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Solicitors' body comes to heel

- Times, 1nov01, p15

The solicitors' complaints body, which is accused today of failing to give the public crucial information about its members' track records, is to lose its idependent identity.

The Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS), which receives 16,085 complaints a year, one for every five solicitors, is to be brought under the direct control of the Law Society of England and Wales.

The move comes as a Which? report says that the organisation's helpline is far from helpful and fails to tell people if their solicitor has been disciplined or struck off. "The OSS seemed reluctant or unable to give out the correct information," it said.

Solicitors under fire

Letter from Mr John Wilson, Times, 1nov01, p21

Sir, David Blunkett has angered solicitors by casting aspersions on their professional standards (report, oct29). For ten years I have been specialising in representing clients who have a complaint about a solicitor, so I know something about furious lawyers.

The lawyers are quite right in pointing out just the latest example of the executive branch not always














being entirely full-square with civil liberties. But they are hardly a shining beacon themselves.

Time and time again I have been consulted by a client who has been let down by a lawyer making the sort of elementary mistakes that any sane person would just own up to and refer to the insurance company, only to be met by the professional shutters slamming down.

In contrast to the frequent stories of doctors being exposed and unished for incompatence, lawyers seem to be immune from this sort of coverage. Mr Blunkett's outburst makes a pleasant change, but at what cost to our liberties?

Yours, John Wilson (Solicitor),

6a Rodney Lane, Leeds LS13 1HU

Solicitor jailed

- Times, 11dec01, p4

A solicitor with assets of more than 1 million stole 73,000 from a 91-year-old aunt to buy a luxury boat. David Benham, 59, of Southwark, London, who denied stealing from an account set aside to pay for nursing home fees, was jailed for six months by Winchester Crown Court.

Solicitors bring in Layman to see fair play

- Francis Gibb, Times, 25jan02, p6

The solicitors' complaints system, which handles 12,000 grievances a year, is to be overhaouled and placed under the scrutiny of a non-;awyer for the first time. .... in an effort to boost public confidence ....

The society has succeeded so far in seeing off ministerial threats that it be stripped if its self-regulatory powers. ....

Two years ago, .... complainants .... were told that they would have to wait a year before their grievances were dealt with., the Lord Chancellor threatened to remove the Law Society's power to regulate itself. ....

Bar for the course

Cambridge lecturer Gillian Evans has gone back to being a student on the Bar vocational course. She is unimpressed.

- Guardian Education, 8jan02, p12

.... Students who are made to feel it would be unwise to use their critical faculties until after they are safely "called". A culture of toadying is actively fostered, for one must network to get the best pupillages. .... .... the depth of the institutionalised discrimination they practise. .... .... While winds of change at the Bar Council and the Law Society are stopped by draught-excluders of complacency and students' fear of professional disadvantage if they say what they think, all this will presumably go on. .... it needs to be run in a way that will produce barristers who will take a lead in the reform of the legal profession. ....

Lawrence sergeant cleared of rapes

- Sam Lister, Times, 11dec01, p4

Accusations of multiple rape against a police sergeant who was highly praised in the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry were thrown out at the Old Bailey yesterday.

The trial of Peter Solley, accused of raping a woman on nine occasions, was stopped after Judge David Paget described the alleged victim's evidence as "manifestly unreliable". The woman said that Sergeant Solley, 47, had committed the rapes during a secret fuive-year relationship, but after three days of cross-examination the prosecution dropped all charges.

The .... woman, a black community worker, .... the defence, suggested that the woman made the accusations because Sergeant Solley had rejected her. ....

Sergeant Solley, from Beckenham, Kent, said: "I find it astonishing that the complainant can be shielded by anonymity, despite the finding that she is a proven liar."

Women should go it alone

- Jeremy Campbell,

Evening Standard, 4dec01, p20

A startling survey had found that women learn about one third less than men in college. Nearly 20,000 students at 56 colleges were interviewed, comparing scores on a standardised test. Gender was a "huge" factor, according to Professor Ernest Pascarella of the University of Iowa. Women fell behind most in maths and science. ....


- Steve Doughty,

Daily Mail, 20july01

The Crown Prosecution Service has banned its 6,000 employees from using the word 'spouse'. In future, those working at the organisation responsible for bringing all criminal prosecutions will have to refer to 'partners' or 'friends' whenever they invite a colleague to a social event. Using the term 'spouse' assumes someone is married and leaves homosexuals feeling excluded, claimed a rulebook designed to eliminate discrimination.

Two days before

- Melanie Phillips,

Sunday Times, 9sep01, p17

.... Liberal values will be protected only if Christianity holds the line as our dominant culture. A society which professes neutrality between cultures would create a void which Islam, with its militant political creed, would attempt to fill. .... society is beginning to understand the need for truth-telling, family stability and distinctions between right and wrong, against all of which the Establishment has set its face. ....


- Rechel Sylvester,

Telegraph, 17dec01, p12

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, .... forced out of his job .... he was shocked to find staff in a mental ward had been falsifying suicide watch records. .... the Home Office is "a terrible place". .... the Home Office bureaucracy has "spiralled out of control". .... "Civil servants .... not used to putting things into practice .... Very few of our ministers have ever run anything, either - they're all professional politicians. ...."


"I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig." - Andrea Dworkin, leading feminist speaker, speaking through a character in her book Ice and Fire. Gloria Steinmen says of Andrea Dworkin; "In every century, there are a handful of writers who help the human race to evolve. Andrea is one of them". Quoted by Warren Farrell in his book; Women Can't Hear ...., pub. Tarcher/Putnam 1999, p179.

Recently, Dworkin co-authored a book with the other extremist Catherine MacKinnon, who played a part in drafting recent Canadian legislation.

".... rape, which by conservative definition happened to almost half of all women at least once in their lives." - C A MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State, pub. Harvard Univ. Press 1989, p142.

Do children come first?

- Cristina Odone, Observer, 20jan02, p23

.... a baby had been ditched at the roadside by his mama. .... the 24-year-old had already dumped an older child, whome she had left with her mother to raise. Charles, the three-month-old baby she left near the airport of Faro had a cleft lip and palate. .... Dismissing a life as if it were an uninvited guest; opting for instant gratification .... placing self above others - all deserve to be roundly condemned ....

Yet it is not. Or at least not by the liberal commentators .... 'It is not always easy being a parent,' proclaimed one headline, above a piece which went on to lay the blame for bad mothers like Penny squarely on - you guessed it - men. .... It allows women to regard motherhood as a project which entails no more commitment than a Berlitz course in French, which they can .... always drop out of.

.... an arena for competing rights .... she wins, hands down, every time .... lots of supporters .... will raise a wail of apologies on her behalf.

[I am mystified by the remark "the liberal commentators" being allowed in the Observer. For years, the Observer/Guardian stable has fronted a more vicious attack on the family and on men than anyone else. However, it seemed to wobble more than a year ago, when it allowed in Rabinovich even though she was under the influence of Oliver Cyriax. Perhaps Melanie Phillips could go back now! - Ed]

The Real Goal of Feminism: Transforming Society

- Antonia Feltz, 2/3/00

Speech delivered at the Inverell Forum. At www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk/THE REAL GOAL OF FEMINISM.htm

This is perhaps the definitive anslysis and indictment of what I call the Radfem Ideology, but Feltz would tend to make me call it Feminazi. Reading it had a powerful effect on me. Show it to your well-meaning women friends. - Ed

How fathers fit into the family

A fact sheet for secondary schools from CIVITAS which is in general agreement with ManKind. For example;

"Statistics about children who do not live with their fathers can be grim. On almost every outcome that has been tested, including educational achievement, self-esteem, responsible social behaviour, and adjustment as adults, children do better when they live with both parents."

See www.ivorcatt.com/2801.htm

CIVITAS, tel 020 7401 5471 www.civitas.org.uk

The cost of Radfem policies

Generally, Britain plans to follow NZ's expensive radfem policies, which our chairman said would bankrupt them..

Date: 08 January 2002 06:02

Dear Julian,

RE New Zealand, navy cuts and RW's prediction.

Do you recall the email exchange we had [two years ago] about New Zealand and its expenditure on social services and legal aid ?

I said it would soon have to give up its defence capability and rely on Australia if it continued on its present path.

Well, it looks like that prediction is coming true.

The BBC reports, within the last 48 hours, that NZ is to give up most of its surface fleet.

I got it slightly wrong when I said that all they would be left with would be a few frigates. It seems that they're going to give those up and keep the supply ships instead.

And the airforce, of about 18 planes, is up for sale too.

Robert Whiston

Cohabitees to adopt children!

With or without children, only 4% of cohabitees stay together for more than 10 years. Source, Lynette Burrows, our conference speaker.

The right to life

Sadly, Afghan women have been deprived of their right to education, employment, and freedom of movement. At the same time, many thousands of Afghan men have been selectively targeted in a series of involuntary inscriptions, forced detentions, torture, and executions. As a result, many thousands of innocent men have lost the most precious right of all: the right to life. [Full article at www.ivorcatt.com/2006.htm]

The Intervening Variable

Kaye Wellings et. al, Sexual Behaviour in Britain, pub. Penguin 1994, is the Gold Standard of statistics on the subject. Of particular interest is their figure for homosexual practice. pp183/5, find homosexuals number only around 1% of the population. (Ill Eagle 10, p2) Buggery is a tiny minority sport, as is even the desire to bugger.

The winter 01/02 issue no. 106 of the FYC Bulletin, p1, discusses the follow-up articles to the Wellings book, published in the Lancet of 1dec01 (vol. 358). Here we see interesting manipulation of facts for political ends. "The whole thrust of the article is immensely encouraging to the govt, .... the most important predictor of early motherhood is given as the educational level of the teenage girl. .... [also,] 'the factors most strongly associated with risk behaviour and adverse outcomes have considerable potential for preventive intervention'.

"Lurking in all these columns of figures is the uncomfortable fact of family structure. .... [the article] ignores the extent to which educational level and family structure are linked. [i.e. bad famly structure causes both teenage pregnancy and also bad educational outcome.] Anyone who thinks that standards in education can be raised irrespective of the home backgrounds of pupils obviously hasn't been in a school lately. Unless the govt's teenage pregnancy strategy is prepared to take family structure on board, the 'potential for preventive intervention' may be less than the authors of this study seem to think."

The last paragraph chillingly contrasts Wellings's statistic on people admitting to ten or more partners with the large number who had had no partner at all; ".... for many people, the breakdown of the family brought about by the sexual revolution has resulted in lives characterised by loneliness and sterility." FYC (Family & Youth Concern) is at www.famyouth.org.uk

Josephine Smith

Shot her husband as he slept. Convicted in 1993. Women's groups criticised the verdict. Has now been referred to the Court of Appeal. www.ivorcatt.com/2007.htm

More girls than boys shoplift

- John Steele, Telegraph, 5dec02

[21,000 men and 24,000 women] .... the growing predominance of schoolgirls .... was most worrying. .... some offenders came from troubled backgrounds but about 50% were from affluent families.

Prostate cancer and diet

.... if you have any specific questions relating to prostate cancer and diet, .... email diet@prostate-cancer.org.uk or ring 020 8222 7622




Catch 22

Fiebert, available on my website www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk and numerous other sources show us that domestic violence (DV) is initiated more often by women than by men. This creates a major problem when we discuss the issue with our female allies. They know that women are not violent.

Some years ago, I emphasised to Melanie Phillips and to Erin Pizzey that whenever they make the assertion, that women attack men more often than men attack women, they must add the caveat that there is very little violence started by anybody. Home Office Report No. 191, which gives violence from women as well as men at 4.2%, is a useful reference.

The assertion that women too are violent, made on its own, does not defend the traditional family. Quite the reverse. In contrast, if joined by the assertion that there is very little violence overall, it has a positive effect.

The anti-family axis which includes MacKinnon, Harman, Hewett, Dworkin, Stinko, Jay, Bindell, will be helped, rather than hindered, by assertions that women are violent as well. It is unwise to give them even more power, by helping their cause, which is to destroy the traditional family on the grounds that it is a dangerous place to be, as Stinko asserts.

We may diverge from some of our perceived allies on this matter. For instance, those who want to get funding for refuges for male victims may exaggerate the problem. What would be legitimate would be for them to assert that the problem of male victims equals that for female victims. Let us hope that they desist from any tendency to go beyond that. Mary Cleary of AMEN, who set up the first refuge for battered men, and who now receives funding from the Irish govt, does not overstep this mark.

The Domestic Violence Industry, which includes those who try to set up refuges for men, continually broadens the definition of Domestic Violence in order to increase their funding and their job security. Their definition, which is accepted by government, now includes "Financial Violence" - the withdrawal of money from one's spouse. It also includes shouting and also threat of violence. (Extraordinarily, when Stinko says that one quarter of women experience DV in the home, she is also saying that three quarters of women have never been shouted at!) Given this, it is of major importance that those who correctly say that men assault women no more less than women assault men, include discussion of their definitions in the same piece.

The issue is clouded by the fact of attacks by men on men. However, that is a completely different issue. The key to this is difference chivalry. Today it is completely overlooked, for good reason, that from the cradle boys are taught to never attack a woman, and they never do. The reason why this incessant training is ignored is that it clashes with radfem dogma, that men are trained to oppress women, for instance fathers sexually abusing their daughters in order to prepare them for oppression later on within marriage. The continuance of a heavy theme of chivalry in our society had to be overlooked if radfem dogma were to gain a hold, as it has. The continuing reign of chivalry means that women may attack women, men may attack men, women may attack men. Any attack by men on women is outlawed.

The reality, that men do not attack women, explains the increasing shrillness of such charges; for instance, the fantastic charge that men regularly kick pregnant women in the stomach. Since the whole thing is a lie, it may as well be further embroidered.


- Dina Rabinovirch, Guardian, 26nov01, p6

.... Last year was not good for Pizzey: she was diagnosed with cancer, and her grandson, Kelta, a schizophrenic, committed suicide in a prison cell. .... she managed to have the case reheard - last month a jury .... found unanimously that his death was contributed to by the neglect of prison staff. .... a "legal landmark" ....

.... the statistic that every third day a woman in this country is beaten or killed by a current or ex-partner. When I repeat this to PIzzey, it causes her to grimace. She doesn't accept the thesis - that only men need to change their behaviour - or the figures.

"If you come from a dysfunctional, violent and sexually abusive family, how do you learn? Therefore, domestic violence can't be a gender issue, it can't be just men ...."


"One in four women experience domestic violence at some stage in their lives"

Poisonous, socially destructive Stinko lies put out by the Church of England; www.oxford.anglican.org/docs/100189446124996.shtml

Dear Mr. Catt, I request that you stop all communication with me. I find the letters you forward to me abusive and distressing. I am certain that your rmother and sister would be appalled if they knew that you were so unkind to people you have never met. Sincerely, Professor EA Stanko 20March 2000

ESRC defends Radfem 'research'


Dear Mr. Catt, .... the complaint which you sent to us .... in which you claimed that Professor Betsy Stanko had falsified a (research) result, namely that 1 in 4 women experience Domestic Violence in the home. .... the source of the complaint was a publication entitled "Counting the Costs" .... published in 1998 by Crime Concern. .... I cannot find any grounds for supporting the view that the findings in the report are falsified. In fact the report is very careful in its methodology and the basis for its conclusion, and does so in transparent detail. There seems therefore to be absolutely no case for this to be seen as falsification and I cannot therefore accept your complaint. Yours sincerely, Chris Caswill, Director of Research, ESRC chris.caswill@esrc

Full text at www.ivorcatt.com/2004.htm


Take care of the sounds, and the sense will take care of itself - Lewis Carroll

In Redbourn in the '60s, I went across the road to a further education lecture series by a gardener. Since he was a real gardener, his middle class audience listened in rapt silence. They admired The Common Man. However, I realised that the gardener, having heard lectures, and knowing what they sounded like, was actually making noises which sounded like a lecture, but which had no content. Fearing that my suppressed guffaws would offend my anxious neighbours, I never attended again.

Radfems, using the argument that rationality is part of patriarchal oppression, have taken over large swathes of academia and filled it with such gobbledeygook. A good example is of course Catherine MacKinnon, Toward a Feminiist Theory of the State, pub. Harvard UP 1989. I will quote a justification for such gobbledegook by two academics in England, Victoria Robinson and Diane Richardson; Introducing Women's Studies, pub. Macmillan 1993/7. On p2, Robinson writes;

"If a fundamental feature of Women's Studies is the simple yet radical belief in an approach to knowledge which places women at the centre of analysis (challenging an androcentric/phallocentric notion of knowledge which can be defined as men's experiences and priorities being seen as central and representative of all), then this realisation of a theoretical dishonesty has profound implications for how we organise, stucture, teach and research within the disciplines and the academy in general. This 'simple' shift in theorising and teaching recognises the politics of theory in terms of the so-called objuctivity of knowledge, which has failed to recognise and validate the diversity of experience of over half of mankind.

"Post-modern claims that to pursue a total theory is mistaken and essentialist, given that to do so inevitably means to generalise and universalise, have informed this feminist theorising."

Wow! The very idea that radfems do not generalise!

The undermining of academic precepts, by men like Feyerabend, pre-dates the radfems. Taking advantage of scientific treachery by F and others, we now see a full-scale, largely successful, radfem subvertion of the probity of academia.

The radfem fixation on the penis recurs (/phallocentric). Radfems, including lesbian radfems, think and talk about the penis far, far more often than men do.

How exams are fixed in favour of girls

The article with the above title by Dr Madsden Pirie from The Spectator, 20jan01, was printed in Ill Eagle 14, p8. I added a footnote;

The attack on Physics is gong on hand in hand with the attack on Maths. They are the two subjects I did at A level in 1953, gaining a State Scholarship to Cambridge. Because girls do better at Geography than at Physics, Physics has now been turned into a branch of Geography. It is particularly destructive to corrupt Physics by bringing ecology propaganda into it. True Physics is objective, value-free. - Ed

The future for Science

".... the oppressed may make better biologists, physicists, and philosophers than their oppressors. Thus we find the feminist theorist Hilary Rose saying that male scientists have been handicapped by being men. A better wcience would be based on women's domestic experience and practice. Professor Virginia Held offers hope that 'a feminist standpoint would give us a quite different understanding of even physical reality.' Conversely, those who are most socially favored, the proverbial white, middle-class males, are in the worst epistemic position." - Christina Hoff Sommers, Who stole feminism?, pub. Simon & Schuster 1994, p74.

The Black Hole: Women's Studies, Science and Technology

- Lynda Birke and Marsha Henry

From the book Introducing Women's Studies, ed. academics Victoria Robinson and Diane Richardson, pub. Macmillan 1993/97, pp 221 and 222

.... At the beginning of 'second-wave' feminism .... There was .... some hostility towards science within the women's movement, which sometimes collapsed into hostility towards women scientists .... .... science .... is stereotypically associated with masculinity ....

One important strand .... involves attempts to encourage women into science by various means, including changing the curriculum and its delivery. This has entailed, for example, developing 'girl friendly science' .... Challenging the content is, of course, rather more difficult. It is also rather threatening to many scientists, including many women scientists, and particularly so when feminists assert that science is masculine and needs to be changed. .... in 1985, one of us encountered hostility from a woman scientist in the audience: 'But if you succeed in changing it,' she agonised, 'it would no longer be science'. Indeed: it would no longer be the kind of science that so many of us have criticised. [Note that this is only in the 1997 edition, when boys had already fallen behind in 'science'! - Ed]

Feminization of Maths

My article with the above title in Male View oct98 referred to the article by Marian Chester Coombs in the journal Chronicles, oct97, p47, which discusses the attack on maths also taking place in the USA entitled Dumb and Number. ".... to cripple all, by making girls' 'learning style' mandatory for all. Mathematics .... is being neutered ...." Elsewhere, in Ill Eagle, I have said that Physics has been turned into a subset of Geography, because girls do better in Geography and boys in Physics. (Example; What are the similarities between our Moon and a certain planet of Jupiter? - GCSE Physics today. Next, perhaps boys will be learning the names of the rivers of Wales, because water flows downhill - a potential question in Physics which I learnt in Geography class in my Welsh school.)

We have now reached the stage where, as reported by the headline in the Telegraph, 12jan02, p1, "Girls win all the way from primary to university." The article says; "At both school and university, the gap between the sexes has widened as the nature of testing has changed.

"More emphasis has been put on coursework and continuous assessment, which reward steady application, and less on 'sudden death' exams, which are thought to favour boys."

The article misses altogether the removal from syllabi of content in which boys excel.

Now that girls are well ahead at all levels, even in maths, perhaps those who control education and have, at the behest of feminists, removed course material in which boys excel, might allow us to restore some parts at least of the doctored syllabus. Would women in general settle for mere sex equality in exam achievement? That would let us restore some key concepts in maths and physics. An example in A level Maths and Physics is the couple, or torque, which girls tend to have more trouble with. Another is angular momentum. A society which bans key concepts in the interests of equality puts itself at a disadvantage internationally.

Another factor is suicide. As the suicide rate among young men continues to escalate, their examination performance will deteriorate further. Someone contemplating suicide does not study so well. A reduction in the massive man-bashing in all the media would help here. It damages young men more than older, because the young have only ever experienced the current anti-male vituperation.

A good man is hard to find

- Eugen Hockenjos (honorary member of ManKind), Guardian, 20mar96, p2

Tommy is a quiet four-year-old living with his mother in Islington. He hasn't seen his father since mum left a relationship in which she felt abused. He likes playing with super-heroes. Since mum started a part-time job he gets looked after by a child minder who has a baby of her own. Next month he will start nursery. In Islington, 97 per cent of nursery staff are female. When he moves to primary school he will be welcomed by a teaching staff which, if it is anything like the national average, will be 80 per cent female. Should his mother have problems requiring help from the social services he will again see only women in the caring roles, as, similar to other local authorities, Islington's pool of social workers is 82 per cent female.

There is also little chance for Tommy to encounter a caring male during his contact with social services, as many of the male staff are allocated to deal with drug or alcohol-dependent clients, or those with HIV/Aids, and are often preoccupied with tasks considered too dangerous for Ilsington's women social workers. How will Tommy learn to care if he has no access to male role models? .... The absence of men in caring roles is escalating. ....

[Does the government introduce a policy aimed at restoring the proportion of men in teaching to 50%, as for the Commons, where the female representation is around 20 or 25%? Read on. - Ed]

IT must put gender on the agenda

- Rachel Fielding 18jan02

It's time for IT to put gender on the agenda. It may sound trite but that's the message from industry bodies and human resources executives from some of the world's largest IT recruiters.

Speaking at the Computer Software and Services Association (CSSA) conference to tackle the women in IT issue, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Patricia Hewitt has called for greater collaboration between industry, government and education to tackle the issue head on.

"It is pathetic that fewer women are entering the IT industry than 20 years ago. The opportunities for industry and the economy in general are huge," she said.

Encouraging women to enter and stay in IT jobs is more than simply an altruistic ideal. It makes more business sense than ever, although getting that message through to the industry is proving a pretty hard nut to crack.

Ian Watmore, managing director of Accenture in the UK, said that equal representation and "equal perception" of his company by females was essential.

"It's not just a moral and ethical argument, it makes common sense," he explained. "By 2010 I will represent a minority - white, able bodied males. Eighty per cent of the growth market of the future will be women."

And although companies continue to complain about skills shortages in certain areas, the situation is compounded because they're recruiting from a pool that is half its potential size. Women represent over half of the potential workforce in this country, but only 22 per cent of the IT workforce.

The figure is more shocking as the number of IT jobs in the UK has grown by over 50 per cent in the last five years, with proportionally less women being recruited than before. As recently as 1994, women made up 29 per cent of IT employees, according to government figures.

"We need to do something at a grassroots level to change the image of the industry and share lessons about how some employers have succeeded in broadening their recruitment," said Anne Cantelo, project director at national training organisation e-skills NTO. The body has launched IT Compass, a website to attract individuals from non-IT backgrounds into the industry. ...

"We need an incentive structure to encourage all employers to invest in training and level out the playing field," he said Poodle-Man Lance Williams, human resources director at EDS.

A Barriers to women returning to IT report will be published by the Department of Trade and Industry on 21 January.

Schools are short of male staff, admits minister

- Rebecca Smithers, Guardian, 8jan02, p8

The govt yesterday admitted there was a worrying shortage of male role models in the classroom, after a Labour MP claimed that black boys were under-achieving because primary schools were dominated by women teachers.

The school standards minister .... admitted that .... more male role models were needed in schools.

The proportion of men entering primary teacher training courses is below the 15% target set for the teacher training agency. [A much smaller % than women MPs now in the Commons. Why not 50%? The implication that we need more women students because they will go part-time or withdraw, is surely matched by the fact that the attrition of male teachers as a result of false allegations will continue to rise. Is any effort being made to attract men to teaching by setting up procedures to give them better protection against false allegations?
Speak up, Patricia Hewett! Also note Baroness Margaret Jay, House of Lords, 20dec01, col. 392, arguing for increasing the number of women MPs above the present 18%; ".... unless we have [wo]men in public life [teaching] in much the same proportion as they are in the population .... rather higher than the 18% .... in the House of Commons at present - we lose [wo]men's distinctive perspective. There is a genuinely different women's perspective. Furthermore, we lose the different life and work experiences which [wo]men have and bring to the political [teaching] process." Also Baroness Seccombe, col. 386; ".... only 18% [of MPs] are women. It cannot be denied that that is a sorry state of affairs." Thus, the previously quoted "15% target set for the teacher training agency" is aiming to achieve a sorry state of affairs. - Ed]

Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington [bordering Islington], said black boys needed boundaries and strong direction from "male mentors" at an early age. [This directly contradicts the radfem anti-patriarchy propaganda that if boys are left in the hands of women, they will avoid learning macho behaviour, and be passive and sweet. - Ed]

She said primary schools had become a feminine domain and called on the education secretary, Estelle Morris, to recruit more teachers from the Caribbean. .... "There's nothing wrong [with white women] but the fact is when these black children come into school aged five, the are doing as well as white and Asian children. By age 16 their achievement has collapsed, particularly black boys. [she said the issue was] a silent catastrophe. ....


"Black children are six times more likely to be excluded than others. Children in care run 10 times the risk .... 42% of young offenders are former excludees." - Mary Riddell, Observer, 20jan02, p24

".... more than two-thirds of Afro-Caribbean families are .... single mother." - Eamon McMahon, Letter, Observer, 13jan02

From the Guardian, 31jan02; "Among the statistics contained in Social Trends is the frequency of mental illness among children. Around one in 10 adolescents had some form of mental disorder and children of lone parents were twice as likely to suffer mental health problems as those from "couple families". Mental illness is closely related to class. Only 5% of children of social class 1 families had such disorders, compared to 14% of children of social class 5.

Even more alarmingly, as many as 2% of children aged between 11 and 15 had tried to 'harm, hurt or kill themselves'."

Deadbeat dads: Victims?

- Laurence A. Elder, 30jan02

Full text at www.ivorcatt.com/2019.htm

.... this angry response from an eighth-grade inner-city public school teacher:

"As an African-American public school educator in a school that serves an urban demographic, I'm intimately familiar to the genesis of these irresponsible fathers. There is little the government can do to help these men. They must first help themselves, and their communities must help them help themselves.

This year, 95 percent of the black boys I educate are failing my eighth-grade algebra class, despite all of them being at least as capable [if not more] than those that are passing. These 95 percent waste most of their class time, do little or no homework, are preoccupied with sports and girls, deride the 5 percent passing my class as "weak" or "soft," are consumed with wearing the latest "gear," only read when their teacher pleads, and laugh when they get Fs.

While I love them as intensely as I love my own son, I loathe their academic skills, attitude and commitment. I have no doubt the public school system has ruined them with years of inexperienced/uncommitted teachers who haven't demanded or expected the level of performance I have of them. Not surprisingly, none of these boys has a father at home (conversely, the 5 percent that are passing do). Very few of them are promising athletes, which, combined with their poor academic performance and social skills (many of the girls find them quite undesirable), you have the recipe for gang-bait. The help these young men need starts at home. ....

I take little pride in being the first black man they've known who a) went to college; b) doesn't smoke, do drugs or abuse alcohol; c) doesn't try to be a "playa"; d) consistently speaks standard English; e) doesn't have a criminal record. Black people must simply stop having children that cannot be responsibly reared, period. It's obvious to me why this issue is never emphasized by the social service advocates: You can't get government money for something most people should learn at home ..."


Tories target the causes of crime

- Philip Johnson, Telegraph, 9jan02

.... Oliver Letwin, shadow home secretary, .... focusing on social ills that fuel criminal behaviour - notably an absence of fathers from millions of broken homes. .... crime .... was particularly pronounced where there were a large number of broken homes. "Britain suffers from an epidemic of father absence," he said. "More than a fifth of our children now live without their fathers and, for half of these, contact is so infrequent that they are effectively fatherless." .... if a neighbourhood is allowed to go to rack and ruin crime will quickly take root. ....

Marriage works, so what is the point of a pale imitation?

- Oliver Letwin, Shadow Home Secretary, Telegraph, 25jan02, p28

.... The Civil Partnerships Bill .... provides us with the opportunity to restate sociaty's commitment to marriage and the special obligations and benefits that it entails. .... society particularly benefits from the fact that children brought up by married parents are more likely to have a stable background. .... children born to cohabiting couples are twice as likely to see their parents separate as children born within marriage.

The Conservative approach is based on outcomes - it does not stem from dogma, or from a particular set of religious values. .... politicians .... should leave well alone when they encounter long-standing institutions .... We must build on success. We must do noting to undermine the institution of marriage.

That is why the Civil Partnerships Bill does not merit support. It provides rights .... that are already available to couples through marriage.....

Providing a watered-down variant of marriage would serve only to undermine the institution, and increase the risk of the state intruding into people's lives in order to discover whether the extent of their cohabitation justifies the rights that they would claim. .... the state should intrude less into people's lives. This principle is more likely to be upheld if we keep faith with institutions, such as marriage, that are the bulwark against state interference. Marriage is clear cut, whereas weaker alrternatives would involve the state inquiring into the length or type of people's relationships: an increase in intrusion into our lives. ....

Marriage, which has proved itself to be a force for good, must remain one of our essential foundations.

[Full article is at www.ivorcatt.com/2005.htm ]



Megaphone Diplomacy

- Mathew Mudge, 29jan02

Dear All,

As planned, on Friday 25th January 2002 from 18:30 to 20:15, between 35 and 40 Equal Parenting Coalition demonstrators manned a peaceful but very vocal picket outside the Severnshed Restaurant in The Grove, Bristol. The occasion was the annual dinner of the Bristol Solicitors Family Law Association and marked the first demonstrating event of 2002.

The weather was less than helpful being somewhat windy and wet but did not prevent the generation of a warm reception for those attending the dinner. Many colourful placards were evident as well as the new EPC handouts bearing the new logo (big thanks to Matt OConnor).

Our new megaphone (courtesy of Spike and Julie) was put to good use (after some initial teething trouble getting the batteries in the right way !) and the diners were left in no doubt about our reason for being there. Sheepish looks were the order of the evening, made only worse by the courtesy of the protesters. Anson Allen had to be seen to be believed sporting a shirt (with a collar !), bow tie and bowler hat, Anson provided a doorman service (with umbrella) for those being dropped off at the restaurant door. Bolder souls parked further up the street and walked past us, braving the presence of fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends and supporters.

The demo was covered by a reporter and press photographer from the Bristol Evening Post and Anson is liaising with them about press releases etc. One new record to note a great grandmother had braved the elements and travelled all the way from Cardiff for the event.

Anyone know the details of the Great Grandparents Federation ?

May I publicly thank all those who attended, several who did not quite make it due to traffic hold-ups, and those who telephoned their support during the protest. Our thanks too for the patience and understanding demonstrated by the staff of the Severnshed Restaurant who took it all with grace and in good humour.

It would be remiss of me not to thank the van full of local constabulary officers who were present throughout. I introduced myself to them at the beginning of the evening and made sure they knew we were not there to cause trouble. One officer thanked me for my trouble and pointed out to me that he recognised me from the Bath demo where he had been on duty too. The officer asked for leaflets for one of his colleagues in the back of the van who was experiencing the same difficulties in his private life and quantities of leaflets, posters and membership forms were handed over.

To conclude, I am in no doubt about the effectiveness of targeting such events for action and judging by the many favourable comments received on the night from by-passers, bus, van and lorry drivers (and even from some of those attending the dinner), we are succeeding in our aims of raising public awareness and generating public sympathy for the plight of our children. Now is not the time to relax.

Even a year ago, we would have all been delighted to have a crowd of 40 people attend a demo in the middle of summer. To do so in January on an evening of quite dreadful weather indicates how far we have come in such a short time.

Our children now need us to convert this number from tens into hundreds and then thousands. Many more events are being planned and absolute support and commitment is now vital. I am not writing this for the regular attendees quite rightly I could be accused of preaching to the converted. We must now encourage and motivate all those who have yet to support a demo to do so. I have yet to meet the person who attends only 1 demo and then walks away EVERYONE who comes once will be made welcome and I'm sure, will wish to keep coming.

That's all for now watch for details of the next demo. Kind regards and best wishes to everyone; Matthew Mudge, Cardiff. Also see www.ivorcatt.com/2013.htm

Sunday fathers: their untold story

- Maureen Freely,

Marie Claire dec01

.... Above all, we must resist the tendency to use children as weapons in a continuing battle against another partner or another adult. .... 40% of fathers lose contact with their children within two years of separation or divorce. This is a famous statistic and is usually read at meaning 40% of post-divorce dads are either deadbeats - who don't want to know or pay for their children - or beyond the pale in some other way. They must have histories of abuse, neglect or violence, people assume.

However, it is beginning to emerge that a large number of these fathers are unjustifiably stereotyped. Hiding inside this shadowy 40% are hundreds of thousands of ordinary men who have been barred from seeing their children and often for reasons that would be deemed sexist if applied to women.

.... the Children Act, for all its fine words about shared parenting, gives non-resident parents - usually the father - only one right: the right to apply to a court to see their child.

However, this is rarely made explicit. As one father told me, 'No one tells you anything. You go to a solicitor, who tells you nothing .... .... the court reporter decided his two girls did not want to see him because that's what they said in an interview conducted in the presence of the mother. When this father asked why the family court reporter hadn't spoken to the girls alone, she said, 'Actually, I was thinking of taking them for a walk, but it was raining.' When he asked if she might have made a different decision if it had been sunny and she had taken the girls for that walk, she replied, 'Yes, I probably would have done.' But by then it was too late to undo the damage.

.... a court reporter can make any recommendations for any reason. There is no established way for her to make sure she's not unduly influenced by any personal views she might have about what is 'right' for a child. Due to added pressure of work, she is often obliged to arrive at her decisions quickly. There is no set form she must follow. There's not even a requirement that she ascertains the wishes of the children in a safe place where neither parent can pressurise them.

In one case, the court reporter cold find no reason why a child shouldn't see more of his father. She went on to say that, 'Nonetheless, the mother must be concerned about something', and advised that his contact be limited to two hours, once every six weeks. Another father with no signs of abnormality had to undergo three medical/psychological exams on the recommendation of a court reporter to prove he was normal. When the results were judged to be inconclusive because he only 'appeared normal', his application to see his children was denied. ....

Unfortunately, it is impossible to report on the precise nature of these cases as judgements are confidential. Not even the judiciary knows what the overall picture is. The can't even see if different judges or courts have different types of outcomes. There has been no effort to collate data on the first 1 million cases that have gone through the system. Everyone is in the dark.

But it would appear that the court's standard solution in contact cases is to support the parent it perceives as the primary carer and to marginalise the other. And there's a pretty solid consensus now among professionals that this isn't always good news for the children. ....

The Coalition for Equal Parenting, which includes mothers' as well as fathers' groups, would like a system in which it is much more difficult for one parent to make false allegations against the other. ....


[We shall be meeting more and more triumphalism, see below, since today an employer needs to avoid employing white males in order to steer clear of equality and sexist legislation. - Ed]

"Goodbye Boys"

- Maggie Brown, Radio

Times 12jan02, cover and p39

Meet the women who are taking over the news. ....

In announcing the appointment of [Kirsty] Young, Kevin Lygo, Channel 5's director of programmes, believes that he has found the answer. "The main news programmes have all been presented by men in their fifities and upwards, .... To have an intelligent, attractive, talented professional woman at the centre of our news and our channel is equally important. It is positioning the channel in keeping with what we are. She is a modern woman, a working mother: she personifies the values we aant to be associated with." ....

Attwell, 50, tuns the news content of BBC News 24, BBC World and services on BBC3 and BBC4. She recently watched a boxful of tapes from young hopefuls: 15 women, just two men. "I can't tell you the trouble I've had finding male presenters - ones of quality, able to cope with anything. They are really thin on the ground. ...."

So why are good male presenters so hard to find? "I don't know ...."

[Have young white males finally got the message, that a TV channel must use a non-white or a woman as front man in order to fend off Employment Tribunals, the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Race Relations Board. With a PC frontage, the TV company may get away with employing a few white males with technical skills in the background. - Ed]

The baby war

- Tessa Boase dares to be politically incorrect - Sunday Times News Review, 11nov01, p1

.... Supermums. But many childless women secretly call them an absolute pain. Is motherhood compatible with work?

.... I get no benefits equal to family pension or healthcare plans. .... none-parents are being cheated .... the "new found fury of the childless".

Largely missing from the debate is the question of whether couples become parents as a matter of absolute choice or whether they are meeting the needs of society, which should consequently take collective responsibility for children. ...."They're continuing the human race, for God's sake, ...."

What men earn will be revealed to women

- Sarah Womack, Telegraph, 6dec01, p4

Women will have the right to know how much male colleagues doing similar work are paid, the Govt announced yesterday.

Companies who refuse the information could be taken to an employment tribunal. The move is aimed at closing the 18 per cent pay gap between men and women in similar full-time jobs.

Patricia Hewitt, the Trade and Industry Secretary, said the employment law changes would not solve the problem of unequal pay overnight.

"A cultural change among employers to value women's contribution to business success properly was also needed," she said.

She wanted women to test an employer's equal pay policy by obtaining information about wages and job grades.

Too many women were becoming "detached" from well-paid jobs by motherhood, she said.

Mrs Hewett made her announcement in response to a report by Denise Kingsmill, the Govt's adviser on equal pay, which said employers' attitudes to equal employment and pay should be open to public scrutiny.

Firms were urged to launch pay reviews to make sure women staff were not being paid less than men.

Larger companies will have to publish details of how they train and recruit staff.

Thirty years after the Equal Pay Act, women are still getting paid less than men, resulting in a deficit that could add up to as much as 250,000 over a lifetime.

On average, for every 1 a man earns, a woman gets only 82p over both the public and private sectors.

In the banking and insurance sector, male pay averages approximately 18 per hour. Women receive just under 10.50.

[But see P Hewett and P Leach, Social Justice, Children and Families, pub. IPPR 1993, p iv;

"....The pay gap between women and men is largely a result of family responsibilities. The earnings of single childless women, on average, are over 95% of those of single, childless men: but married mothers earn, on average, only 60% of the pay of married fathers."

She has to avoid the significance of her own figures. She is using the failure of married mothers to earn much, to raise the pay of single women above that of single men. That will make young men even more unmarriageable, and accelerate the drop in the marriage rate and the birth rate, both already at crisis level, because women and men will pay an increasing penalty if they marry.

The missing statistic in the Hewett book is that single men, single women and married women all earn about the same (see Gilder), while Married men earn 70% more than all the others. However, there is enough information in the Hewett book to show that the present Hewett initiative is undertaken by an anti-social shyster bent on destroying the family, or else by a stupid woman.

Harman's 1993 book The Century Gap, p123, says; "Young men and women with comparable qualifications but who are not parents earn much the same as each other. When men become fathers their earnings are unaffected or increase; when women become mothers their earnings drop...." Harman, along with radfems in general, is immune to statistics, so her confirmation that singles earn the same is of limited value, but worth mentioning to show the hypocrisy extends beyond Hewett to the full coterie surounding Blair. - Ed]

Worms are crushed by a feminazi boot

- letter from Andrew Schofield, Telegraph, 8dec01

Some years ago, The Two Ronnies conjured up a vision of Stalinist feminism in a sketch called "The Worm that Turned". I never thought I would live to see it become a reality. Yet the announcement by Patricia Hewett that female employees are to enjoy the right to confidential salary information about their male colleagues (report, Dec.6), I believe I might.

It remains to be seen whether the courts uphold reciprocal rights for men. What is truly disturbing, and should worry women as much as men, is what it reveals of a government terrorised by political correctness and in thrall to a "feminazi" clique.

A series of bone-headed initiatives in the area of employment law is already in danger of diminishing the achievements of successful women. European and govt money funds sexually exclusive training centres, while bounties are offered to employers to hire female engineers and scientists.

The Equal Opportunities Commission is now seeking the right of automatic promotion for women, with the burden of proof shifted to employers to prove inadequacy or incompetence.

What next in the gender jihad? Men's health is already comprehensively neglected, in spite of reliable new screening methods for the scourge of prostate cancer. Men are routinely asset stripped in the courts without regard to the conduct of a former spouse. But overpromoted women present the thorniest problem of all, for the respect of peers is a matter of private conscience. Patricia Hewett, Harried Harperson and Labour's other unreconstructed feminists may have to consider an oriental mode of ritual obeisance. It could be the only way to keep this cruel and capricious show on the road.

- Andrew Schofield, Cambridge


Control of the media by radfems prevents the public from knowing that the denial of basic human rights to fathers is routine. The hidden agenda is the belief, fostered by Stinko of RHC, who is funded by the Home Office to fabricate false statistics, that the main threat to a child is its own father; that the reason why a father wishes to access his child is in order batter it or else to sexually molest it. This letter is one of many. - Ed

Dear Ivor, Thanks for sending me the extracts on the DV research and the goings on at RHC.

I sent copies on to my MP FD, pointing out that the Melanie Phillips quote - of lies about men being accepted as truth - was nowhere better adopted in vicious anti-male style than by our own A City Council, who despite knowing I have 'equal parental rights' AND a court order to see my son, supply my ex with 3 nights a week social work carers, babysitting whilst I pace the streets totally unable even to see my 6 year old. This is naked us of social work for political ends and the thin end of an ugly wedge. Social services being used to facilitate the exclusion of a man from his children and refusing even to discuss the matter.

Like many I am a not-too-proud-of-it member of FNF .... I very much appreciate the stance of the publications and hope I can be of some small help ....

All of the best, PH.

When ignorance is not bliss for the rest of us

I just do not understand why I know more about the law than all the salaried judges, relevant journalists and relevant Cabinet Ministers put together. Do none of them operate their brains when addressing legal matters?

"Ministers' revolt saves trial by jury. - Francis Gibb, Times, 21jan02, p1.

"Plans to scrap the right to trial by jury for many offences are to be abandoned in the face of strong opposition led by prominent members of the Cabinet. .... One option would be to implement Sir Robin's proposal for a formalised system of plea-bargaining, increasing incentives for defendants to plead guilty before magistrates. Conviction in the Crown Court would result in heavier punishment. ...."

Plea-bargaining increases the conviction rate, and will always be exploited by the police. Even after the end of Thatcher, their promotion will still be linked to their conviction rate. However, the most insidious factor, which none of these highly salaried people link in, is parole.

I am in correspondence with many falsely imprisoned prisoners who refuse to admit to a crime they did not commit, and so serve their full sentence rather than only half. I set out to organise a "crossed fingers behind your back" "confession", so that the prisoner could proceed to sue all the rogues to framed him, even after "admitting" the crime so as to get out of prison and back home earlier. (My friend, the wife-murderer Charles Hanson, see Ill Eagle 10, p4, www.ivorcatt.2000.htm whose help I needed, refused to help, so I gave up.) I think particularly of a policeman framed on a rape charge and still in prison in Northern Ireland, who finally, after some years, succumbed and falsely admitted guilt so as to get back to his wife and children two years earlier. (He tells me that he now faces listening to courses run by virulent radfems, which he finds extremely upsetting, on how to not rape again.) It seems that none of the judges, politicians and journalists have the motivation to think these matters through, although it is easy to do so. Another man, Koupparis, who was framed and sentenced to four years, discussed in my book The Hook and the Sting, on my old website www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk, told me he served his full term so that afterwards he would still be able to sue for wrongful imprisonment. These cases are all around us, but not around politicians, judges and journalists.

What is so terrifying is that a highly intelligent woman friend of mine stuck to the disastrous idea that admission of guilt has to remain the first atep in the rehabilitation process, even though she was familiar the way all the lawyers and juddges in my divorce case welcomed perjury, and knew that it was rampant in the courts. So it is not only politicians, judges and journalists who refuse to use their brains when addressing these terribly important matters.

A legal and criminal system run by people whose only interest is their golf handicap is threat to every one of us. - Ed

False result fear over DNA tests

- Nick Paton Walsh,

Observer, 27jan02, p11

One in every hundred forensic tests performed on the DNA of suspected criminals may give a false result, according to the first research of its kind into laboratory error rates. .... DNA testing is widely used to convince juries of a suspect's guilt or presence at the scene of a crime, and was thought to be almost flawless.

The findings will shock British DNA laboratories, which deny that errors exist. .... the first accuracy tests carried out on DNA laboratories [in Texas] .... calculated .... error had occurred in 12 in every 1,000 tests. ....

Charles Hanson

W1638 Charles Hanson

H M Prison Kingston

Milton Rd., Portsmouth



Dear Ivor,

I regret that you do not see the way that all those prisoners who profess their so called innocence see things.

First let me say that I have met many many prisoners who tell you that they are innocent, in fact so many that all the innocent people must be in prison which suggests that the outside world is perhaps the more dangerous than I thought and perhaps prison is after all the safest place to be.

I have personally known those that have steadfastly maintained their innocence who would NEVER dream of admitting any guilt for short term gains like that clown in Northern Ireland. Stephen Dowling the lifer who was released last year after 27 years and was recently cleared by the Court of Appeal would have been released years ago had he admitted his guilt, as it was he was 10 years over his tariff when he was finally granted bail to await the outcome of his appeal which was a foregone conclusion, he too had a family and loved ones as did the Birmingham 6, the Guildford 4, Judith Ward, Stefan Kisvko, Andy Evans (did 21 years) and others.

NONE admitted their guilt, all were lifers and all had loved ones.

These weren't short term whingers like the person you refer to who wouldn't be able to claim false imprisonment let alone successfully challenge his conviction by the very dubious and dangerous ploy of "crossed fingers behind one's back" of admitting his guilt so as he can get out of prison to fight on, what form would that fight take I wonder telling the world he is guilty but it's only a game?

The criminal justice system does not play games and since I broached this subject last year I later spoke to my solicitor about this approach and I have to tell you that he was horrified.

The very nature of your proposal most surely and will certainly bring into question whether anyone taking that route of deceit can be believed at all having denied his offence to start with, it would actually create more problems that it would solve and I am bound to say that it might suit you and serve your agenda but it most certainly is dangerous for the prisoner who would have to suffer the consequences of wrathful judges who would take the view for sure that in front of them they have a manipulative defendant whom it's very difficult to be sure of and to know what is lies and what is truth all based on a mechanism to avoid prison.

A person who would take that route you suggest is liable to take any route to escape prison whether it's being deceitful manipulative or informing on others, just to stop and think about the people in these places who might well have an arguable case to clear their name, who have refused to cooperate with the system and will not admit guilt at any price and then you come along and tell them to put up their hands up and confess if only to get released from prison.

They would I can tell you send you on your way.

Moreover once it becomes apparent that you are encouraging [prisoners to admit their guilt, it could also open to question as to whether the course of justice is being perverted.

I have NO disagreement with other aspects of what you do. I commend you on your campaigns and would be delighted to be an active participant if I were out there. I do however draw the line at the proposal to admit guilt with fingers crossed behind one's back.


My prison career has been involved with long term prison regimes and I am bound to say at this all lifer prison Kingston we have prisoners who will never be released and if I was a betting man I would say I will be one of them. At the age of 56, my tariff expires when I am 61 and that is only the minimum term there is NO guarantee of release. And yet if I were innocent and was offered the chance of release if i admitted guilt I would tell them to go to hell, I would go out on my terms as an innocent man, no deals, no games and no head games as an innocent man my freedom wouldn't be open to negotiation.

I have seen many prisoners go for years professing innocence only to admit that they did commit the offence, they just couldn't face up to it, they had involved family in their innocence sometimes costing them fortunes in legal bills etc. only to turn round and HAVE to apologise to them for leading them up the garden path.

The group of prisoners most likely to deny their offence are sex offenders, rapists etc. They are kept apart from the general prison population for fear of attack. I have met many prisoners who over the years have told me they were burglars, armed robbers or their murder offence was the result of a fight in a pub etc.

When the real nature of their offence becomes known they disappear into segregation leaving prisoners who knew him as a friend feeling somewhat silly and deceived and that prisoner will become a pariah and regarded as scum by most prisoners.

Me? I am not judge and jury, the courts have already judges all.

I think that when you make references to some official in this case a judge "one of our most senior judges said that 10% of those in jail were innocent" it would be helpful to name your source as it becomes mere anecdotal otherwise and questionable to say the least.

Well these are my comments on what you sent me.

I trust that you are keeping well and apart from any set backs you march on still with your campaigns which I am bound to say are most worthy.

Yours sincerely, Charles Hanson.


FNF Annual Report 1993

Report of Directors

.... 2 Principal Activities

The principal activities are:

a to conduct research into the problems concerned with children deprived of the presence of a parent and parents deprived of access to their children;

b .... to publish research findings ....

These are two of the four items abcd under "Principal activities" for FNF. I continue to find it astonishing that FNF remains indifferent to my discovery, and Canadian Senator Anne C Cools's independent discovery, that a child has not right of access to its parent, is a matter of total indifference to FNF. What do they think about then?

Will FNF publish our findings? - Ed

Doubts grow over Jill Dando verdict

- Tony Thompson, Observer, 8july01, p12

".... growing unease about the safety of the conviction."

[When the Plods have worked for a year without success, and spent a million in the process, they call in their First Reserve Villain, who is usually today's equivalent of the Village Idiot, and charge him. They prefer to choose a Village Idiot with a record of petty crime, who is idiot enough to think he deserves what is coming. This gets the Daily Mail off their backs for a few years, hopefully through to their retirement, when the conviction is thrown out. ManKind should probably get involved in this recurrent travesty. ManKind is not limited to addressing corruption in the family courts. - Ed]

Smearing the Jury system

To Paul Robertshaw,

Lecturer in Law,

Cardiff University,


Dear Dr. Robertshaw,

re the article "Liverpool juries ....", Sunday Times, 6jan02, p4, by Tom Robbins, which mentions you.

It is helpful in a way that Judge Mumby jailed my colleague Mark Harris on trumped-up (Contempt of Court) charges for ten months (admittedly getting those phoney charges past a jury!). It is also helpful that Harris is firmly convinced that pressure from me and others made Mumby get him out after a two months, so that Harris continues to demonstrate outside Mumby's home over Munby's misbehaviour in court, which was the real reason why Munby cooked up the charges in the first place.

As you probably know, the secret Family Court system, presided over by Sloss, is in terminal decline. As they see the writing on the wall more and more clearly, we can expect its embattled judges, already behaving more or less totally alegally, to become more dangerous. This means that we would-be reformers need the protection provided by our peers in open court - the jury system.

Consideration of reducing the role of Jury Trials must be deferred until after the collapse and repacement of the Family Court System.

Ivor Catt, Editor, Ill Eagle. 6jan02

cc Sloss, Munby, Tom Robbins.

"It is unacceptable that the disagreements and failure of communication of adults should be allowed to obscure the needs of children both long term and short term in so sensitive, difficult and important a field. The children had unhappy experiences which should not be allowed to happen again." - Butler-Sloss, The Cleveland Report 1987, p11. When will Sloss begin to talk with father victims of her secret family courts, with a view to reducing the damage to their children? What about talking with men's charities?


.... a shift in power in Washingtoin .... Earlier this year, Washingtonian magazine poublished a list of "INs" and "OUTs" for 2001. On the OUT list the [redfem] National Organisation for Women [NOW] - an on the IN list was the Independent Women's Forum [www.iwf.org]. What a refreshing change!

Plus the influential Washington Post wrote a very positive article, calling IWF: "One of the few women's groups willing to challenge the central beliefs of feminist organisations, arguing that contemporary feminism is too willing to cast women as victime. This has resulted, the group believes, in an angry and intellectually rigid feminist viewpoint that believes affirmative action and other government programs are the only way to obtain true equality between the sexes." - IWF newsletter, 14dec01.





ManKind and Ill Eagle can be reached at:-

1). Suite 367, 2 Lansdowne Row,

London W1X 8HL.


2) www.ivorcatt.com/

3) Email Head.Office@mankind.co.uk


The Editor, Ivor Catt, 121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR, England.

( 01727 - 864257

Email ivor@ivorcatt.com


Dozens of sex offenders win right to appeal

- Robert Verkaik, Legal Affairs Correspondent, Independent, 28dec01

Dozens of convicted paedophiles are to have their cases reheard by the Court of Appeal amid concern that the methods used by police to investigate child abuse have led to serious miscarriages of justice.

Many of the reviews centre on children's homes but others involve step-parents whose convictions have been referred to the Court of Appeal by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC). The "test cases" will be followed by an inquiry by MPs into child-abuse prosecutions over the last 30 years amid charges that police "trawled" children's homes and prisons for new complainants.

The moves highlight the difficulty in securing safe convictions against paedophiles and follow a controversial proposal by Lord Woolf, the Lord Chief Justice, that some suspected sex offenders may need to be locked up before they have committed a crime.

Lawyers bringing the test cases have been working closely with an all-party parliamentary group, whose members include Baroness Williams of Crosby and the MP for Crosby, Claire Curtis-Thomas. Last week the group won an agreement from the Home Affairs Select Committee for an inquiry into child-abuse prosecutions, an issue many MPs believe has been ignored after the outrage over the trials of Sarah Payne's killer, Roy Whiting, and the pop mogul Jonathan King.

The group is particularly concerned about allegations investigated by Merseyside Police in the 1980s and 1990s. In a test case to be heard by the Court of Appeal in January a careworker at a Merseyside children's home, sentenced to 14 years in jail last year, is to have his case reheard after a key witness, a convicted criminal, withdrew his complaint, claiming he was encouraged to give evidence by the police.

The Court of Appeal will also hear the case of a 60-year-old careworker from Devon who claims the evidence against him consists of uncorroborated allegations made by serving prisoners. In a third case referred tothe court, a careworker from Penarth, south Wales, claims allegations against him relate to "non-specific events" over a long time. His solicitor, Tim Hacket said: "[South Wales] police deliberately search out ex-pupils, who generally [have] poor self-esteem or previous convictions, and then suggest names."

Ms Curtis-Thomas said: "A significant proportion of the victims in these cases have been identified while serving prison sentences or are known to the police in other contexts."

The select committee is also expected to look at the effect of compensation. Victims who allege child abuse are usually guaranteed compensation once they have achieved a conviction in the criminal courts.

In a letter to Chris Mullin, the select committee chairman, Ms Curtis-Thomas said: "There is much criticism about how the police trawl for victims and the way they conduct their interviews with the individuals who have allegedly been abused by leading the complainant into making or asserting allegations put forward by the police." She said once a careworker had been convicted, other complaints usually followed, yet many allegations referred to events 20 or 30 years ago that were hard to contest.

Sex offenders now make up a third of all new cases considered by the CCRC. A separate category of cases, also to be heard by the Court of Appeal, include step-parents convicted of child abuse many years after the event. In one case, a man from Kent had his conviction for raping his step-daughter quashed after the CCRC questioned the strength of the evidence.

Children's welfare groups said challenges to convictions should not deter the police from investigating allegations of abuse. Shaun Kelly, of NCH, formerly the National Children's Homes, said: "Very few people actually are convicted of child abuse. We are concerned about the number of allegations which are not made and the large number of cases which go unreported. The experience of child abuse which took place 15 and 20 years ago in this country is very similar to what happened in Ireland and Canada all these people can't be lying."

[The more convictions, the more money and children NCH will get to care for, and the higher Kelly's salary and job security. The Child Protection Industry keeps growing. I have told Claire Curtis-Thomas MP that this crisis links closely with divorce perjury. For our forecast of this scandal, see for instance Ill Eagle 4, sep99, Editorial and p4, Eddie Hampton; Esther Ranzen climbing on the dangerous bandwagon, Ill Eagle 6, p8; Ill Eagle 8, p3; Ill Eagle 12, p11, Ill Eagle 17, p2, etc. False Allegations were discussed by speaker Risbridger at the ManKind 28oct00 Conference. Nobody at the Moxon 1999 Leicester Conference on sex offences had the concept of a false allegation. Years ago I warned Betty Moxon of the Home Office, who was working to increase rape sentences, that compensation for so much wrongful imprisonment could be on a scale large enough to bankrupt the UK and US governments. She did not reply. She is deeply irresponsible. I established that nobody in govt has as part of their remit the problem of false allegations, see my website.

"To the Attorney-General. You cannot keep the lid down on the kettle any more. The pressure is too great. Ivor Catt, Editor, Ill Eagle. [sent to the Attorney-General on 25feb00, with a copy of Melanie Phillips, Sunday Times 20feb00.] - Ed.]

* A man was arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of a suspected paedophile found battered to death at his home, police said. George Crawford, 64, had been due to appear at Manchester Crown Court next month over allegations he abused four children in the 1970s and 1980s. Mr Crawford, who had no previous convictions for sex abuse, was expected to deny all charges.

- Robert Verkaik, Independent, 28dec01

We've debunked authority so long, there isn't any left

- Minette Marin,

Sunday Times, 20jan02, p17

.... Children know that adults cannot lay a hand on them without breaking the law. They are also well aware of the current obsession with paedophilia, so they know that they can threaten to call Childline with lurid allegations, if adults are becomoing tiresome; my daughter threatened me with this when she was only six.

Childcare theorists have done a great deal to undermine authority as well. Not long ago I sat next to the husband of a leading expert in the field; he was outraged by my admission that I sometimes tell my children to do things "because I say so". ....

.... it is dangerous for a society when the idea of authority breaks down, because without self-control, there will in the end be chaos. And chaos is no respecter of persons ....

Child Abuse

Hansard, 17oct01, col. 646

6.21 p.m. Earl Howe rose to call attention to the damage caused to families by false accusations of child abuse; and to move for Papers.

The noble Earl said: .... My concern can be summed up very simply. It is that alongside the worrying numbers of genuine child abuse cases there is a parallel cause for worry, which is that many innocent people are being wrongly accused of child abuse and whose lives in consequence are being turned upside down without due justification.

I should like to talk today about two of the triggers for false accusations. The first one is a phenomenon known as "recovered memory". .... families being torn apart as a result of adults - usually women - making retrospective accusations of childhood sexual abuse against a member of their family. The accused person - most often a father of hitherto impeccable character - would protest his inocence. A common thread in many cases was that the grown-up daughter had undergone a course of psychotherapy .... In 1998 the Royal College of Psychotherapists set up a working party .... Its unequivocal conclusions was that when apparent memories appear to be recovered after a long period of amnesia there is a high probability that those memories are false. .... its report reads ....: "Despite widespread clinical support and popular belief that memories can be blocked out by the mindh, no empirical evidence exists that supports the existence of repression or dissociation." .... uncritical acceptance by the police and social workers of claims about newly remembered abuse. The possibility of false memory is often either ignored or overlooked. .... alleged retrospectively against a care worker or teacher many years after .... The police often assume guilt .... the burden of proof is effectively reversed. .... harmful psychotherapeutic techniques are wreaking havoc with people's lives. ....

.... the second major trigger for false accusations .... Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy or MSBP. ....

There is a good case for making social workers personally and legally accountable for what they do. Presently - perhaps uniquely among professional people - they are not.

.... The channelling of considerable resources into chasing the falsely accused and the pursuit of flimsily based allegations have the effect of removing resources from where they arr really needed; namely, in the active prevention of real physical violence, such as was inflicted on Victoria Climbie.

.... Having made a personal study of these matters, UI believe themn to be of deep significance for the well-being of countless children and families up and down the country ....

6.36 p.m. Lord Warner: .... When I was a director of social services I had direct experience of the kind of obsessive behaviour to which he referred by way of an NHS consultant with a total attachment to anal dilatation. It took a huge effort by social services, the police and others to remove that person from child protection work. ....

I share with the noble Earl's concern over false or recovered memory. However, it is an extremely difficult area to regulate. It sits in the complex area of what transpires between a therapist and an unhappy person. Some therapists in the US in the 1980s, and in the UK in the 1990s, have undoubtedly taken the area of sexualk abuse and used it to sonvey a belief to their clients that it is at the root of their unhappiness. The unhappy person then uses the idea to satisfy his or her own needs as much as anything else. It is a serious and difficult problem. ....

6.43 p.m. The Lord Bishop of Birmingham: .... [frighteningly (radfem) Politically Correct, he drew mild criticism from numerous other speakers] .... Child abuse is hidesously common. It is not confined to any one class, race or gender. ....

6.48 p.m. Lord Carlile of Berriew: .... People do not plead guilty, knowing they will receive long terms of imprisonment, without being guilty on the whole. [How wrong he is. See Mitchell on Plea Bargaining later on. - Ed]

There has been criticism of the way the police obtain evidence. Detective Chief Superintendent Robbins of Liverpool is on record as saying that the police adopt a quite different approach to obtain evidence in these cases, but his remarks have been totally misunderstood. How else are the police to obtain evidence save by asking people in an even-handed way without creating prejudice if anything happened to them when they were in an institution years ago of which they wish to make a complaint? [Read Lord Eden and Lucas later on on Police trawling, and Claire Curtis-Thomas MP saying more than half the accusers are criminals! Also their financial reward. - Ed]

6.54 p.m. Lord Eden of Winton: .... we must be warned by the growing weight of evidence that the experts in the social services, the medical profession and the police can get things tragically wrong. It arises either because they have been conditioned to believe that everything the child says has to be true or they fail to interpret cprrectly the physical symptoms they may be examining. What is most dangerous of all is that they might have a pre-conceived presumption that abuse has taken place. If so, the child is then subjected to suggestible questioning designed to substantiate that opinion.

They appear to be too ready to jump to a conclusion on the flimsiest of evidence. In one or two cases I have heard about, when the police are brought in they sometimes trawl the neighbourhood to seek corroboration for that so-called evidence. [Police trawl through the prisons, offering financial reward. - Ed]

.... children .... might .... crave attention and in the process of craving attention they will deliberately put themselves into trouble and might even inflict harm upon themselves.

I have met several victims of false accusations: teachers and social workers. Some of them are in prison, some of them have served prison sentences and all of them have had their reputations completely destroyed. Some have maintained their innocence to this day and others have been proven innocent. .... The fmaily and, more importantly, the child have been deeply damaged. ....

7.6 p.m. Baroness Carnegy of Lour: .... in relation to this debate, no fewer than 160,000 cases of child abuse a year are alleged, of which only 40,000 go to a case conference and only 25,000 result in children being put on the register. ....

Something has to be done in general about the problem. I hope that the Government will not be bamboozled by all the detailed issues, but will see the problem clearly. Children who go into care needlessly suffer unnecessarily from it.. About 120,000 innocent adults who are accused every year need not suffer.

7.12 p.m. The Countess of Mar: .... Like the noble Earl, I have had a large number of letters from parents and grandparents accused of child abuse. Their children or grandchildren have been put on the "at risk" register, taken into care or made wards of court. What I read and have been told profoundly distresses and disturbs me. I am reminded of the witch hunts of previous centuries. This time, the victims are frequently nice middle class families [note what the bishop said - Ed] whose only fault is to be concerned about their child, who has ill-defined symptoms from which he or she does not rapidly recover. For various reasons, some social workers - I repeat that it is some, not all - are not prepared to consider that these conditions might be organic. Syspicion leads to referral, which leads to a huge investment in social serivces, health services and court resources. There is no presumption of innocence, as there is in other similar situations, and there seems to be no requirement for social services to prove guilt.

A terrible injustice uis done to the fmailies involved. Virtually without warning, the parent or parents find that they have been unjustly and unnecessarily investigated under the child protection proceedings of Section 47 of the Children Act 1989. Somehow, the Act has been so misconstrued as to enable some social services departments, paediatricians and organisations such as the NSPCC to abuse their powers, through misplaced zeal and ideology or through sheer incompetencem to create tremendous distress and psychological damage to parents, children and the wider family, sometimes destroying the family structure. There is no measuring the levels of anxiety or the harm done to children and their carers while the whole weight of the law is brought to bear on them.

Even when accusations of child abuse against a parent or parents have subsequently been withdrawn, often after prolongued and costly legal action, the stigma of being branded a child abuser by the local authority remains with the parents. Once a social services referral is placed on their Samson database, the details remain for ever, no matter what the outcome of later enquiries. The referral becomes common knowledge in the local community. Those who work with children, either as carers or teachers, are refused employment and those who have been active in the community or in voluntary work find that they are no longer required, especially if children or young people are involved.

These are people who have been proved innocent, yet they are treated like criminals. What is more, their sentence never ends. Their child, who is wrongly perceived as having been abused, is pities. Parents are afraid to seek medical treatment for themselves or their children. If they are brave enough to go to the doctor, their complaints are often dismissed as somatisation.

I know that many social workers, doctors and voluntary workers do wonderful work with seriously deprived children and their fmailies. I kow that they bridle against the incompetence of a small number of their colleagues. We need to think again about what we expect from social workers and to ask whether we are expecting too much. The communal hysteria that is generated around child abuse must have an effect on those who work with children. Are we being reasonable in our expectations? I think that perhaps we are not.

When I originally asked for an inquiry, I had no idea that the problem was so widespread. I am grateful that the Minister in another place has agreed to meet me with some of the parents concerned, but I fear that that may not resolve the problem. There is a need for an inquiry to resolve the problem, even if it is a Select Committee of inquiry, as the noble Earl has suggested. Abused parents need to be able to tell their stories. Solutions need to be sought and these dreadful injustices must be put right as far as possible. There needs to be a cleansing.

7.22 p.m. Lord Lucas: My Lords, I do not share the impression that I gained from the speech of the right reverand Prelate that, because of the horrendousness of the effects of child abuse, we should pay any less attention to the horrendousness of the effects of false allegations of child abuse. .... my feeling is that things do not feel right. There is tto much pain, and too many of the expressions of pain feel real and justified. The outlying situation is one in which we could reasonably expect there to be a witch hunt. ....

Professionals, too, have over the years consistently shown their ability to lose a sense of balance and professionalism. I lost trust in the NSPCC a few years ago when it ran an advertising campaign claiming that one in eight children in the subject of abuse. The NSPCC cannot see that child abuse is a term which should be reserved foe the serious abuse of children, which is far too common. Its claim would suggest that 100 or your Lordships had suffered child abuse and that perhaps 50 of your Lordships were child abusers. That is so far from reality and reason. It is very important that such an organisation maintains a sense of balance and professionalism. [At the FYC AGM, Guest Speaker Baroness Young, shadow Leader of the House, said that all Children's organisations were anti-family. Otherwise, she said, they would lose their government funding. - Ed]

.... I am particularly disappointed that the Department of Health should have published its consultation document as it has. The department has made great strides under the Government in evidence-based medicine. I applaud it for NICE, and I applaud it for doing the things that have needed doing for a long time. But here is an example of the Department of Health publishing a document which simply is not based on research or proper consideration. i hope that the department will recover its balance in this matter. ....

I want to pick up two particular points. I should be encouraged if it were possible for the accused to be given greater representation at case conferences. I believe that if a case conference had a professional present to look after the interests of the accused - be it a lawyer or anyone else - that would tend to hold the level or rationality and proper professionalism of the conference at a consistently better level than is sometimes the case.

Unlike the noble Lord, Lord Carlile, I do not like the practice of trawling. One can imagine it applied in a totalitarian society where the police might offer people 1,000 if they were able to give evidence against me that I had said something rude about the Government. It is too much of a temptation, particularly where the people being asked are themselves criminals or damaged people for one reason or another. it invites false accusation, especially when there is no penalty for making a false accusation. I believe that such a technique should be used with a great deal of care and be subject to the type of supervision which might be possible if an uindependent element were introduced into case conferences.


Dear Lord Howe,

Child Abuse

Your speech in the Lords on 17oct02 was valuable. I would like to add to what was said at that time.

Risbridger, when he spoke on false allegations at the 28oct00 ManKind Conference that I chaired (see my website), said that most false allegations occur during the divorce process. That point was entirely missing from the Lords debate. Many sources say that lawyers urge their divorcing clients to fabricate false allegations.

With regard to Munchausen's syndrome by proxy, I would add my wife's case, which is common. When a wife feels loss of control, she may make false allegations in order to gain attention for herself. This problem is most likely to occur when the children reach the age to leave home, or at the menopause. The need to assert control, or to assert power, links with the attention-seeking of Munchausen. The wife brings in outside agencies to give her importance or to give her power. All outside agencies give total support to the wife.

Another major factor missing from the Lords debate is the fact that in our totally secret family courts, there is no procedure for investigating perjury. I have challenged the legal profession to state the procedure. Overleaf is part of my book "The Hook and the Sting", p65, avaliable on my website. I argue that the family courts welcome perjury because it increases legal fees.

Congratulations on your 17oct01 speech.

Best wishes, Ivor Catt. Editor, Ill Eagle 1jan02

Affirmative-Action Feminism

A.k.a. 'Boss Weed' feminism, a nick name that Wendy McElroy, an individualist-feminist, coined for it, the branch of gender-feminism that devotes itself to promote equal representation of women. In a Dec. 11, 2001 FOXNews.com article, Wendy McElroy defines the qualities of affirmative-action-feminism by measuring it relative to individualist-feminism:

The ideal of equal representation for women in democratic governments around the globe sounds praiseworthy. But its implementation has little to do with "equality" or "democracy." Instead, it has become a policy of privilege and quota, driven by elite powers that disregard the wishes of "the people" in regions where it is applied. It is affirmative action applied to the political realm.

Cries for political quotas are becoming more common. In the West, quota-advocate feminists speak euphemistically of "including the voices of women in government." But the goal has shifted from giving women the vote on an equal footing with men to enforcing the presence of women in governmental bodies. According to their theory, the lack of female officials is the direct result of discrimination that must be rectified by government policy. ...

Feminism is the belief that women and men should be treated as equals, but the definition of "equality" can differ widely. To individualist feminists, or ifeminists, equality means identical treatment under laws that protect person and property. It is an equality of rights, not of results. If women cast a ballot as men do, then women's political will has been actualized even if no females are elected. ...

Because gender feminism defines equality in socio-economic terms, it seeks to reorganize society to redistribute political, economic and cultural power from men to women. This equality of results, not rights, leads to legal privileges for women, such as mandatory placement on ballots. ....

[from www.ivorcatt.com/2003.htm]


24oct01, 7.57pm

Women-only short lists

Miss Anne Widdicombe (Maidstone and The Weald): .... I have always advocated greater numbers of women in Parliament. I have always wanted to see more women succeeding, not only in getting into the House but in holding positions of responsibility. I earnestly look forward to the day when we have a second woman Prime Minister. ....

I am often quite sorry for men. There are lots of injustices with which they have to put up. For example, they do jnot live as long as we do, but they have to work longer in order to get a pension. That will not be put right for some time. Some 50 per cent of young men getting married today will not be able to see their children through to maturity in the same household. Whereas in the past women have had it ery hard, there are now a few injustices for men. This Bill will create more. .... this pernicious Bill, yet hon. Gentlemen welcome it as a great step forward. It is a massive step towards inequality for men, and the poor souls just let the women walk all over them. They do not appear to care what will hyappen to them. .... I do not believe that the proposal behind the Bill is what was intended by the equal opportunities legislation of the mid-1970s. I remember that legislation, because I belonged to that minority in my party that believed it was necessary. However, feminists in the 70s said, "Give us equality of opportunity and we will show you that we are as good as, if not better than, most men." Now, a quarter of a century later, we whinbge and whine and demand special treatment because we cannot make it otherwise.

It that is not an insult to women, I do not know what is. Positive discrimination is always negative discrimination against someone. I want every women in this House to be able to look every man, from the |Prime Minister down -- or up -- in the eye and know that she got there on exactly the same terms as he did. She must know that she has defeated all the competition, and that her path was not artificially smoothed by the removal of inconvenient male competition. .... I oppose the Bill. I think it is misconceived and an insult to women. It would also be terrible for the future of men, and the poor souls just cannot see it. They need to wake up.

[Now let us examine society's reaction if it is men who are excluded. - Ed]


Merton Refuge

Established 1975

tel. 020 8542 8791

[Recently, their services were broadened to include male vistims of Domestic Violence. They were totally swamped by men, and have now had to withdraw their services from male victims. - Ed.]

2000/2001 Annual Report and Accounts


Report of the M.A.L.E. Helpline

April 1994 - April 2001

.... Chief Supt. Harwood in his [opening] address remarked that "there was a need for this service, but you are opening a can of worms that society would find hard to accept". His words still ring true to this day.


Male Victims

We always knew this would be a contentious issue, but nevertheless thought it was one that needed to be addressed, much to the relief of male victims. At last here was a group that took the issue seriously. Previously they had been an object of humour, at best not to be taken seriously and at worst ridiculed. Until the helpline intervened injuries inflicted on male victims were trivialised even though the same injuries inflicted upon women were considered serious. Men reporting incidents of violence against them by a female were considered to be wimps and in such a minority they should be ignored. The media, keen to report another angle of domestic violence invited our co-ordinator to highlight the issue on many programmes including Hear & Now; Panorama; Dispatches; News at Ten and many other current affairs and discussion programmes. Nuimerous articles were written about this subject. The result was more and more male victims calling the line for help.

Their experiences were varied. Some were totally disbelieved when reporting an incident, those that were believed were turned away through lack of knowledge on how to help him. This instigated setting up a training programme for other agencies.

soon our co-ordinatro was being contacted by Victim Support Groups, Citizen Advice Centres, Communmity Safety Units and countless other groups all recognising the lack of information and comprehension their particular organisation had on the subject. Our co-ordinator also accepted an invitation from Scotland Yard to become a member of their Male Rape and Serious Sexual Assault Steering Group.

We responded to six government consultation documents and attended 14 meetings at the House of Commons. Reference was made to other victinms in the British Crime Survey Research Study 191produced by the Home Office which stated "Men are equally as likely to suffer domestic violence". We acted as consultants to Channel 4 television in 1999 when they produced the Dispatches programme 'Battered Men'. To make the programme they interviewed the largest number of male victims than anywone had ever done previously.

However, most statutory organisations continued to focus solely of female victims. Toour knowledge onle three of the forty three Police Authorities in England and Wales have made positive change in their policy and have included other victims in their information literature. Most Local Authorities and Social Services Departments target only female victims, their only solution in dealing with other victims is to give them our phone number, and then only if the person responding happened to know of it. As knowledge of the [Merton] Helpline grew more agencies were using it as a means of referral to any other vicrtims who approached them. We were being used as an easy option, simply by including our phone number in their leaflets they could report they were responding to all victims and were complying with their Equal opportunities Policy. Finally the workload became too heavy and the decision was made to return the helpline to its original status in Merton. This particularly alarmed manmy Police Forces, as they now had no referral for male, homosexual or lesbian victims. Weadvised them to challenge their Domestic Violence Forunms and Police Consultative Groups to draw up their own strategy. We hope the work of the line has forced other agencies to recognise other victims and address the issue rather than uignoring it as was previously the case.

.... if a man goes to Court s a victim of domestic violence he can expect to lose his home and his children. ....

During the seven years of operation our co-ordinator

1 responded to 50,000 telephone calls

2 replied to 10,000 letters


It's now up to other agencies to provide their own service ....

The many faces of feminism

Feminism? You want feminism? Which brand would you like? Whatever positive image the word feminist may have had, it has been tarnished by those who have made it their own, and I, for one, am content to leave the militants in full possession of the term. Dale O'Leary in her book The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality (p. 23) (Dale O'Leary devoted a full two chapters of her book to describe and chronicle radical feminism and "really radical feminism." WHS)

Feminism is exhibited by a spirit of unrest among a comparatively small number of dissatisfied women. They preach the gospel of unholy discontent. They are born agitators, and "dearly love a fight." They prefer war to peace; turmoil to tranquility; contention to concord; pride to humility; sophistry to truth; agnosticism to belief, and prefer to assert their own wills, "live their own lives" as against the precepts of all conventional morality, being moral anarchists. Benjamin V. Hubbard, in Socialism, Feminism, and Suffragism, the Terrible Triplets... (1915)

Contemporary (or second wave) feminism has aptly been described as "Marxism without economics," since feminists replace class with gender as the key social construct. Of course, what society constructs can be deconstructed. This is the feminist project: to abolish gender difference by transforming its institutional source the patriarchal family. Certain streams of the Gay Rights movement have taken this analysis one step further. The problem is not just sexism but heterosexism, and the solution is to dismantle not just the patriarchal family but the heterosexual family as such. F.L. Morton & Rainer Knopff in The Charter Revolution & The Court Party (p. 75) .... ....


Affirmative-Action (Boss Weed) Feminism


Amazon Feminism

Anarcho Feminism

'Boss Tweed' Feminism

Christian Feminists

Constructionist Feminism

Cultural Feminism

Difference Feminism

Dominance Feminism

Eco Feminism

Equity Feminism

Erotic Feminism



Feminism and Women of Color

Gender Feminism

Individualist, or Libertarian Feminism


Lesbianism 30+ sexual orientations

Liberal Feminism

Libertarian Feminism

Marxist Feminism

Material Feminism

Matriarchal Separatist Feminism

Moderate Feminism

Pod Feminist

Pop Feminism

Post-modernist Feminism

Pro-Family Advocates

Pro-Life feminists

Pro-Sex Feminists

Radical Feminism

Resenter (angry at men) Feminism


Socialist Feminism

Survivor Feminism

Total Rej (total rejection) Feminism

Victim Feminism

Women of Color Feminism

.... ....

Virtually all of the terms aim at the destruction of traditional moral standards and the traditional nuclear family....

[For a comprehensive analysis of the various brands of feminism see www.ivorcatt.com/2003.htm. I set out to do this research, but perhaps it is already done and presented at 2003. Our excellent colleague in Canada Walter H Schneider gave us this mine of information. - Ed]

Bing to Rights?

- Margaret Driscoll,

Sunday Timies, 9oct01, p24

.... it is plain that Bing did not want a baby - yet now he has to live with the consequences. His own fault .... But David Thomas, author of Not Guilty, IIn Defence of the Modern Man, disagrees: "I don't see why a man should have to be a father when he doesn't actively want to be.

"The law and society rightly make a huge issue of women's consent to sex, but no attention is paid to a man's right to conesnt in reproduction. In cases where a woman has deceived a man [by lying about her contraception], there should be some kind of snaction.

"At the moment there is no legal redress against somebody who tricks or leads you into an 18-year financial commitment, and that's wrong."

.... Once upon a time a woman "left holding the baby" was understood to have been left in the lurch. Now the man can be left holding a demand from the Child Support Agency.

.... James Ward from London was stunned when a woman with whom he'd had a one-night stand (and foolishly assumed was on the pill) rang him six months later and told him she was pregnant. .... DNA tests proved [it]. The woman pursued him for maintenance, and he asked to visit his daughter. After a second visit "the mother began to get jealous and contact ceased".

Ever since, Ward has been fighting for the right to see his daughter. He has been to court 49 times .... many estranged of involuntary fathers give up. "The father only has the right to pay money," says Ward. "That's not likely to change, because in this area men are so weak and women so strong."

Pail Jones, .... "Once she was pregnant, I'd served my purpose. She didn't want me in her life," he says. He, too has fought for access .... It is expensive and stressful. "The child isn't the mother's property, but she'll treat it as her property .... The mother is the gatekeeper and she determines access."

Black and white mischief

- Thomas Sowell, a leading American academic, Sunday Times, 16dec01, sect. 4, p10

.... Group preferences have existed in many countries under a variety of names .... .... "positive discrimination" in Britain. .... There is probably no other programme which exists so widely around the world with so little empirical data on its consequences.

Yet such facts as exist tell remarkably similar stories ....

Perhaps the grand illusion of preferential programmes is that they can be limited in time and scope and can be ended when they have served their purpose. ....

Affirmative action programmes .... have been successively extended to so many different groups that an absolute majority of the American population is now legally entitled to group preferences and quotas whose rationale was to compensate for historic injustices.

.... There are serious reasons why programmes intended to benefit those at the bottom turn out to aid primarily those further up the socio-economic scale. ....

.... Believers have often pointed out that the numbers and proportions of American blacks in professional, managerial .... occupations increased .... following the passage of the 1964 civil rights act. They have seldom, if ever, pointed out that the rise was even greater in the years immediately preceding the act. ....

The desire to rescue the vision from painful facts has been apparent ....

The most important fact about all this is how few ever bothered to check the facts. The vision was sufficient for those who are who are satisfied to be on the side of the angels. For those concerned about the actual fate of others, the factors which go into the creation of that fate are crucial, even if such factors require hard work ....



To Adrienne Burgess From Ivor. 30apr98.

In your meeting, in view of who was present, you did damage to our children by misquoting the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It does not assert a child's right of access to its parent. (If you believe that "a child's right to family life" is the same, then please say so in writing.) I raised the point, which was that after my previously raising it in an FNF AGM, with you present, nobody had responded for some years. (This was to illustrate the point that, if networks were incapable of taking in communication from me, then it would follow that there was no place for me in networks. I do not warm to the idea of a network which only socialises and plays personality politics, but cannot support factual communication.) Your meeting was a further example of a network in action, and of failure to take in information from me. Now, by your error, you have delayed the process for perhaps another five years. There are good grounds for arguing that if a child has no right of access to its parent, then you and we are wasting our time. A building has to be constructed from the foundations up. The FNF door knocker and Adrienne window sashes come later.

Victims of Memory

by Mark Pendergrast, pub. HarperCollins 1995

p xxiii The current repressed-memory hunt has breathed life into one of the most damaging and sexist traditions in our culture - the subtle message to women that they can gain power and attention only through the victim role. That does not mean that they are inherently passive, dependent, or hysterical, but it does mean that the current hunt follows in that tradition.

p562 Recovered Memories

Since this form of therapy became popular in 1990 (when The Courage to Heal was published in England), it is reasonable to assume, then, that well over 100,000 cases have been fomented in the United Kingdon since that time. ....

Why, then, have only 700 families come forward to contact the British False memory Society? There are several explanations. For one thing, it is likely that most British parents accused of incest by their adult children on the basis of recovered memory therapy are too embarrassed, frightened, and depressed to come forward. They are suffering in silence all over the United Kingdon.

[This is the excellent, encyclopaedic book on the subject. According to Pendergrast, today's witch craze was triggered by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, The Courage to Heal, pub. Cedar 1988, which I discuss below with extracts. - Ed.]

Bass and Davis are clearly dysfunctional. ".... Bass .... gort divorced, declared herself a lesbian, and currently lives with an incest survivor ...." [Pendergrast p7]

From the Bass book;







Mrs. Sally Spear,

Fallows Corner, 38 Sun Lane,

Harpenden AL5 4HA

Dear Sally,

Thank you so much for your letters, including the hand drawn chart; "What the situation appears to be to me", which involved you in a lot of effort.

I came to the second meeting at your house because a high up UNA [United Nations Association] man was to talk. My sole purpose was to test whether it was in fact true that the right of a child to access its parent is not asserted in any international or national declarations on human rights, or in any national or European legislation. The one Declaration he cited, I quoted back to him, and he agreed that the assertion was missing. He now hides behind asserting that it is a legal matter in which he is incompetent, which is not true. The declaration of fundamental human rights is not a legal matter, and is never buried in legalese.

If your lecturer continues to evade this issue, then it will negate any good he might have done in his decades with UNA. It is estimated that one quarter of children in England have lost all contact with one parent. (This breach has been legally orchestrated by various arms of our government and semi government, with impunity.) He has no right to run away from his responsibilities in this matter. With reputation comes responsibility. I shall be very grateful is you give a copy of this letter to him.

I could draft the clause in five minutes. For instance, "A child has an inaleinable right of access to its parent, unless the separation can be justified in a jury trial, the legal costs of both sides to be borne by the agency or individual totally separating child and parent. The burden of proof lies on the agency or individual seeking to separate child from parent." Why does he evade this matter? A member of UNA for decades, is he anti-social? Is he in fact an enemy of basic civil rights?

The concept is close to Habeas Corpus. The recent decline in nuclear and extended family, and attacks on them by agents of the state (in secret courts) and others, has caused the issue to be more and more serious, partly because the philosophy of what constitutes parent and what constitutes family has been undermined. The right under discussion was never asserted in the past, because in the past it was obviously a fundamental human right. Only the non-obvious human rights get stated, and this has become one.

It is estimated separately by two researchers that the cost to the taxpayer of permanently separating child from parent is 160,000 in each case, and evidence of the non-fiscal damage to the individual and to society mounts.

Yours sincerely, Ivor Catt

Abuse of men by their female partners

- Anne Lewis, Australia

Anne Lewis, a victims of male abuse, depth interviewed about fifty male victims of more than twelve months of female abuse. See www.dvmen.org/dv-26.htm There are numerous references, giving a good route into all aspects of the subject.

Curse of the first wives

- Cristina Odone,

Observer, 27jan02, p27

.... Not all first wives are wronged wives (after all, statistics show that in more than half of divorces, it is she who calls it quits). And not all first wives get it wrong: my mother, I remember, only rang my father when my brother or I were directly concerned .... And yet the way most ex-wives carry on, you'd think they were victims of a rogue accountant bent on robbing them of their hard-earned Enron salaries. .... There are millions and millions of ex-wives nowadays, anbd their anger will not ease the strain between the sexes. ....

Naomi Wolf

Below, Kristin Aune and Martha Crossley talk to Naomi Wolf in Third Way, dec01, p21. www.thirdway.org.uk

We were quite a religious Jewish family: .... there was a very strong sense that the family could be a source of tremendous nourishment and stability. My family stayed together, unlike a lot of others.

.... Another great th8ing about my religioujs inhetritance is that sensuality and sexuality - and woman's sexuality, surprisingly - within a marital context is seen as very positive. ....

As Betty Frieden has said, feminism for women has to encompass the fact that women have children. And men have children, too. That's the culmination of our relations.

.... To me, feminism is the logical extension of democracy. .... I would say that the nuclear famly is a disaster for good parenting. .... I've just had a woman telling me that if I was sleeping with a man I was letting down the sisterhood. .... I think Jesus was .... an unbelievably revolutionary, gutsy feminist .... If I were giving advice to the church fathers, I would make the case - which is really true of every institution - that the future is female. ....

.... as feminism continues to make gains, men's lives become more and more difficult .... [then she completely misses expropriation of the father after divorce. Does she not know about it? - Ed]

Naoimi Wolf is the author of Fire with Fire, pub. Chatto & Windus 1993. Divorce is not in its index, but rape figures heavily. What a mess! On the inner cover; "Why, asks Naomi Wolf, has feminism become a dirty word, even among women? A chasm has opened up between the feminist movement and the lives of most women. Feminist orthodoxy is out of touch with the real world. .... She provides a blueprint for a revitalised, positive and inclusive brand of feminism ...." Then on p88, she discusses the way women are not allowed in the media to discuss women's issues! Her fourth book, Misconceptions, was published on 10sep01.

Some mothers can't 'ave 'em

- Margarette Driscoll and Rosie Waterhouse, Sunday Times, 27jan02, p14

.... While the govt is busy giving childcare tax credits to those on lower incomes to encourage women back to work, higher earners who do not qualify for help are finding that the costs of quality child-care are crippling.

.... the average London nanny earns 23,800; a working mother must earn 35,000 just to cover childcare. The figure represents an 8.5% rise in nannies' wages over last year, far outstripping inflation.

The prohibitive cost of childcare is not just a London phenomenon .... some middle-class women are beginning to drop out of work altogether .... Nurseries provide little alternative. Some London day nurseries charge 15,000 a year .... only 13% of parents can afford to employ formal childcare.

[Patricia Morgan, who spoke at our ManKind 2000 conference, has written that childcare is either too expensive, or of such low quality that it damages children. - Ed]


second copy sent 28jan02

Recorded Delivery.

Hilton Dawson M.P.,

House of Commons,


Dear Sir,

Kilroy tue18dec01. Paedophiles.

On the BBC1 Kilroy programme this morning you stated that "One in seven men had had criminal conviction for sexual abuse against children." Please supply your source for this statistic.

Another statistic, that there are 100,000 paedophiles in this country, was repeated frequently on this morning's programme. You or Robert Kilroy, who repeated this second (100,000) statistic, might be willing to supply the source, and the definiition used.

Yours sincerely,

Ivor Catt, Editor, Ill Eagle.

cc Chairman, ManKind,

cc Robert Kilroy-Silk,

BBC, Elstree Studios,

Borehamwood, Herts.

The Facts Behind Cohabitation

Civitas report, see www.ivorcatt.com/2008.htm

Cohabiting relationships are fragile. .... Less than 4% of cohabitations last for ten years or more. .... cohabiting couples acculmulate less wealth than married couples .... [wives are less likely to be abused] .... cohabitations with children are even more likely to break up than childless ones .... [70% of children born to married parents live their entire childhood with both natural parents, but only 36% of those born to parents cohabiting at time of their birth] ....

The price of casual sex

- Carol Midgley, Times, 29jan02

Britain is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease epidemic, with huge numbers of young people becoming infected.







Male suicides


Are Fathers' Rights a Factor in Male Suicide?

- Wendy McElroy, 29jan02

In the early morning hours of Jan. 7, 43-year-old Derrick K. Miller walked up to a security guard at the entrance to the San Diego Courthouse, where a family court had recently ruled against him on overdue child support. Clutching court papers in one hand, he drew out a gun with the other. Declaring: "You did this to me," he fatally shot himself through the skull. Miller's suicide is symbolic of a frightening global trend: an alarming rise in male suicides. According to a round of studies conducted in North America, Europe and Australia, one reason for the increase may be the discrimination fathers encounter in family courts, especially the denial of access to their children. If a similar rise in female suicides was occurring, a public crusade would demand a remedy. Yet the extraordinarily high rate of male suicide is rarely discussed.

What are the statistics? According to a 1999 surgeon general's report, suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in America, with men four times more likely to kill themselves than women. The prevalence of male suicide is not restricted to North America. An Australian study offered similar statistics. Of 2,683 suicides in Australia in 1998, 2,150 were males, making suicide the second leading cause of death among 25- to 44-year-old men. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that the suicide rate for men aged 20 to 39 years has risen by 70 percent over the last two decades. Statistics from Ireland and the United Kingdom indicate rates of male suicide as high as five times that of women. Indeed, a recent study found that suicide was the leading cause of death for Irish men between 15-34 years old. The research also points to a probable cause. According to sociologist Augustine Kposow of the University of California at Riverside, divorce and loss of children is a factor. "As far as the [divorced] man is concerned, he has lost his marriage and lost his children and that can lead to depression The Australian study's suggested reasons for some of the suicides include "marriage breakdown." "There is evidence to suggest that many men sense they are being discriminated against in family court judgements," the study says. Cut off from their children, divorced men experience heightened "frustration and isolation." Yet, the motivation for male suicide remains a matter for speculation because little research has focused on the subject.

Telling the stories of such forgotten men has been left largely to fathers' rights Web sites such as Dads4Kids. There you read about Warren Gilbert who died of carbon monoxide poisoning, clutching a letter from the Child Protective Service. Or Martin Romanchick the New York City police officer who hanged himself after being denied access due to charges brought by his ex-wife, which the court found to be frivolous.Or Darrin White, a Canadian who hanged himself after being denied access because he could not pay child support that was twice his take-home pay. His 14-year-old daughter wrote a letter to the Canadian prime minister in which she pointed to "the frustration and hopelessness caused in dealing with Canada's family justice system" as the "biggest factor" in her father's death. "I know my father was a good man and a good father. ... He obviously reached a point where he could see that justice was beyond his reach and for reasons that only God will know, decided that taking his life was the only way to end his suffering," Ashlee White wrote. Ashlee signed the letter "In Memory of My Loving Father."Are family court systems deeply biased against fathers? I believe so. But discussing the matter is almost a taboo. How prevalent is the silence? When did you last hear a discussion of whether a "father" should have any voice in abortion? Even raising the issue draws derisive and dismissive responses. Yet if men are forced to bear legal responsibility for children, then it is not absurd to ask whether they should have some prerogatives as well. The point here is not how the question should be answered. The point is that the question should be asked. .... The stakes are too high for the media to remain disinclined to comment. .... Male suicide must be confronted honestly before America follows the way of Ireland, before suicide becomes the leading cause of death in young men. ....

Last Road Out of Hell

by James Hanback, Jr. 15jan02

On Jan. 7, a 43-year-old man, apparently depressed about a recent overdue child support ruling against him, shot himself to death on the steps of the San Diego Courthouse.

According to reports in the San Diego Union Tribune, Derrick K. Miller walked up to a security guard around 6:25 a.m. and began raving about injustices thrust upon him by the legal system. Court papers in one hand, he produced a handgun with the other and fired one shot into his skull, instantly killing himself.

What the six-paragraph story in the Union Tribune doesn't say, however, is that Miller's actions represent a small sampling of a disturbing trend all over the world. Men who are fed up with what they see as injustices perpetrated upon them by court systems that, in cases of child custody, child support, and divorce, generally favor women, are increasingly taking their own lives.

The problem has become so widespread, in fact, that some governments-Australia's, for instance-have implemented new programs aimed at getting suicidal men help in overcoming the urge to end it all. Likewise, official studies from both Australia and Ireland within the past year have connected an alarming increase in male suicide in their respective countries to the breaking down of family structure, and a perception by men of wrong-doing to them perpetrated by the legal system.

According to the Irish study, five times more men than women in that country die from suicide each year, and more than 40 percent of those are men under 30. The principle cause of death for men between the ages of 15-34 in Ireland, in fact, is suicide. Once upon a time, more men died from traffic accidents.

The Irish report further stated that the "strong protective effect of marriage" was confirmed as prevention for male suicide. Single, separated, divorced, or widowed individuals all had higher suicide rates.

In similar fashion, the Australian study found that younger men in that country were particularly susceptible to suicide upon divorce or separation from their children.

"Recent research into male suicide in this age group revealed that males in the 'separation phase' of a marriage break-up were most at risk of suicide, compared with widowed or divorced males," the report's authors wrote. "Marriage breakdown is a significant characteristic of male suicide in the 24-39 age bracket. The anxiety and emotional pain of separation and divorce appear to effect [sic] men differently.

"Whilst suicides may simply be recorded as statistics, it is the increasing number of murder/suicides, involving children that have brought the tragic reality of male suicide, and male mental health issues in general into the public arena.

"Where children are concerned, there is evidence to suggest that many men sense they are being discriminated against in family court judgements, and often find themselves in financial straits having to pay legal fees and child support payments. The difficulty in maintaining access to children also heightens the frustration and isolation of separated and/or divorced men."

Two studies, two separate nations, and a plethora of social scientists have thus apparently confirmed what individual families have known and news reports have ignored for years: family courts all over Western society are unfair to men, and some men are dying as a result. In the U.S. alone, statistics from the Centers for Disease Control estimate that approximately 80 percent of all suicides every year are by men. Compared to homicide rates recorded by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of suicides every year in this country is about 32 percent higher than the number of homicides.

Although both the Irish and Australian studies suggest that mental health professionals should focus more on men and getting men to help themselves out of the depressions which result in suicide, perhaps a greater contributor to men's well-being would be to reform family courts. Perhaps it's time to change things so that men going through divorce, child custody battles, and child support hearings are given a fair shake.

Even in these days of Western feminine liberation there are men who pay alimony. Why? Women in Western culture have been welcomed into the workplace. Everyone knows a woman can make her own ends meet if she so chooses. If, in divorce, the female is absolved from all marital obligations to her former husband, why should he still be forced to be her breadwinner?

Likewise, child support is no longer about providing for children. It is a multi-million dollar industry designed to generate revenue for individual state governments, at least in the United States. Visit any fathers advocates forum on the Internet and you'll find a variety of horror stories about child support rulings which deprive a man of his own livelihood, while his ex-wife maintains custody of the children, denies him visitation, and has married another man who is also providing for her.

Adding insult to injury, there's even a Yahoo! Group dedicated to informing women about how to achieve this particular lifestyle. It's called "Ex-husband Is Now My Slave" and currently has more than 900 members. You can find it here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ex-husband_is_now_my_slave/.

So if the family court situation is the root cause of so much trouble--and is creating a world where men take their own lives out of desperation and women brag about it on the Internet--why, apparently, is nothing being done to change it?

That answer lies in the media. No matter who you are or where you live, chances are there is a man in your life, or in your extended family, who has been through some of the pain and anguish associated with divorce, child custody, or child support battles. Chances are that the toll of that situation was much greater on him than his former spouse. In America, divorce court is routine, and fictionalized accounts of it are even broadcast on daytime television. Unfortunately for the men involved in genuine cases, though, the media tends to ignore the courts' consistent discrimination against them as simple facts of life which cannot (or should not) be changed.

Miller--he who shot himself on the San Diego Courthouse steps--is the exception which proves the rule. His case was so dramatic--and public-as a result of his suicide that the Union Tribune could not ignore it. But what happens now that his brief story has been told? Will an intrepid reporter examine the suicide rates of divorced men in San Diego and discover a pattern? Will said reporter examine the family court system from the inside out and determine for himself whether justice is routinely served or men routinely discriminated against?

It's not probable.

Instead, the Union Tribune reporters will do precisely what I did when I faced a similar story as a police reporter for The Review Appeal in Franklin, Tenn., in the mid-1990s. They'll simply go on about their business--writing about budgets, schools, police chases, and criminal trials--until the next man kills himself on the courthouse steps in similar dramatic fashion. Then they'll write six more paragraphs about it and move on again.

That's what good police reporters do.

Sometimes I think back on that bright production day at The Review Appeal. I remember I was writing a small two-paragraph note for what we called "The Police Blotter" about someone who had exposed himself (and escaped police) at a local mall. The radio scanner had been silent all afternoon and, just two hours before we were to put the paper to bed, I heard two sentences from a preternaturally calm female voice creep across the airwaves on the Franklin Police Department's frequency:

"He's on the Square. He's got a gun to his head."

My office chair was probably still spinning as I ran out the door.

Two streets down was Public Square, the Franklin town center where there were several shops, Franklin City Hall, and the Williamson County Courthouse. No sooner had I turned the corner where I could see the tall statue in the Square gleaming against the afternoon sun than I heard the gunshot, and saw a crowd of police and emergency personnel swarm in upon the man as his formerly seated body crumpled to the concrete.

While my photographer snapped away at the scene, I talked to witnesses and police officers. I asked where the man had come from, who he was, and why he might have committed such an act.

Some faces in the crowd told me they had seen the man walk out of the courthouse, so while my editor continued to interview witnesses, I went to see the Williamson County Court Clerk. There, I learned the man's identity and that he had spent most of the day in divorce court. After apparently losing his job, his wife, and a battle with depression, he had finally given up hope.

The article I wrote for the paper the next day contained all the details a good police reporter includes: who, what, when, where, and some possible reasons why. I had quotes from the officers who worked the scene as well as a few notes from the court filings. When I finished writing, I walked outside and smoked a Marlboro I bummed from someone in the production department (even though I'm not a smoker). The image of that man with the gun played over and over in my head, and as I exhaled the stale smoke of the cigarette from my lungs, I wondered what smoke and gunpowder from a firearm must taste like at such close range.

Sometimes I think back on that bright production day, and I wonder why I didn't continue to follow up on that story. I wonder why I felt that examining that man's case in the cold light of an objective reporter's eye wasn't worth pursuing. I wonder what I might have found had I been persistent.

Most of all, though, I wonder if I might not have been able to shed some light and create change in some small way.

And maybe saved someone else's life.

That's what a good reporter should have done.

Is there an upside to divorce?

- Cathy Young,

Boston Globe, 23jan02, pA15

.... a new book, For Better or Worse: Divorce Reconsidered, by renowned psychologist E. Mavis Hetherington. The book is not a polemic but a meticulous analysis of a major study. However, it is widely perceived as a rejoinder to writings which, according to Hetherington, have ''exaggerated the negative effects'' of divorce and ignored its possible benefits - such as the books of family researcher Judith Wallerstein.

Social conservatives such as David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values are accusing Hetherington of promoting ''happy talk'' about divorce. Syndicated columnist and author Maggie Gallagher points out that Hetherington's own data belie her optimistic message. True, 75 to 80 percent of children of divorce grow up to be reasonably well-adjusted - but 20 to 25 percent have serious social or emotional problems, compared to 10 percent of children from intact families. ....

.... Hubin, who has joint custody of his children and believes that he is a better father than he would have been had he stayed in his first marriage, worries about the implication of antidivorce rhetoric that the pursuit of happiness by adults ought to be stigmatized as selfish. ''Yes, the children's interests come first, but don't we care about the happiness of mothers and fathers too?'' he wonders. ''At what point do I tell my 18-year-old son that his happiness doesn't matter anymore?''

Like most divorced men, Hubin believes that we would go a long way toward mitigating the negative effects of divorce if the culture and the courts were more supportive of divorced fathers' efforts to stay involved in their children's lives. One of the Hetherington's more disturbing findings is that after divorce, men and boys fare markedly worse than women and girls. While young adults whose parents usually have good relationships with their mothers, about 70 percent report having a poor relationship with their fathers (compared to 30 percent of children from intact families). Gallagher concludes that few men have ''figured out how to be effective fathers outside of marriage.'' But all too often, it's outdated social policies that make it impossible for them to be effective fathers by treating the mother as the only real parent. Changing these policies is a far more realistic goal than eliminating divorce. .... Full text at www.ivorcatt.com/2012.htm



Women troops to be kept off front line

- James Clark,

Sunday Times, 27jan02

Women will not be allowed to fight with frontline units in the British military, Geoff Hoon, the defence secretary, will announce next month.

The saga over whether women should be allowed to join units such as the Parachute Regiment, SAS, marines and armoured regiments has been running since Labour took office in 1997. ....

Claire Ward MP .... spent a year alongside the Royal Marines as part of a parliamentary armed forces scheme, in which MPs experience military life. "I arrived with the view that women should have the right to do this and told them so, said Ward. But after a year I had my mind changed."

I dont think women are physically built for it, and I also think that while the lads I knew were mature and calm, they are trained to be very aggressive and, lets be frank, to kill, often with bare hands. I believe firmly in equality, but men and women are different." ....

It was thought that the most serious problems might emerge in the way the soldiers interacted. However, while the cohesion of mixed-sex units suffered slightly, the report found stark differences in performance. Tests also showed that the injury rate among women was double that of male soldiers. ....

New insight into Mutual Combat.

Psychological Effects of Partner Abuse against Men: A Neglected Researched Area

- Hines, Denise A. and

Malley-Morrison, Kathleen dahines@bu.edu

Psychology of Men and Masculinity Vol 2 (2) July 2001 page 75 -- 85; American Psychological Association Inc.

This article discusses the research on abuse against men in intimate relationships with a primary focus on the effects of this abuse. ....

Although there is a substantial research literature addressing abuse against women and its consequences, the flip side of this issue, physical abuse against men and its consequences, is a less researched area....... There has been almost no research on the consequences of this type of abuse.... .... a bulk of the research on motivations for violence in intimate relationships has shown that self defence is not the motivation for women's violence in the majority of cases. There has been some recognition by researchers who do not use the CTS [Conflict Tactics Scale] that husband abuse may indeed be a problem that can be categorised as a serious social concern. For instance, while treating the clients of a male batterer's program, Stacey, Hazelwood, and Shupe (1994) found that many of their cases were actually cases of mutual abuse. They found that many couples tended to be mutually abusive and that the roles of victim and perpetrator were constantly shifting. [This is the point always made by Erin Pizzey. See her book Prone to Violence, on the www - Ed] In addition, when studying the responses of police officers in their study, Stacey et al. reported that the police would arrest the man as the batterer if the women were the abuser because there was no counselling program for women available. The police hoped that, by arresting the man, they could get the couple into a program. The assumption was that if they arrested the wife, no counselling would be mandated and the husband would generally drop the charges. However because the man was arrested, he had to sign a statement that labeled him as the violent perpetrator. This lack of help for women who abuse their husbands is quite common. Several studies have indicated that violence by women may be increasing. .... See www.ivorcatt.com/2015.htm

Marital Rape and Eminem

- Michael Gilson De Lemos, 31jan02

.... A State Attorney boasted to me; "Marriage as once understood is now a crime in the USA." Legally, spouses are equivalent to streetwalkers in many respects, she gloated. She told me of a seminar she attended at Yale where it was pointed out that, legally, since it embodies an illegal pledge, the marriage ring is itself inherently abusive and "evidence of rape" and violence. Several judges and scholars present affirmed that this, while technicallly true, would need time to be presented to the public "by incremental, socially targeted prosecutions." .... See www.ivorcatt.com/2016.htm

Women's Groups Blast 'Politically Correct' Pentagon Policies

CNS News, 31jan02

see www.ivorcatt.com/2017.htm

Quote: Donnelly .... called for an end to "gender quotas, pregnancy policies that subsidize single parenthood and create deployability problems, incremental steps to force women into land combat, and Clinton-era social policies that undermine discipline." Donnelly blasted the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS) - a 35-member panel of mostly civilian women, as "a tax-funded feminist power base within the Department of Defense." The panel is demanding that women be allowed to serve in so-called "tip of the spear units," including Special Forces and on submarines, and as combat helicopter pilots.

"When the nation watches the Superbowl on Sunday," Yoest said, "there will be no women on either team, for the obvious reason that men are stronger than women." And yet, we now send women into combat. A truth that we intuitively grasp and automatically accept in the sports arena, we blithely ignore and rationalize away for the military," she said. ....

Orientation and health

At www.ivorcatt.com/2018.htm Dale O'Leary supplies a comprehensive range of statistics which show the multifarious health risks faced by boys who self-identify as gay. The worrying statistics cover gay. lesbian and bisexual (GLB).

The Divorce Industry


The is an excellent, comprehensive, 5,000 word analysis of the forces which have combined to attack our children for funancial gain. Clearly a growing international problem, leading world expert Baskerville cites Melanie Phillips, The Sex Change Society, pub. SMF 1999. Melanie is now a Daily Mail columnist.

The English yearly legal aid bill is 1.6bn.

31jan02 To Stephen Baskerville;

I am saying that you are the world expert on the nationalisation of the family and its handing over to the Chld Protection Industry. I think you are ahead of Anne Cools.

We need to standardise our language in order to characterise your speciality. It might also be called "The Divorce Industry". However, some children are being confiscated without any divorce action occurring. Another title might be the "Child Theft Industry". However, we are also interested in the confiscation of a father's property. We need to give a name to the incubus that you identify and write about. - Ivor

Thanks for the kind words. I have more in the works. - Stephen

Implacable hostility

- letter from Mary Thomas, Telegraph, 5dec01

.... If the mother is implacably hostile to wards the absent father, she can easily share that hostility with her child.


Britain, many children caught up in parental hostilities cope by opting out of the conflict. The allegation that "my child no longer wishes to see his father" soon then becomes true.

It is vital that the Lord Chancellor's advisory board on family law recognises and names "implacable hostility syndrome", and states clearly its policy on this particularly insidious form of child abuse. The penalty for emotional distress caused by long-term brain-washing of a child - deprived of the love of a father and perhaps a whole family - is one that should be carefully defined and adhered to.

[Two Appeal Court decisions ruled that a father should be cut off if the mother is implacably hostile. (Even an implacably hostile step-father was backed by the Appeal Court, when he threatened to abandon the mother and child.) The argument was that the interests of the child came first, and if the mother were forced to allow contact, she might take vengeance on the child. In both cases, no sanctions were applied against the implacable mother (or the step-father). - Ed]

Lady Hollis, minister responsible for the Child Support Agency, said: " .... Children benefit .... when they have contact with both parents. Obviously it's right that, if we require absent parents to obey the law to pay maintenance, it's also right that parents with care should also respect court rulings." - Telegraph, 3dec02. [She obviously doesn't know that the court supports defiant mothers. Using the mantra "the interests of the child", Sloss will continue to defy Parliament. (An ignorant Sloss makes a subjective judgement as to the best interests of the child.) - Ed]

Fathers picket judges over child access

- Clare Dyer, Guardian, 30oct01

A growing number of judges are having their homes picketed by bands of unhappy divorced and separated fathers who are demanding equal rights for both parents. ....

The picketers arew divorced and separated parents, who accuse the family courts of failing to deliver on a key principle enshrined in the Children Act - that both parents should continue to play a part in their children's lives when the adults' relationship has broken down.

The Equal Parenting Couincil and the charity Families Need Fathers say the courts are unwilling to act when faced with a mother who is determined to flout a contact order.

Judges accept that there are "implacably hostile" mothers who deliberately alienate children from their fathers. But although judges have power to jail mothers for contempt of court, they rarely use it because they are reluctant to deprive children of their mothers' care. ....