humorous, service-oriented, professional, etc.)†††


3. What do you feel is the biggest challenge in getting your image across to your visitors? Keeping the visotor from feeling overwhelmed.†† Credibility. 1) The party line is that electromagnetics was firmed up 120 years ago, and no further advance is possible. More generally, electromagnetics and similar is the biggest stamping ground for cranks. The nonsense written by cranks into the forum will drive real people away.††


4. Describe any visual elements or styles which can be utilized.

(From existing materials or collateral) moving waveforms should electromagnetic fields and the way they interact††


6. List any URLs of sites you find compelling.

What do you find the most interesting about these sites?

http://www.virusmyth.net/aids/ ;


7. List URLs of sites which deal with topics you cover and briefly state what you like and dislike about their overall site.




1. What is the primary action you wish your target user to take from the main page of your site?

(examples: download,browse, move along specified path, email, order, explore, click button, call, etc.)

Spend a lot of time on the site.


2. What is the primary action you wish your target user to take before leaving

your site? Is it the same action? If not, describe why.

Read and then talk to other professionals.††† ††††


3. What elements are key items you wish to have available to the user on every page?

Return to home page. How to move to forum.




  1. Will this site use existing content? How much material do you have in electronic form that can be used to create the initial site? If so, what format are these documents (.doc, .htm, .xls, etc)? is there any content that you have already published on another site? (Please give URLs)?
  2. Nigel will have much material. Ivor will want hyperlink to much of his material.


  1. What is the basic structure of the content, and how is it organized? web pages; forum. Three regions; one which Ivor can upload to; one which Nigel can upload to; one which Eugen can upload to. Forum moderation needs a lot of planning.




3. What elements do you see as "globals" or appearing on every page within the site? (topics, subareas, themes, etc)

Menu giving em, astrophysics, relativity and suchlike. Really Nigel, not Ivor, needs to give this list to Eugen. ††††††


TECHNOLOGY (ignore if this is too technical)

1. What is your target platform and browser?


2. Are there any specific adaptive technologies you would like to utilize?

(For example do you want to have moving banners - like those on Eugenís Retreat pages?


Do you want to deliver sound or video pages?

If so, how will they enhance the user experience? Please describe in detail.†††††



1. Briefly, what are your short-term marketing goals (in the next 2 years)?†††


2. How will this Website help to meet your goals?†††


3. Do you have an existing or planned marketing strategy in mind to promote this site?

If so, please describe.†††


4. What do you feel is your number one problem?

(examples: lack of technical knowlege, increase visitors, promote site, etc.)†††


5. What methods of distributing the URL already exist?†††


6. Do you intend on keeping the site updated? If so, how often?†††



1. What is your target launch date for this site?

What are the factors surrounding this deadline?††††††


2. What html editior are you familiar with?


3. What ftp program are you familiar with?†††††




... on your case day and nights.†††