This is the temporay index for
Electromagnetism 1
by Ivor Catt
Web version of the 1994 book - ISBN: 0 906340 10 1
In progress in June 2002.

File Name Description
     1_1.htm Battery and resistor
     1_2.htm Battery and resistor
     1_3.htm The Pulse
     1_4.htm Interacting TEM waves
     2_1.htm Interaction between TEM pulses
     2_2.htm Future developments
     2_3.htm Historical background
     2_4.htm Copper as a dielectric
     4_1.htm Properties of a Transmission Line, or; Proof that only one type of wave-front pattern can be propagated down a two-wire system
     4_2.htm Description of crosstalk between parallel buried conductors
     4_3.htm Description of crosstalk between parallel surface conductors
     4_4.htm Printed circuit boards for high speed logic
     4_5.htm The L-C Oscillator Circuit
     4_6.htm The Inductor as a Transmission Line
     6_2.htm Calculation of Formulae
     6_3.htm Crosstalk between Two Pairs of Parallel Conductors
     6_4.htm Energy Current
     6_5.htm The capacitor
     6_6.htm The diode as an energy-controlled, not a charge-controlled device
     9_booklinks.htm Cumulative index
     9_glossary.htm Glossary of Terms [As per paperback version - not hyperlink coded yet]
     9_keywords.htm Keyword Alphabetical Index [Please note: paperback book version -- no hyperlink jump coding]
     9_refs.htm References
     9_review.htm Book Review published in the IEE Journal "Electronics & Communication Engineering Journal October 1995, p218

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