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Why dads throw flour

Why dads throw flour DA, 23may04


"A good Man is Hard to Find" was published by The Guardian 20th March 1996, see http://www.fathercare.org/education.htm . Since then, Hockenjos has been banned from the media because his information was unfashionable because premature. He and I have been trying for years to educate your "Columnist of the Year", p29, 23may04, as he will admit. Today he admits he was factually wrong. If we have to wait for him to learn more, digest it, and then deliver it to the Observer reader, the delay will cause many more unnecessary deaths. This is a complex subject.


"Columnist of the Year" has at last learned to distinguish between refusal of a contact order and defiance of a contact order, which he thinks is a coup. However, he has much more disinformation to learn about before he can write about it.


Why doesn't The Observer cut corners and let excluded father experts write in the media? Why keep to the slow, reluctant reform of "Columnist of the Year" Poodle-Men?


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Nothing better illustrates the truth that the BBC operates a policyof a "bias against understanding" than its non-coverage of the hight-profile protests by fathers seeking social and political equality with mothers. It
even censored the Southwark Crown Court jury's decision to acquit David Chick after the politically-motivated prosecution of him.
In reporting the dusting up of Our Beloved Purple People Cheater, the BBC scrupulously avoided investigating the reasons for the protest.
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