Jiri Fiedler



Kurt Metzer,

February 2007.


Jews in Bohemia and Moravia


Jewish sights of Bohemia and Moravia : guide book by Jirí Fiedler with an introduction by Arno Parík. (Prague: Sefer, 1991. 224 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.) It is available from Amazon.com for just $12.95 plus shipping. ISBN 80 900895 0 X

This guide book, which has been borrowed from University College, London for me, was originally given to me by my mother, now 94 and not in good mental health. But I lost my copy. It contains a great deal of historical detail which cannot be found elsewhere. At present there are perhaps 15,000 Jews in the Czech Republic, less than a tenth of the number pre-1938, which had a history of more than 1,000 years. Prague has a state Jewish museum and many synagogues as well as a famous cemetery. As this is a major tourist attraction, it will be preserved. But the other towns and villages may well lose their Jewish relics. Of special interest to my family are Humpolec, where my great grandfather Adolf Susicky had a pub (Inn) and Jihlava (Iglau) where my mother had her secondary schooling and Gustav Mahler, the composer, grew up. But nearly 150 communities, with history and architectural detail, are described altogether. The casualty rate of the Holocaust was much greater than in Germany and Austria because there was less opportunity to emigrate. The history is fascinating because there was much less antisemitism over the 1,000 years for various reasons, and there are famous figures like Maharal (Rabbi Judah Loew) associated with the Golem legend.



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