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Dinosaur among the Data?


The Kernel Machine, see Electronics World March 1989


Publications to get the Kernel project going


The New Bureaucracy

Origins of article

Martin J Wiener, "English culture and the decline of the industrial spirit", pub. CUP 1982


Longer replies to letters in Electronics World on EMC

Index of Ivor Catt writings on Electromagnetism

Catt in Wireless World on Modern Physics


Joke names attached to letters published in Wireless World (Partial list).


Ouida Dogg, Wireless World December 1982, April 1983, January 1985 and October 1985

F U Weaver-Mowes, February 1985


Ivor Catt, May 1985; I feel I must assert that I really exist. I was in no position to protest when my parents devised my ridiculous name. .


Oliver Fish, October 1985

Ivan L. E. Fant, March 1986

R. Petzeratt. (Date?)