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The Catt Question

Ivor Catt, 3 August 2004


About a month ago, “The Catt Question – EW Challenge”, published on page 57 of Electronics World aug04, announced a challenge backed by a fund of 2,000 pounds, with the first prize being 500 pounds. Today is about the date when it will be replaced on the newsstands by the September edition.


I shall discuss my present view as to what will happen. I feel that it is extremely difficult to predict the reaction. Although the reaction may be extreme, it will not follow that that was predictable. It is possible that the seedcorn of one person reacting in one place only in the world will trigger much more. On the other hand, it is quite possible that nobody in the world will be seen to react.


In countries like India, where 500 pounds, the first prize, is a considerable amount of money, it is still uncertain whether there will be any detectable reaction. In another country, Czech Republic, where I happen to be this month, the 500 pounds has the significance that perhaps 3,000 pounds, would have for a student in England – perhaps the cost of subsistence for a year. However, again, that is no guarantee that there will be any response.


The www is readily available in the Czech Republic, and the published challenge mentions the website, , where the published challenge is reproduced. Thus, it will be easy for students to inform each other about it, particularly electronics students. It seems to me that it would be a natural topic for discussion across the country between students who happen to know each other, and are at different universities.


I think that probably the lambasting that Catt receives in other letters on the same page; “Like many I feel that his work is insulting, ill informed, badly written rubbish by someone who clearly hasnt worked for the past fifty years ….”, will encourage a student after a quick buck. He will believe that Catt is a sitting duck, and that his lecturer will agree. It might even encourage the lecturer to stick his neck out.


On the other hand, in spite of the massive amount of effort over decades that has led up to this denouement, it is hard to believe that the professional scientific juggernaut can be brought low by such a trivial-looking piece of published text.


We just have to wait and see. It will not be long.


Ivor Catt      3aug04. 


3aug05. No student in the world has had enough courage to send anything in writing to the Editor of "Electronics World". Ivor Catt

8 June 2007. Still no brave student can be found to pick up the £500 (GBP) first prize. - Ivor Catt


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