Walsall Manor Hospital. 2007




Hospital from Hell

Hospital from Hell

Walsall Manor Hospital.

Walsall Manor Hospital, West Midlands, England.

Report on the very dangerous situation for all patients in that hospital.

2nd October 2007
Written by Ivor Catt, www.ivorcatt.com

I have a number of notes on what happened, and these have to be sorted out. So far, much detail has been written below the cross hatch and dated 30sep07.

Here is a broad summary of events.

After excellent Prostate surgery in Watford General Hospital, Herts, England, Ivor Catt had a relapse and was taken by ambulance to Walsall Manor Hospital, where his treatment was persistently appalling in three separate wards for a period of about four days, indicating that all patients in the hospital are at very serious risk.

The first ambulance took Ivor to A and E, from where he was discharged after some two hours and taken back to his friend's home up the road.

Next night, again around 3am, Ivor called the ambulance again and was taken back to A and E, where the terrible treatment began. After two hours or so, he was interviewed by a young doctor, who took a long time to isert the catheta ?sp? into the penis and attach the various tubes. He then tried to extract urine with a syringe, but only extracted a small amount, perhaps 150ml. He then asked Ivor is he had twice been discharged from A and E because it was found that he was not in fact an emergency. Ivor replied that he must have been reading some other person's files.

[Extraordinarily, early in the interview he asked Ivor if he was famous. Ivor was non-committal. The then said he had bought an early computer [?Spectrun?] Later after a break in the interview, he said he had read my website during the break! I wish he had spent the time hearing symptoms from me!]

The doctor disappeared, and Ivor was left in a darkened ward with only one nurse, white, perhaps aged 30. She refused to do anything about the rapidly increasing pain,
which soon caused Ivor to scream and interrupt the sleep of other patients in the ward.

After some time Ivor went to the toilet, and examined the tubes etc. attached to his penis. Immeditately, one of the tubes dropped off. Ivor called the nurse into the toilet,
asking her to replace the tube because it had fallen off. She told Ivor he had pulled it off, and refused to replace it. Ivor was left in the toilet uncertain which tube branch it should be attached to, with the pain still increasing. In the end, in desperation, he pulled off one 'lid', and a vast amount of urine gushed out, covering the floor of the toiled. He then went out of the toilet along the centre of the ward, and told the nurse that the toilet floor needed to be cleaned. She told him to clean it himself, and stayed sitting at her night post.

Ivor went back to his bed, but stayed standing and sitting. By now, there was urine all the way along the floor between the rows of beds. Ivor's pain had disappeared because the pressure on the overfull bladder [coupled with the massive amount of wind in his alminetary canal next to his bladder, as he discovered later] had disappeared.

After a period of some time, Ivor walked to the nurse's post, and found the same doctor sitting 3 metres away from the nurse, but in silence. The doctor did not interview Ivor, or ask for information. I think that the urine still covered the floors of the ward, but I am not sure. Ivor asked to use the telephone, and they allowed him to. In their presence, Ivor telephoned Robert Whiston, whose house he had just left by ambulance for the second time, and asked him to drive down [the distance of four miles] to the hospital, as the situation was serious. Robert refused to come, saying that I was merely under stress.

Next day, around 1pm, Ivor was told he would move to the Urology ward, and he was moved immediately. He was relieved to be going to a ward with the relevant specialism, but 24 hours later found that it was in fact the Vascular Ward.

That night, around 3am, Ivor was woken [for the second night running] by rapidly increasing pain from a full bladder and blocked exit. Very soon, the only two nurses on duty 50 year old Indian woman and large young English white, told Ivor [a] that the Indian nurse had other patients to deal with and [b] not to upset the other patients in the ward. The pain continued to increase, and Ivor was writhing and screaming. In the absense of the white nurse, the Indian nurse finally brought a syringe, dislodged the blocking clot by pushing liquid into the bladder, and then removed urine with the syringe. The irrigatioin then continued. Ivor collapsed in sleep, as he had the night before. On both occasions he finally slept at the same time, around 4am.

Next day, 12 hours later, at around 1pm, a nurse called into Ivor who was having a shower, asking whether he was willing to have his belongings packed and transferred to another ward in his absence, to which he agreed through the closed shower/toilet door. However, he was left for a time at his bed, when the pain began to escalate rapidly. Ivor asked for the syringe, but treatment was refused [request was ignored.] . Ivor was put on a chair and wheeled towards the third [truly eurology] ward as the pain continued to increase rapidly, and Ivor writhed and screamed more and more. On arrival at his new ward, Ivor begged the nurse who had brought him to get him an enema, and to get the syringe used, but she refused to do so or ask for it [ignored request], and left. As far as Ivor van remember, Ivor received no treatment, and himself dislodged the block by fiddling with the tubes [Ivor studied Fluid Mechanics at Cambridge] and the flow of urine restarted.

Fearing a repetition [a third crisis], or rather expecting a repetition, of his crisis next night at 1am or 3am, Ivor repeatedly asked nurses etc. to ensure that his irrigation flow was checked regularly during the night, but this was not done.

At 1am Ivor was woken by rapidly escalating pain from a blocked bladder. The old white nurse and young black nurse forming the night shift told Ivor to not disturb the other patients. Ivor asked for the syringe, but this request was ignored. With the black nurse away, the writhing and screaming reached such a pitch that the white nurse fiddled with the tubes, and released the blockage. The urine flow recommenced, and Ivor collapsed into sleep. Since the crisis occurred at 1am rather than 3am, on the previous two nights, Ivor got rather more rest for the coming ordeals. However, Ivor's partner Eve, who arrived at midday, said later that Ivor had changed massively into a white faced, very frail, very old man. [Eve had been with Ivor earlier, after the original prostate operation, when all was well.

Around 12 noon, Ivor's partner Eve [ www.lmika.com ] arrived, and Ivor immediately told her that the situation was serious, and she must not leave him. Eve stayed throughout the two visiting periods, but went to the hotel that Ivor and Eve arranged during the inter-visit period.

Late at night Liba was leaving because Ivor and Eve agreed that they were in touch by mobiles, which Eve had brought.

Around midnight, Ivor approached the two same night nurses, and told the white nurse that he had pressed her on the previous night to enter a report over the incident with ivor at 1a,m. I said that the day nurse had said when approached by Eve and Ivor, that there was no report written on the incident. [ In the night, the old white nurse had told Ivor that writing the reports was the job of the nurse in charge, the young black.] I asked the two nurses to write the report now, but they refused. The white nurse then said that nothing had happened on the previous night. She then refused to give me her name. The black nurse refused to give me her name, and told the white nurse to do likewise.

An hour later, Ivor slipped out of the ward and down to the hospital entrance. He woke up Eve with the mobiles, and told her to bring the police to the hospital.

Aftar a delay, a very large taxi arrived perhaps at 2am. Ivor struggled to get the irrigation equipment into the taxi, and regretted that he had brought only three hours' supply of pure water.

Two policemen arrived, and Ivor told them that they must stay throughout. Later, he realized by their lapels that they were only NHS Security, but still he urged them ot stay. The Night Dury Manager for the whole hospital arrived. Then Dr. ?Cartwright? arrived. The black nurse from my ward was ordered to come down.

About seven of us moved to a room, where the interview began, at around 3am.



Time went on, and finally the Night Duty Manager suggested that Eve sit by Ivor's bed [in the men's ward] during the night so that everyone could get some sleep, and there would be a meeting at 10am. Eve and Ivor agreed, and Ivor got some sleep while Liba dozed off on the chair. The manager had said she must not lie on the bed.

There was no meeting at 10am. Ward Sister [?] said they were in surgery, and hoped to have a meeting later. Ivor and Liba told her that since in spite of repeated requests, the hospital had not done anything to get the pills needed by Eve every day,m Ivor and Liba would return today anyway to St Albans in order to get her pills.


30th September 2007. Written on downstairs [Czech] computer at 121 Westfields.
First version. Wintext. Saved on Black floppy disk [and elsewhere].

Thursday 13sep 2007.
Ivor, Partner Eve live at 121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR, England.
Ivor drove to Watford General Hospital 8 miles. Arrival time required 07.00 7am.
Eve stays in car, and drives away along the straight road leading north from entrance to hospital for one kilmetre reaching a T junction with a major east-west road Watford - Rickmansworth. Ivor entered hospital.

On approaching, and then entering T junction at 20kph from minor road, Eve and another car arriving very fast [70kph] from the right. Minor damage, so Eve drives home but wants to avoid driving for a while.

[On discharge from Watford General Hospital three days later, Ivor immediately uploads rudimentary comment on one of his ebsites saying that his treatment has been excellent, as is always the case at the hospitals under the same Hospital Trust, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Watford. Very bad health compels Ivor and Eve to frequent these hospitals.]

Prostate surgery is completed that same day [13sep]. Prostate is cut and pops open. Later, Mr. Thurston Consultant Surgeon tells Ivor that the prostate was cut and popped open. He seemed pleased. No removal of material.

Eve visits Ivor by bus every day. One hour journey each way.

Routine recovery, leading to discharge after three nights on Saturday. Ivor telephones Eve to say that the bus is easy, and she should not come to collect him as arranged. Eve protested that I might be unfit to travel alone without her, but left the decision to Ivor.

Circa midday, Ivor left hospital carrying a case, and caught the bus at the hospital entrance. At Watford Juction, Ivor transferred to another bus and traveled to the end of the Westfields-Midway road. He was then one mile form home. He had telephoned Eve telling her to meet him at the public house at the bus stop, which has an exhibition of her paintings.

Eve walks to the pub, and meets Ivor. The pub is nearly empty.

Ivor later enters the gents toilet, and goes into the only cubicle which he knows does not have a lock on the door. After a while, someone pushes on the door and then demands that john-bill come out, that he knows he is in there. Ivor keeps silent and waits for a long time. Ivor then exits and finds a young perhaps Asian man waiting. The Asian wants to dialogue. Ivor says he left hospital after major surgery one hour before and cannot deal with dialogue. The young man persists, and one item is his saying that he wants to apologise. Ivor says that he is welcome to apologize or not apologize, and Ivor escapes. Ivor goes to Pub management and asks them to keep the young man away from him, that Ivor has just come out of hospital after major surgery one hour ago.

Young man persists in talking with Ivor in the presence of management.

Ivor returns to Liba in a far off room. After a while he consults amanagemtn, who say they do not know the man and he has left. Ivor and Liba wait for some time, then walk towards home. Ivor asks Liba to carry the heavy bag. Sh finds it difficult. Ivor carries it part of the way. Liba makes comment critical of Ivor. Ivor drops the bag and tells her to go home. Ivor traverses the Roman ditches, falling twice. He then lies down in the sun on the grass in the Roman town. Short;ly, a voice from a group complains that Ivor is "obscuring his view." Ivor apologises and move away. By this time, Ivor is frightened, and wonders whether his vulnerability can be detected. After a while Ivor walks home. [He probably then went to bed.]

Libe is occasionally upset, and wakes both Ivor and Liba up at 3am worrying about her apartment in Prague. Next dday, there are differences, and Ivor threatens to go away to get the rest he says he needs. In the end, he drives off after 24 hours at home. He asks Robert Whiston if he can come to stay, and Whiston agrees. Ivor drives 100 miles to Robert's house in Walsall.

Ivor finds that Robert is caring for his dying mother, and has an outburst every 36 hours, sometimes apologizing. After a few days, the blood clots cease in Ivor's urine. After a total of 6 days, Ivor has a relapse with massive bloodclots in the urine. At 3am the pain is increasing rapidly and Ivor calls 999 for an ambulance, which takes him to Watford Manor Hospital, Walsall. Like Watford, it is NHS free. In sharp distinction with Watford, which was excellent, the treatment in Walsall is deeply appalling and life-threatening. This is the reason for this report.

Thereafter, major events always occurred shortly after midnight, so an event will be designated, for instance, thu/fri.

Thu/fri A and E. Accident and Emergency.

Fri/sat Vascular Ward. [Ivoir was told it was Urology, and only found out it was Vascular when he was told he was moving to Urology 24 hours later.]

Sat/sun Urology Ward. Ivor was woken at 01.00 1am by rapidly escalating pain. The old white nurse and the young black nurse in charge of the ward refused to doing anything, talling to not upset the other patients in the ward. Soon after, when the pain was causing Ivor to scream and writhe, the black nurse walked away. Now on her own, the old white nurse became concerned at last and fiddled with the tubes. This relieved the pressure and the pain, and after a while in a state of collapse, Ivor fell asleep. The important point is that, the crisis having occurred more early, 1am, than heretofore, Ivor gained 2 hours more of sleep.

2am meeting incl dr douglass. He had earlier witnessed white woman doctor Dudd saying I apologise . In his presence in the ivor ward. This was when I told Douglass that my partner Eve and I had spoken with her earlier in Ivor\s ward, but she then claimed she had been called away. She did not return.

Sun/mon, Liba only slept a little , this being a few hours sitting in a chair by Ivor's bed in the men's ward. Her bed reserved in the nearby 69 pounds sterling hotel was not used.

Mon/tue Liba slept mostly in the entrance to the hospital on chairs, and for a small part in a chair by Ivor's bed in his men\s ward.
Tuesday, Dr Giupta discharged Ivor. He said the hospital treatment was successful. Ivor had entered hospital with bleeding bladder. The bleeding had stopped, and Ivor was now being discharged.

Ivor said that all of the relevant evens had not been noticed or mentioned in his prior very very brief discourse.

Tuesday, Ivor drove Liba home to St. Albans.


October 2, 2007

Ivor Catt wrote:

I now have to rewrite the key points, but do not have time (only 32 minutes left) to put them all down.
Please upload whatever I now write, warts and all, onto a website.


Following a relapse after prostate operation, Ivor Catt was taken by ambulance in the middle of the night to Walsall manor Hospital, West Midlands, England.

After consultation, he was discharged and take by ambulance back to his friend Robert Whiston's house 28 Penryn Road Walsall.

next night, at the same time, 3am, Ivor Catt was again collected by ambulance and taken to the same hoispital. he was admitted, and the treatment in A&E was incomptent. During that "treatment", the only "consultation" between Catt and any hospital staff - doctors etc. - occurred. Thereafter, Catt was never allowed a chance to deliver information (including symptoms and newly arriving symptoms) to any doctor or any other staff. The hospital records should confirm this. The incompetent treatment on that first night led to urine covering the whole floor in the large toilet/shower room and all over the main walk aisle between the rows of beds. The oncompetent doctor did not discuss his case with Catt after the urine covered everything, althoug he was present later.

Ivor Catt was then allowed to telephone Robert Whiston, who refused to come down to the hospital.

Next day Catt around midday Catt was transferred to what was described at "Urology" Ward, but was in fact "Vascular". That night, he was woken with rapidly escalating pain (due to blockage to the bladder by blood clots "irrigation" exacerbated by a massive amount of wind in the alimentary canal due to extreme constipation. [There was never an opportunity to get information of the existence of constipation into hospital records. Catt continued to try to get this, and to get treatment for constipation, which was denied throughout. I later learned (not from the hospital) thatthe standard Senna and liquid twice per day for every single patient in a hospital is apparently doubled and further increased if there is evidence that it is insufficient.]

At 3am Catt was woken with rapidly excalating pain due to blockage of the bladder and massive wind in the alimentary canal (colon/rectum). The two nurses on duty were Indian 50 year old from kerala 5 years before with husband and teenage daughters, and a large white goung English girl. Both told me to not upset the other patients in the ward, but refused treatment. The white told me that the Indian had other patneits to attend to. The writing and screaming by Catt continued, and finally after a long time the Indian borught a 4in x 1in syringe. She pump[ed a amll amount of water into the bladder and then extracted two syringes full. Thihs relived the pressure and the pain, and flow out of the bladder recommenced. Catt collapsed into sleep, at aorund 4am.

Midday next day when in the shower a nurse acked through the doow if she could pack his posessions for a move in Catt's absebse.. Catt agreed. at midday the pain escalated rapidly. Catt asked for the syringe and for an enema, but these wwere refused, around midday. He was wheeled in a chair to the third ward (Urology, Nightingale), in rapidly increasing pain. On arrival, he sasked the girl moving him for an enema, but this was ignored. Catt (who studied fluid mechanics at Cambridge) manipulated the various tubes and duislodges the block, so rapidly relieving the pain and restarting the "irrigation" flow out of the bladder,. (It had at all times been successfully entering the bladder!) Catt warned that there was greeat danger of a further crisis at 3am, but his warnings were ignored.

That evening Catt was allowed to telephone his friend Dr Harold Hillman, a GP and also emeritus Reader in Bioneurology at Surrey University. Catt insisted on holding to the phone and talking to for an hour - many phones in the hospital did not work - Catt urged him to telephone the hospital, but he did not do so.

[Catt did not know who was the Consultant Surgeon in charge of him and only found out a few minutes before discharge a day or two later. Catt did not know the names or appearance of any members of Gupta's "team". The first time Catt saw any of them was minutes before he was discharged.]

At 3am Catt was woken by rapidly excalating pain from blocked bladder. He was refused treatment and told to stop upsetting the other patients. he was wirithing in pain and screaming. A few hours before Hillman had told him that his bladder owuld not burst under such treatment.


The two nurses later refused to anter anything in the their report, and refused to give him their names. This led to Catt leaving the ward and trying to leave the hospital at 3am, with the help of his partner Eve.





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