ITV Ch4 on Global Warming Scam


Ch4 on Global Warming Scam

by Ivor Catt, 9 March 2007



[Phil Holland has for many years said to me that all parties to the "debate"
do not have enough understanding of the role of CO2 in the atmosphere, so
all the "discussion" is blighted anyway. This was reiterated strongly last

Lst night TV Channel 4 (England) had a forceful 90 minutes programme on
Climate Change, exposing the whole scam.
This is hopeful. However, remember that when the same Channel 4 ran two or
three programmes exposing the AIDS Industry, which is very similar, they
were heavily fined by the TV Regulator or some such, more than once I think.
Also, their information disappeared from the AIDS Universe of Discourse. To
see the info, do a Google search for "aids dissidents". The key people who
did the programmes for Ch4, Meditel, where, as I remember, more or less
wiped out when the Establishment AIDS Industry counter-attacked, using the
British "legal" system.

I think the programme (which included Nigel Lawson, whose point of view was
"organised out" of the St Albans meeting, see below,) said that the amount
of money available to "researchers" who say they are doing "research" which
implicitly assumes that man is causing climate change, is now running at 10
billion US dollars per year. Similarly, massive "research" money is
available to those who accept, or perhaps also have to promote, the AIDS Industry party
line on AIDS.The current Climate Change scam is quite as big and powerful as
the AIDS Industry, so the same might happen this time - suppresseion of the
repercussions of last night's Ch4 programme..

"Subject: Climate Change in St Albans
Dear Alex Lewis, St Albans Observer (who did not reply), Liba and I
attended the St Albans City and District Council conference on Climate
Change today mon20nov at Rothamsted Harpenden. I was fascinated at the
mechanism of censorship, such that the seminal speech by Nigel Lawson, ex
Chancellor of the Exchequer, was excluded when reinforcing a PC Universe of
Discourse leading to substantial spending by the St Albans and District

" .... the former Chancellor has emerged as Britain's leading climate change
sceptic, ...."


Fellow-travellers in the AIDS Scam

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