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Ivor Catt   23apr04

Orphan discussing New Scientist article(s)

To Boris Johnson.


Orphan discussing the 23apr04 article



It would be very helpful if, like Electronics World, you felt you could add a www address to my article, perhaps described as "Further quotations at www.ivorcatt.com/47.htm ". This enables me to give more depth to the content of the article, including hyperlinks, as I do with my letters and articles in Electronics World. See for instance





If you agree, I shall reserve the address http://www.ivorcatt.com/47.htm for that purpose.

Sloss's husband   http://www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk/zbbsloss1.htm

Further articles.


The article sent to you on 23apr04 is the tip of an iceberg. I would like to write more articles investigating further. I note that in 1973 I wrote a series of articles for “The Spectator” every week for five issues.


Curriculum Transformation. (6,000 hits on Google.) This is an important article. It will discuss the takeover of the commanding heights of American Academia by NCCTRW, the “National Center for Curriculum Transformation” http://pages.towson.edu/ncctrw/  . The aim is to change all curricula. It impacts most damagingly on heavily rational subjects like maths and physics, but the chief threat posed is by changing the curricula for subjects like history and literature right across America.

The article will compare and contrast today’s attacks on educational content with the attacks in Soviet Russia in around 1925. Web page http://www.crossroad.to/charts/soviet-us-ed.htm is not as good as one would like.


A Google search for "Gender Mainstreaming" shows the terrifying stage reached in the USA, where acadamia has been heavily infiltrated and controlled by the radfem programme to corrupt the content of all subjects being studied. In London it has a hold in the Cabinet via the Women's Unit.




Can Educationalists be trusted with the teaching of Maths and Science?


If the culture of education is part of the humanities, then we need to discuss whether maths and science is safe in the hands of educationalists. Of particular interest is the distinction between Professor for Maths Education and Professor of Maths. Note that the former are women. 


Ed. Leone Burton; "Girls Into Maths Can Go", pub. Cassell (UK), 1986.



Stephen I. Brown; The Logic of Problem Generation; ....

.... C. P. Snow .... the two cultures .... mathematics is more closely aligned with the culture and world view of science[,] and education with the humanities ....




In the pursuit of "Equality", every activity in which boys excel must be modified or banned.


When the US government made it illegal to fund more male than female sport in the universities, the universities shut down many male sports, and the US women's soccer team became on of the two best in the world.


See below; "First, sex differences in mathematical ability, or at least in achievement, exist. .... Fourth, the scientific community has not recognised the gravity of the situation. Mathematics professionals, both educators and researchers, must accept the responsibility for developing an effective nationwide effort to eradicate the prevalent prejudices and stereotypes. ...."

It is assumed that differential achievement in something is prima facie evidence of "prevalent prejudices and stereotypes"! Unless all female Shakespeares were suppressed, then Shakespeare is evidence of prevalent prejudices and stereotypes. Similarly Newton and da Vinci.




The next step in dialectical materialism


The fear that radfems will assert that the reason for the implosion of all Marxist governments was that Marx failed to deal properly with the issue of Women. We can foresee a Marxist/Feminist tyranny of the future as the next step in Hegelian advance, against the battle between Patriarchal Marxism and Capitalism.


From discussion with Eugen this evening. Probably keep this confidential.

Google search for "Alexandra Kollontai"
This is one of the original theorists on women's lib in the marxist

The search for her + hoff-sommers, and probably find no overlap.


Further discussion at http://www.ivorcatt.com/45b.htm

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