The Retreat Strategy


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This is a “without prejudice” attempt to outline the Retreat Strategy in thirty minutes.



This is an idealised “Retreat” process.


Although the ideal process has never been undertaken, a number of fathers have carried out some of the process below and all have been successful – retaining children and home.


A few days before the first court hearing for his divorce, the father will assemble his children and all the children’s relatives for a final party. Each relative will bring their final gift for the child, and will give the child a written farewell letter, which will say that if the court hearing does not meet their father’s requirements, they will never again have any contact whatsoever with the child, and will never again give any financial or other support to the child.


[Close neighbours could also be brought in and do as the relatives do.]


The father will give a similar letter to his child, and will give to the child his final present.


The father will swear an affidavit to the effect that should the court order fail to meet his needs, he will never again have any contact whatsoever with his child, and he will never again work on the white economy.


The father will assemble the following documents into a bundle which will be forwarded to the judge well in advance of the first court hearing.


  1. Father’s affidavit saying he will never work again and never again have any contact whatsoever with his child.


  1. Copy of his farewell letter to his child.


  1. Copies of the farewell letters from all the child’s other relatives.


  1. A copy of the “Retreat Certificate”, copied from the “Retreat” website, which the father will have signed.


  1. Copies of documents from the Retreat website outlining (a) the cost to the taxpayer (£130,000) if the judge does not meet the father’s needs; (b) Statistics on the relative outcomes depending on whether a child is cut off from its father (teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, suicide etc.) most of which are three times worse in father absence.


  1. The court order that the father requires the judge to write and sign. (Skeleton court orders will be available on the “Retreat” website.)


The father should not attend any court hearing. In principle, the court hearings should be cancelled by the judge, since there is nothing to be done in court apart from the judge writing the court order prescribed by the father.


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