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The Problem

The are two problems, which are interconnected.

Catt has been writing on numerous subjects for decades, and has been more or less totally suppressed. His reaction has been tailored to the times. In the case of electromagnetic theory, in which censorship by all the learned journals in the world has been total for decades, Catt and his co-researchers resorted to giving private seminars

On finding that the cost of book publication could be funded out of the profits from their seminars, Catt became a publishing house, and began to publish the suppressed material in order that it should be saved for the future by the British Library and the other five copyright libraries. These books are not available on the internet.

With the arrival of the internet, Catt changed tactics again. Since he had always experienced censorship in a variety of subjects, Catt set up a number of websites. Some books from this period are available on the internet. Book list

Digital Hardware Design ; Electromagnetism 1 ; The Catt Anomaly = The Catt Question ; The Hook and the Sting ; What a Life

The problems for those wishing to access these websites are, firstly, that the amount of censored material now on his websites is massive. Secondly, all subjects contribute to Catt's present overriding research speciality, which is research into censorship. Thus, the already massive amount of material is part of two subjects; the subject proper, and also the subject of censorship to which the material contributes.



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