Robert Whiston

Hero to Zero

By Robert Whiston

Robert Whiston



I have been closely associated with Robert Whiston for some ten years, since he annotated my book very helpfully for me.


Robert Whiston was Chairman of ManKind, a campaigning group to reform the Family Court System. In that capacity, he instituted a new journal, “Ill Eagle”, which I agreed to edit. Having never edited a journal before, I found his support exemplary.


Robert, Eugen and I lead the research into family breakdown in England and abroad. Robert organised and chaired the two conferences on the crisis. His achievement in attracting more than ten world class speakers was remarkable. They included Erin Pizzey, and Baskerville, the main expert in the U.S.A., who flew over at his own expense to speak at the conference. They also included ex-Minister Neil Hamilton, to talk about false allegations. I know that Robert was the man who attracted these and other world class speakers.


Robert is on numerous government committees investigating the crisis of family breakdown.


Robert’s background, which includes accountancy, running a garage in a three man team, studying art, expert jewellery design etc. makes him a very well rounded figure who will enhance your team.


Signed                              [Ivor Catt]

Title       Electronic Engineer

Company       Self employed

Date      8 June 2004

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