by Ivor Catt, May 2007

Statement about the IEE Lynch-Catt paper.

All attempts by Catt to publish in all IEE journals having been rejected for decades, Catt decided that it was important to have no influence whatsoever on the joint paper proposed to him by the late Arnold Lynch. This is the reason for a problem in the paper.

"The Catt Question" is about where the electric charge comes from to terminate the electric field which exists between the two guiding conductors when a TEM Wave travels from source to destination. Dr. Arnold Lynch wrongly stated that the question was about where the electric current came from.

Dr. Lynch was perhaps the best known name in the IEE. He was invited to give the evening centenary speech about J J Thomson's discovery of the electron. (He told me that J J told him about it!) However, after asserting that Catt had not been treated properly by the IEE, he found he could not publish the IEE Lynch-Catt paper in the appropriate IEE journal, but had to resort to publishing it in the least appropriate place, using the good offices of his friend, chairman of the IEE History of Elect. section. Perhaps the temerity of Lynch in suggesting that Catt had not been treated properly led to his death being ignored by the IEE, even though he had an obituary in The Times

Ivor. 26 May 3007.







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