Electronics World


“Mr. Catt returns”

After being out of Electronics World for seven years, Catt returned with a vengeance with the new editor, Phil Reed. First came articles on Catt’s ideas by Nigel Cook in the aug02 and jan03 issues. Then came the introductory flourish in the editorial in mar03; “Mr Catt returns” to accompany the first Catt article for eight years or more on EMC on p44; “EMC – A Fatally Flawed Discipline?” This led to a flurry of letters to EW, between a third and half of the letters published by EW during the next six months. Then in June03 came Catt’s second article; “Dinosaur Computers” about the decades long struggle involving The Kernel Machine .

Strangely, at that time the seven year obstacle, Eccles, was now described as “Contributing Editor”.

Ivor Catt         31july03