The Retreat Strategy


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Court secrecy, Outcome, and Accountability


The effect of destructive decisions made in all divorce cases is a closely guarded secret. I have campaigned for some years for research into “Outcome”, meaning the fate of children of divorce five and ten years later.


My worst hurdle was the desire of excluded fathers to misconstrue my meaning, and fall into line with professionals in the Divorce Industry. They were anxious to interpret “Outcome” as, for instance, whether the child was reduced to tears in the corridor of the courts during a divorce hearing. However, after some years, the management in CAFCASS and in the LCD (and recalcitrant leaders of the Men’s Movement) were forced to understand what I meant. In the LCD committee, however, they were careful to exclude us from the committee which had the job of looking into the matter. Composed almost entirely of women, half the posts in the committee were given to the notorious Leeds women. Radfems in Leeds are notorious for fabricating fraudulent statistics. The woman who was lambasted by the judge for maliciously fabricating falsehoods in the Newcastle report on the two falsely accused nurses, came from Leeds  Judith Jones, the social worker at the centre of a ‘satanic scare’ that caused another costly enquiry in Nottingham which had police searching (unsuccessfully) for babies’ bones. .


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