C3/2003/0893 Hockenjos v Sec of State

Roz again suppresses a major news item because it supports his wifeís campaign

C3/2003/0893 Hock v Sec of State

C3/2003/0893 Hock v Sec of State www.fathercare.org

I sat through the two day hearing 19/20may04 in the Appeal Court (where Eugen has won once already against the Secretary of State) on Eugen's case. The hearing was extraordinarily successful. Judgement in four weeks or more.

Eugen is clapped out, but will give up to date info. soon on www.fathercare.org

Presumably Rozenberg, legal Editor for the Telegraph, will not want to read about this major news item, and will suppress it, as he suppressed the recent misconduct by Harman, a major opponent of Rozís wife! http://www.ivorcatt.com/3022.htmI need to advise him that Sloss, whom Roz admires, came in for criticism from the judges, including the family court judge, who said she held them back on reform, as Rozenberg does (to the extent that he can, being a mere journalist). The judges made effort to hand out olive branches to excluded fathers, particularly to Pelling. They singled Pelling out for praise from the public gallery. Will Rozenberg stay loyal to Yesterday's Men (and Women - Sloss)? Or is he capable of sensing which way the wind is blowing? A git like Rozenberg has a lot of ground to make up, and he needs to start a.s.a.p. I would hate to see him go down with Sloss.

The three judges launched a vicious attack on the Barrister for the Secretary of state, the likes of which I have never before seen.

At the same time, in another court, the judges said (in my hearing) that the Attorney General (after gaining permission from Rozís heroine Sloss) had bungled his attempt to fill in the forms correctly in his attempt to jail Pelling for two years for criminal contempt for exposing misconduct by the judge et al. in the high court. See www.fathercare.org Pelling has already been awarded damages plus costs against the Judge's tipstaff for assault in the corridor outside the court when Pelling was trying to comfort Forhad.

I spent a pleasant time in the sun during the lunch break with Mr. Mattin, the father of Forhad, the boy about whom the judge told the Tipstaff to break down his bedroom door to grab and return to his mother, who is responsible for his having his teeth knocked out. See www.fathercare.org . This is the scandalous case that the Attorney General (with help from Sloss) is trying to jail Pelling for exposing on the www. If only Roz would get moving, there could still be an OBE for Roz out of this. Will he get on message soon enough though?

Perhaps the Telegraph will only expose this kind of scandal if it occurs abroad. Safer.

Ivor Catt 20may04

Why dads throw flour

Cc Sloss,

Higher Marsh Farm,

Marsh Green,

Exeter EX5 2EX

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