Air Traffic Control


The Kernel Machine

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL: How many more air disasters?

Nigel Cook, Electronics World, January 2003, p12







New Scientist. The January 2003 article in Electronics World, , now in the shops, makes the link between Air Traffic Control and the Kernel Machine newsworthy. The start of the saga was my article in New Scientist, see 


Sunday Times, 12 March 1989, page D14

INNOVATION  Raising the roof on silicon capability

The trillion instruction computer is here. JANE BIRD ....


Sunday Times, 25 August 2002, pages 1, 5

Air traffic control in UK worst in Europe

Hi-tech shambles


Electronics World, January 2003, page 12

An alternative air traffic control system

Air traffic control: How many more disasters?

.... why has Ivor Catt's solution for Air Traffic Control been ignored by the authorities for 13 years?