Dogbite or Catbite?


Tore Wessel-Berg; “Electromagnetic and Quantum Measurements. A Bitemporal Neoclassical Theory”, pub. Kluwer Academic Publishers 2001”

Page xv

Forward by Peter A Sturrock, Emeritus Professor of Applied Physics, Stanford University. President of the Society for Scientific Expoloration


“The distinguished astrophysicist Thomas Gold has written about the pressures on scientists to move in tight formation, to avoid having their legs nipped by the sheepdogs of science. …. I confess that I do not sufficiently understand this book to be able to either agree or disagree with its thesis …. I have learned that many interesting topics have been ignored by Twentieth Century science for inadequate reasons.”



Thomas Gold, Honorary Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge

Fellow, Royal Society (London)
Member, National Academy of Sciences (US)


The plot thickens.

a quotation from Professor V. A. Krayushkin ( in English), “Tommy Gold is nothing but a damned plagiarist.”

“Professor Vladilen Alexeivich Krayushkin.  Professor Krayushkin is a man of unflinching moral probity, as well as an extraordinary scholar. “